#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate


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Can we get rid of The Dixie Cups now, please?

YES please!

Ooh will check that out - @DominoDancing. Thanks for the feedback!
Also - were you referring to Sister Sledge or Sweet Sensation?

Edit - Fixed! Sorry @Trouble in Paradise didn't leave any commentary on this track so changing that tag to you now (his score was also 8.75, which should have been a giveaway for me)!
The elimination is still correct I am afraid...
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An out of usual frequency elimination so we can do a top 40 recap soon!


Shakespears Sister – You’re History
Average Score: 6.663
Highest Score: 10 x 1 (@unnameable)
Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (@iheartpoptarts)​

So @soratami wins another one! He certainly wouldn’t have at the beginning of the voting period as You’re History was firmly in the top 10 then. This was until the rate’s favourites such as REDACTED, REDACTED & REDACTED started getting more and more points, and Marcella’s high notes started shattering glass around the late voters, scaring off the points she may have received otherwise.

You’re History was almost a 10 from me. I am and have always been a sucker for Siobhan’s voice – her disinterested tone and enunciation here as she dismisses her ex is quite contemptuous and very bad girl! Marcella does a great job too I thought as her take seems to be more around how fed up she is with her lover and (somewhat painfully) finding her voice and her words to express it. I can understand perhaps the high notes were not quite to everyone’s taste but it certainly gives a full sonic experience as a whole.

The disappointing thing with this cut is that much like other girl bands we have already said goodbye to, Shakespears Sisters have a certified classic in their repertoire that could have secured them the win, and that is Stay. The part 2 of this rate needs to happen for sure!

Shakespears Sister started out as a solo act, in fact it was Siobhan Fahey’s stage name when she left Bananarama and wanted to break out of their sound and shadow in establishing a solo career for herself. She had a couple of flop releases and when recording tracks with session vocalist Marcy Levy (renamed Marcella Detroit while part of the band and thereafter), the potential for them to perform as a duo was too obvious to ignore. You’re History was their first proper hit together and was a true representation of the band, in that Siobhan was front and centre.

Stay despite being absolutely mesmerising is the track that drove a wedge between the two ladies. After its success, many considered Marcella to be the main drawcard of the act, which infuriated Siobhan since she was the one to start and carry the vision of Shakespears Sister. Eventually Marcella was let go from the band in quite an unceremonious manner (at an award show in a speech by Siobhan’s publisher, with Marcella in the audience). Shakespeare Sister continues as a solo act with Siobhan, and the ladies have apparently not spoken since…

PopJustice has some opinions on this one….

DJHazey (3) would probably prefer Shakespeare Sister as a solo act anyway - It's was fine until that part in the chorus I don't think I need to identify. Unnameable (10) can see past the controversy and forgets Miss Donaghy! – I’ve always thought Siobhan was the finest Siobhan in pop. Iheartpoptarts (0) has reached breaking point! - I’m not normally one to complain about vocals ruining a song, but…

DominoDancing (7.5) continues to lose favourites - Probably the most idiosyncratic song in this rate, and the one least likely to be identified as a "girl group" single. It's pretty good, but they'd release better later. Sprockrooster (8) has a controversial opinion - Love the vocals a lot. Empty Shoebox (4) does not like a show-off! - Yes Marcella, you can hit the high notes. We're all very impressed. The contrast with Sibohan is quite nice, but there's little else to this song so it really starts to tick you off by the end.

Trouble In Paradise (8.5) is feeling the feeling behind the feeling! - Honestly, I’m feeling the piercing call and response vocals. Filippa (7) likes one more than the other - Yes Siobhan Fahey. Talented lady but assumingly not very easy to work with. I like the song, don’t like the vocals from Marcella Detroit. Saviodxl (4.8) has jokes! - That high pitched "You're history" can wake up a city.

ComeOnGloria (7) is so there for part 2! - It's no Stay - that's one of the best songs ever written! Kermit_The_Frog (8) will be looking at the full discography @unnameable will probably be running? - I love Marcella, I love Siobhan - however, I’ve never found the time to listen to anything more than the singles. This must change. Zar-Unity (9) gives another high score – how is that for a redemption! - This is special, unique and refreshing! Love the guitar! Tech: 5 Taste: 4 = 9 points​

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Top 40 Recap

The Shirelles – Will You Love Me Tomorrow
The Marvelettes - Please Mr Postman
The Exciters – Tell Him
The Supremes - When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
The Ronettes - Be My Baby
The Chiffons - He's So Fine
Martha & The Vandellas - Heatwave
The Dixie Cups - Chapel of Love

The Three Degrees – When Will I See You Again
Honey Cone - Want Ads
First Choice - Armed and Extremely Dangerous
Peaches - Substitute
The Nolans – I’m In The Mood For Dancing
Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
The Emotions – Best Of My Love

The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed
The Bangles - Manic Monday
Pepsi & Shirlie - Heartache
Mel and Kim - Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)
Salt-N-Pepa - Push It
Exposé - Come Go With Me

Wilson Phillips - Hold On
En Vogue - Hold On
TLC - Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg
Eternal - Stay
Spice Girls - Wannabe
All Saints - I Know Where It's At
Destiny’s Child - No, No, No Part 2
Honeyz - Finally Found
B*Witched - C'est La Vie
Atomic Kitten - Right Now

Dixie Chicks – Goodbye Earl
Sugababes - Overload
Mis-Teeq - Why?
Girls Aloud - Sound of the Underground
t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said
The Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha
The Veronicas - 4ever
Booty Luv - Boogie 2nite
The Saturdays - If This Is Love

I don’t know how many predicted this when we first started but it is the 80s that is proving the least popular era with voters, losing half its entries in 20 eliminations. Funnily enough the feedback that we were getting when we started was that the 60s would suffer an unfair fate due to being the oldest era, and although there were three cuts in a row for that era, including poor Patti Labelle ‘s elimination – they have been fairly secure otherwise.

The 70s are second in line as least popular with the most cuts after the 80s thus far, but there are some amazing numbers left so let’s see how they fare going forward.

Almost untouched and standing as the current most popular era is the 90s with only 2 cuts in 20 eliminations (10%), yet both cuts were firmly in the R&B corner. Does this spell trouble for TLC, Destiny’s Child, En Vogue and a couple of others? Let’s see how @londonrain feels about this as we go further into it all.

The 00s are second most popular so far, so a case could be made for recency bias, although had that been truly the case – would Las Ketchup have left instead of Baccara (since many are saying they were the troll entry of the 70s, not that I agree)? The Dixie Chicks, being a bit country, also have a target on their back with the PopJustice demographic and with many voters calling for the Veronicas, how long do they really have here?

Moreover – will @Filippa remain the rate villain or will another emerge? What two seemingly soul mates voted very differently by the time we get to the halfway mark?

Find out #SOON!

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The 00s are second most popular so far, so a case could be made for recency bias, although had that been truly the case – would Las Ketchup have left instead of Baccara (since many are saying they were the troll entry of the 70s, not that I agree)?
Why not both?

Baccara is long overdue a shock elimination.