#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

I wanted that one for while now, this rate is starting sort itself out now. There's only a few songs left that I don't want near the Top 20.
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I'm scared for the next cut. My top 20 is being butchered.

Songs that can go now:

Please Mr Postman

When Will I See You Again
Best of My Love

Push It

Hold On (En Vogue)
No, No, No Part 2
Finally Found

Don't Cha
So the top of the bottoms' pick is......


Honeyz – Finally Found

Average Score: 7.109
Highest Score: 10 x 4 (@Remorque, @tylerc904, @londonrain, @ComeOnGloria)
Lowest Score: 3 x 2 (@kermit_the_frog, @DominoDancing)

Okay, even though I *love* the HoneyzFinally Found, I must say I am glad the 90s are (finally) taking another cut [this is what this rate is doing to me –making me choose between all my children], considering how painful it is to see the 60s/70s/80s lose so many numbers in succession for so long. Finally Found certainly wouldn’t have been my choice for the next one to go as it is in my personal top 3 of this decade here (grrrrr) but a wise Drag Queen once said - “As it is written, so it must be done!” (unless you have some white-out lying around).​

My personal connection with this song came through this being one of the last songs I stanned back during my final days in Mauritius before I moved to Australia. There was this program called the “World Chart Show” that I used to listen to and hearing that Honeyz were slowly climbing up that top 50 chart really gladdened my little gay heart as ‘Finally Found what I’ve been looking for was all this young gay teenager wanted to eventuate in his quest for love. Add to this Naima’s sumptuous and sensual French verse (which I could actually understand perfectly unlike the rest in English), the personal connection was just too real!

The reason I only gave Finally Found a 9.9 as opposed to a 10 is that beyond a great pop R&B song and the personal connection, I cannot say it is quite as impactful, influential or timeless as the numbers that did receive full marks from me. Yes, I include Love Unlimited in this due to how fresh Walking In The Rain still sounds 40 years on!

Honeyz started out as Essence which comprised members Heavenli Denton and Celena Cherry, then - they were pushed as an R&B alternative to the Spice Girls, looking to Destiny’s Child and En Vogue as inspiration. The band was renamed Honeyz due to the cat-calling the two received when leaving a nightclub and that name sticking a bit more than Essence. Naima Belkhiati was added and the band became a trio. This line-up was the one that gave us the song we are rating today.

Heavenli was the first to leave the band in 1999 for personal reasons but word has it it was a mix of wanting to start a solo career, unhappiness with touring internationally and frustration at the fact Naima could not sing (ouch!). Heavenli was replaced by Mariama Goodman of Solid HarmoniE fame who eventually quit; with Heavenli coming back into the band but so much momentum was lost by their second album’s release in 2001 that Mercury Records decided to drop them before the album’s release.

Finally Found was a proper debut for Honeyz, being the first single from their debut album Wonder No.8 and is still their most successful song, reaching #4 in the UK and #3 in Australia (where it is also certified Platinum [yaaaaasss!!]). The French interlude I am so fond of is on the album version of the track as opposed to the single release (I would guess to make the latter more accessible). They had a couple of other hits after Finally Found (including End Of The Line which so many of you were so very fond of) but the aforementioned second album was shelved in 2001 and the band split in 2002. There have been reunions (including participation in The Big Reunion) but nothing substantial came to be as various members kept jumping off ship every time some momentum was gained.

What did PopJustice think of this one?

DJHazey (6) is not entirely sold on our ladies - This group was suggested for my flop girl groups rate but I didn't think the sound fit the bill and I stand by that listening to this song now, but that isn't saying there isn't charm to it even if not entirely my cup of tea. Unnameable (8) has fond honey-filled memories – I always enjoyed their songs. Ufint (7) is the first to stan that other song… - It’s good but End Of The Line is a clear 10.

DominoDancing (3) puts the girls next to Bardot - What kind of budget girl group is this? This sounds like a #54 smash, not a #4. Londonrain (10) loves and has more love - With or without Naima’s random French spoken interlude, a classic. End of the Line would have been my 11, though. Empty Shoebox (8) shares with us, maybe the calm nature of the track brings that out? - I'm not entirely sure what it is that I like about this, but I like it.

Trouble In Paradise (9) is taken in - This is quite a romantic and understated ballad that really surprised me in how well all of the vocalists really connected with the material without feeling the need to oversell it. Filippa (8) is still out of that villain persona! - I like this song. Good voices, nice melody. Saviodxl (3.6) is just asking for trouble! - Wait, they had actual... Fans?

ComeOnGloria (10) was my twin as a teen! - So many hours spent singing along to this in my room as a teenager! This initially got my 11 points until I talked myself out of it. If it was 'End of the Line,' I wouldn't have been able to resist. What got his 11, you ask? Find out #soon! Kermit_The_Frog (3) is not here for this one - I wanted to rate this higher, mainly because I low-key love the bondage-wear and “copy She’kspere and Kandi but don’t actually pay them to write it because that would be too expensive” feel of Won’t Take It Lying Down. Alas, this is from their highly disappointing debut and too “lightweight” for me. Zar-Unity (8) has another high score for us! - A sweet sounding pop song by some really nice talent as a group. Tech: 5 Taste: 3 = 8 points

Top 30 Recap!

The Shirelles – Will You Love Me Tomorrow
The Marvelettes - Please Mr Postman
The Exciters – Tell Him
The Ronettes - Be My Baby
Martha & The Vandellas - Heatwave

The Three Degrees – When Will I See You Again
Peaches - Substitute
The Nolans – I’m In The Mood For Dancing
Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
The Emotions – Best Of My Love

The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed
The Bangles - Manic Monday
Pepsi & Shirlie - Heartache
Salt-N-Pepa - Push It

Wilson Phillips - Hold On
En Vogue - Hold On
Eternal - Stay
Spice Girls - Wannabe
All Saints - I Know Where It's At
Destiny’s Child - No, No, No Part 2
B*Witched - C'est La Vie
Atomic Kitten - Right Now

Sugababes - Overload
Mis-Teeq - Why?
Girls Aloud - Sound of the Underground
t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said
The Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha
The Veronicas - 4ever
Booty Luv - Boogie 2nite
The Saturdays - If This Is Love

Well well well! I think you guys have made your thoughts clear about the 80s!

Only 4 tracks from there remain!
How ruthless will you be before we get to the top 20?

The 90s are still leading charge but all the cuts have gone into the R&B territory so far!
(watch out for your faves @londonrain! This is when you wish @KingBruno & @Robsolete had taken part)
Can they keep this up and give us 8 songs in the top 10??

The 00s are next best but with calls for Booty Luv, PCD & Sugababes (???) -
how long do we have before an upset exit??

The 70s and 60s are going as expected but the cuts left in each are strong

(if you don't believe @Baby Clyde and his disdain for Substitute)

Talking about that -
Which tracks are you all impressed have managed to get this far?
Let us know before we start cutting into the top end of the tracks left!