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#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. To quote @soratami quoting Nicole S - Ha. Haha. Hahaha!
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  2. Well, we get to hear from @Untouchable Ace with this next elimination so you know it's a doozy!

    Not many come to be as iconic as this one!!


    Destiny’s Child – No No No Part 2

    Average Score: 7.484
    Highest Score: 10 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @londonrain)
    Lowest Score: 4 x 2 (@Filippa, @Empty Shoebox)​

    Ok, so who here thought they’d see the day of iconic Destiny’s Child not making the top 25 of a girl band rate? I am still flabbergasted at this cut at #26! The most shocking thing about it too is that this position is actually one of the highest No No No Part 2 got to during the voting period. At one point, you could have seen Beyoncé & co. leaving around #40, which would have caused a massive forum meltdown, I am sure. Say what you will about this rate, but none have shocked me so much with its results - and I don’t just say this because I am the host; but so many twists are still yet to come before we crown a winner!

    Facing facts and PopJustice preferences, No No No Part 2 was always going to struggle compared with some more ‘signature’ numbers from Destiny’s Child. I personally think it is a fantastic track and almost equal to my favourites by Destiny’s Child, Soldier and Jumping’ Jumpin’. Unfortunately, the more R&B flavoured cuts by the girls were rarely their most successful, (Bootylicious being the main exception) as most of their worldwide big sellers such as Say My Name & Survivor have a more pop progression than the subtle, hypnotic beat they do so well on cuts like Soldier or No No No Part 2.

    No No No Part 2 was certainly quite an interesting debut for the girls, it was successful but in no way does it really tell you from its performance that Destiny’s Child would end up becoming the phenomenon they were! No No No Part 2 reached the #3 spot in the US charts after a few months and a fairly slow build on the chart, and the #5 spot on the UK Chart, impressive but not too different than some of the singles performance from SWV or Xscape (in fact, even Wikipedia credits their follow-up album as their true breakthrough, despite No No No's good performance). However the progress they made from there to what a zeitgeist act they now are is mind blowing.

    From watching the music video here, your can already see the undeniable star quality of Beyoncé and Kelly (the only two members to be in the band the whole time and both teenagers at the time!) compared to LeToya and LaTavia though since the latter two claim preferential treatment was given to the former two, this could be the reason also. Now, as this all suggests, Destiny’s Child did not become the powerhouse it is (I use the present tense as although they are currently ‘inactive’, there is still a very current quality about them) overnight – so let’s go on a discovery abridged!

    Destiny’s Child started out as Girl’s Tyme in 1990, with about 6 members, and that formation garnered the attention of R&B producer Arne Frager. He brought them to his studio and gave focus to Beyoncé’s vocals as he was taken by her personality and ability to sing. His strategy was to debut the group on Star Search (the Idol/X Factor/Got Talent of the 90s) which he was sure they would win and make great use of that platform, but fate had other plans. Their loss caused Mathew Knowles (Beyoncé’s father) to manage the band full time with his first decision to cut the group to 4 members. With years of practice (both vocal and choreography – a boot camp of sorts), the band would eventually become opening acts for established groups like Dru Hill & SWV. Over the course of their career, the girls would change their name a few times before settling on Destiny’s Child in 1996. They released No No No Part 2 shortly after and the rest is history!

    I will not divulge much more of the band’s history for now, until we get to part 2 of the rate but prepare yourself for lots of controversy over line-up changes, member replacements and public spats! Destiny’s Child are not just icons of the modern era, they are extremely decorated - winning multiple Grammy Awards and recognised as one of the most successful trios of all time (this accolade is of course due to their most famous line-up of Beyoncé Knowles, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland). These three are of course respectively represented here by @berserkboi (your host and the Beyoncé), @Mina and @londonrain (my back-up hosts).

    What did PopJustice have to see about of the most iconic bands here?

