#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

This elimination will make a few of the more jaded people happy....



The Dixie Cups – Chapel Of Love
Average Score: 6.763
Highest Score: 10 x 2 (@unnameable, @Remorque)
Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (@Filippa)​

I am guessing this cut makes @londonrain happy? This elimination digs into our sweet 60s list a little deeper which makes me sad but if I had to lose one of them here, I think Chapel Of Love is what I’d be wanting to anyway. Although it has all the sweetness and tells an innocent story of a bride looking forward to a blissful day & lifetime of matrimony (reflecting a much simpler time with the traditional lyrics), it doesn’t really go anywhere sonically? The girls all sound charming and earnest so the message resonates wonderfully, and its classic status is earned.

The sweet nature of the track was a big success for its time, reaching the top spot in the US and dethroning The Beatles in their heyday to achieve this, which was no easy feat. Chapel Of Love started out as a number created for The Ronettes (more on them, soon!), and written by Phil Spector and two other writers. It allowed Barbara Ann and Rose Lee Hawkins (sisters), along with their cousin Joan Marie Johnson to build a bit of a career for themselves as the following numbers they released were also quite successful until a hiatus.

The Dixie Cups started out as Little Miss and the Muffets. Shortly before they premièred, they changed their name (I must say what they ended up with is a lot catchier). Originally from New Orleans, the girls eventually ended up in New York and signed with Red Bird Records, exploring more of an R&B flavoured pop sound while keeping the New Orleans sounds to their numbers. To this day, the Dixie Cups still perform, despite having slightly different members. Joan left her music career in the 70s as she became a Jehovah’s Witness. Her replacement was also from New Orleans, as per all original members – maintaining that New Orleans pop sound in their continuity.

Chapel Of Love became quite a signature number for the girls over time, appearing on multiple soundtrack most notably Full Metal Jacket & Father Of The Bride. It was certified gold after over a million in sales and was ranked #279 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time – quite the feat! In 2007, the Dixie Cups were inducted in the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame from their contributions to Louisiana music.

What did PopJustice have to say about this one?

DJHazey (8) likes this a lot - I always associate this song with the bubblegum pop I love most about this era, but despite being a song about getting eloped it has a more melancholy feel to it. Still has enough charm to be a memorable tune and cornerstone song for this generation of pop. Unnameable (10) asks an interesting question – isn’t this an Ellie Greenwich classic?

Ufint (9) likes the earworm nature of the track best - C’mon Full Metal Jacket! Such a memorable chorus that instantly sticks. DominoDancing (6) didn’t love it - Always found this a bit boring, and there's a surprising number of bum notes on display. LondonRain (2) has heard it too many times - Enormously overexposed but I guess it’s a minor bop.

Empty Shoebox (1) wants to keep this short - I've never liked this song and I'm not sure why. Can we move on please? Trouble In Paradise (9.5) says Oh Nostalgia! - My 3rd and 4th grade teachers performed this song for our talent show in their wedding dresses and I’ve loved it ever since. Filippa (0) found her rate villain groove back - Oh my god. Very boring, very banal. This song represents for me the worst of the 60ies.

Saviodxl (7.7) knows a thing or two about his girl band history! - The Ronettes covered this song and their version is great too. ComeOnGloria (7) is similar to Savio in remembering another version too - So many of these 60s songs I associate with cover versions - this time Bette Midler. Kermit_The_Frog (7) has been taught misinformation - So, as a child my dad purchased a “girl-groups of the 60s” VHS, which was filmed in some bar in around 1990 and featured “all the original artists”. Which is clearly either a lie or some weird legal shit happened, because The Dixie Cups have forever been etched in my mind as middle-aged white women… Zar-Unity (7) is pleased - Pretty catchy, cute theme. Tech: 4 Taste: 3 = 7 points

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