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#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Feb 12, 2018.

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  3. That is the one that had no zeroes. the 7.45 is a different one.
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  4. Oh. What was the 7.45?
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  6. [​IMG]
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  8. K-Pop is a strange thing, almost impossible to describe...

    That depends entirely on what the song list is, if I can cheat, and if there's an outlier that's a lot worse than the rest.
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  9. And so we lose our first 11!

    Whose is it??

    An epic battle between DominoDancing and 2014......................

    I hope you're ready!


    Booty Luv – Boogie 2nite

    Average Score: 7.442
    Highest Score: 11 x 1 (@2014), 10 x 4 (@soratami, @tylerc904, @Empty Shoebox, @berserkboi)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (@DominoDancing)
    And here falls my second 10! Surprisingly this was another discovery for me this rate, as per the first 10 I lost all these eliminations ago. Booty Luv did incredibly well ending up in the top 30, considering @DominoDancing was calling for Boogie 2nite’s head from the start, and the R&B flavoured disco sound of the track (Tweet sings the original after all), not usually doing too well in versus rates. Booty Luv, despite the recency of this track, don’t quite have the devoted fanbase that their company from the 00s list has, nor do I find them to have enough of a novelty sound (a la Las Ketchup) to even have some ironic stanning. Boogie 2nite always hovered around the top 30 mark but it wasn’t until @2014 bestowed an 11 on it that its lead on En Vogue & PCD was secured.

    The reason Boogie 2nite got a 10 from me is that since the first time listening to the song list for the rate, it was one of three tracks (new to me) I kept returning to repeatedly. Even now, listening to it again for this write-up, there is just something so entrancing and delicious about how that bridge leads to the chorus. The no-nonsense thrill factor is second to none and it is the most unashamedly (euro)dance track here, with that genre only ever getting this reaction from me when it is done to perfection. I appreciate the point that it may just be a cheap dance beat but the girls’ personality more than sold it to me, and most of the voters.

    As mentioned before Boogie 2nite was originally a single by R&B sensation Tweet, released in 2002 and included in The Transporter movie. Being the final single of her first album, it didn’t make much of an impact on the charts for Tweet, since it wasn’t promoted all that much and most of her captive audience owning the album by then already. Booty Luv (female offshot of Big Brovaz) released it as their debut in 2006 to a lot more success. Cherise and Nadia used the Seamus Haji remix of the original as the template for their version, and I must say it brought new life to the track. This version did very well for the girls, leading it all the way to #2 in the UK Chart. It sold so well despite its late November release that it made the Year-End chart at #73. The impact also caused the Tweet original to enter the chart at #167. Talent!

    Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd started out as part of Big Brovaz (an eclectic and highly talented mixed band) in the early 00s. Big Brovaz’ first album gave us hits like Nu Flow and Favourite Things, which you may be most familiar with. It was such a commercial and critical success that there was a lot of pressure for their follow up to do the same, however it failed to meet expectations and by the under-performance of the third album, Big Brovaz got dropped. Around that time, some Music Executives gave Cherise and Nadia a chance to record and promote a new version of Boogie 2nite, and due to Big Brovaz’ future looking grim they accepted. The positive reception of the track in clubs prompted it to be officially released as the single we know and love today!

    Booty Luv had five top twenty hits to their name before going on hiatus. These days, RuPaul has come out praising their debut album (thanks for the find, @DominoDancing!) so expect their soon to be legacy as a ‘lipsync for your life’ to add to their Silver certified album!

    PopJustice – the floor is yours!

    DJHazey (9) did not expect this bop to bop quite so much! - The title had me thinking it would be a nu-disco track but it's much better than just that. Nice little find here. Unnameable (7) inspires a @Mina centric title refresh! – their very name is in honour of all the backdoor lovers out there, but this was an enjoyable dance jam. DominoDancing (2) doesn’t get the appeal (did you try the Tweet original as well, maybe you’d prefer that one?) - There's absolutely nothing here but a generic dance beat.

    Baby Clyde (9) enjoying a noughties number, what the what?? - (I hate to admit it but this is actually better than the original. Proper Choon!!!). It’s ok, so do I, Empty Shoebox (10) - Welcome to Dave Pearce's Dance Anthems. That's no bad thing, but where is he now? I digress. This is the sort of dance-pop shit that I live for. Easy ten.

    Trouble In Paradise (7.5) is loving this too! - This is a fun dance song that definitely feels indebted to disco in a good way. Wish it was a little more memorable. Filippa (6) is a villain(?) of few words - I quite like the song. Spillett (8) has his timeline very right! - (this could have been a Sugababes 3.0 track, post 'Easy') Saviodxl (4.9) mentions a self reviewing band, with a break - This is a bop and everything, but I'm surprised that they were able to secure the release of a whole album with this song and then pretty much disappeared. Poor Girls Can't Catch couldn't even get to release na EP!

    ComeOnGloria (7.3) is still doing the @Mina – Catchy. Kermit_The_Frog (5) is still quite the historian - Bonus points for the Tweet original (this is pretty much a note-for-note cover of an unreleased-at-the-time remix of that which was huge in clubs and nobody could buy). Also for their tactic (see also: Don’t Mess With My Man) of generally passing off little-known dance remixes of R&B tracks as their own work. Imagine trying to get away with that nowadays… Zar-Unity (8) seems to like the Sugababes in any form - Hello Sugababes 4.0! Okay, not really, but I am inspired a bit. Tech: 5 Taste: 3 = 8 points

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  10. let's convert @Mina to KPOP

    first, love yourself today and listen to the song that teaches you to love yourself today
  11. @londonrain EXID is the best K-pop girl group out there today.

    until LOONA properly debut.
  12. I think the best you you'll get is that Kpop person with my username who I sometimes get forum notifications about when she's mentioned. (I had the name first, naturally.)
  13. Mina from Twice ddd. I only use TT and Likey from them, to be honest.

    I honestly think you might like this:
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  14. I'm happy they made it this far! Boogie 2Nite, as well as their other singles, is just such fun.

    And getting a 10 from @Empty Shoebox and a 9 from @Baby Clyde. Talent!
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  15. @Eric Generic??


    That would indeed be impressive since he didn't vote! :D
  16. I meant @Baby Clyde! Made a mix up due to them both being in the PJOPS veto panel!
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  17. Ha! Yes!

    Her 9 more than shocked me too!
  18. You'll be pleased/shocked to know that my PJ00s ballot this round - for the first time! - contains a vote for one Jpop or Kpop song (I usually can't tell the difference,ddd).

    And as for the thread title, @berserkboi - it's all well and good that this has become a minor forum meme, but where were your and everyone else's votes for Backdoor Lover when they counted?
  19. Try entering a version by Terence and Philip and we'll talk!
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  20. No
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