    Zar-Unity (7) is still on his 7 binge - Well produced, like the change with the acoustic guitar. Tech: 5 Taste: 2 = 7 points. Kermit_The_Frog (8) is like the Angel of this rate from the episode ‘I Will Remember You’ (watch it, it is heartbreaking stuff!) - A forgotten (by many) gem. Can I be slightly controversial here? I kind of hate Survivor and it irritates me that it’s classed as a “signature song” when this is right there… Part 1 is a bit of a yawn-fest, obviously… Further Listening: Hey Ladies

    Riiiiiiiii (8.7) feels like Judas but he is really more like a playfully shady Blanche Devereaux - Shame this is their breakthrough single because ugh, the production and Wyclef Jean are so cheap. The 8,7 is because it’s Destiny’s Child and it’s already crazy that i ranked them under Tatu: “Beyoncé? Beyoncé, sweetie. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that a ugly ass bitch like this would even do that, oh my god.” ComeOnGloria (8) is not here for a jam session over a hip hop beat it seems - Can't fault the harmonies but wanted moe of a melody. I wasn't really on board until Bills, Bills, Bills.

    Saviodxl (5.9) is shady for the sake of it (as if being En Vogue is a bad thing…) - They were too 'En Vogue new generation' when this song was released. Didn't have the Destiny's Child distinctive sound yet. Filippa (4) the rate villain returns, dum dum dum! -Never was a fan of Destiny’s Child. This song is no exception. Untouchable Ace (6.9) makes a splash with this one - I do prefer part 1 but the girls sound great!

    Trouble In Paradise (7) seems to also prefer the poppier stuff they do, it seems we are alone in liking the more R&B sound, #SprockyRain - I really want to give this song a higher score cause I LOVE Destiny’s Child but this really isn’t close to their best song. Empty Shoebox (4) does not like any of the core ingredients in his pumpkin soup! - There's too many 'no's here, as well as too many 'yeah's and too much wyclef. Sprockrooster (10) does a lyric revamp (I like!) - Does this song age? No No No! Is that middle-8 an absolute thrill every single play? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

    Baby Clyde (7) plays what ifs and I must say, this one could be an interesting twist! - (Haven't heard this in forever and it's a bit drab isn't it. There is also absolutely nothing here that suggests Beyonce is in any way more special than the other 3. Imagine if LeToya's dad had been in charge???) DominoDancing (7) shares the same thoughts I did! - It's a fine song, and Beyonce's style of singing is already clearly recognizable. Would I have guessed that they'd become the powerhouse they became just from hearing this song...no. Iheartpoptarts (8.5) shades one output to lift the other - You know what? Give me this over Lemonade any day of the week. Unnameable (7) ends us pleasantly – still enjoyable -

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  3. Poor girls. Wyclef kind of ruined this one for them.

    Watch them be top 5 in the Girl Group Rate part 2 though!
  4. I had no idea Girl's Tyme originally had six members! Wonder what happened to the other two girls.
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  5. Kicked to the curb by Mathew Knowles! (There's probably more to it than that, I'll let R&B Expert @londonrain fill us in)
  6. Yeah, Wyclef knocked that down a few points for me. Is this the remix, Wyclef? I didn't get that the first fifty times you said it.

    Still, it should have beat some of the stuff still in.
  7. I love Destiny's Child but No, No, No isn't a great representation of what I love about them.
  8. I quite like that one, but it's nice to know Destiny's Child aren't untouchable for 90s rate purposes.
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  9. Amazing. Didn't think we'd lose that until the Top 10 and I'm not complaining.
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  10. Speechless.
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  11. This was nearly my 11.

    I honestly don’t know what to do with all you low scorers. TLC, SWV, En Vogue and Destiny’s Child all out before the top 25? Xscape dead last?

  12. I blame it on the songs, not the groups themselves. It would be a complete different story if they were represented with one of their "best" songs. We keep forgetting this is the Girl Band Breakthrough Rate.
  13. The Veronicas remaining unbothered by the hate as they continue to cruise towards the Top 20.


    I'm also happy no one is mentioning my 11 anymore.
  14. Don't jinx it!
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  15. Based on some of the commentary we've seen so far, I... don't share your optimism.

    At least the best sixties songs are all still here.
  16. Honestly, my faves aren't doing much worse than they tend to do in any other rate! Everyone else get used to it, I'll watch.
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  17. This rate is going my way - I don't know why and I don't know how (@berserkboi ?) but I like it.
  18. Next elimination soon. Who do you think is in danger?
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  19. Me.
  20. I'm not doing very well with this. Most of the recommendations on the account are for Drag Race or Sailor Moon.
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