#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate


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Next up - another 11 leaves us! Is it yours?


At least, I hope bloody not.
So is the 11 that falls.....

A bit hazey for a DJ?

Is a princess from the Ghetto losing her crown?

Is a Sprocky Rooster about to shout: 'rIIIIIIIIIIII'!!!!

:( It's actually Heather Nova who suffers! :(


Mis-Teeq – Why

Average Score: 7.512
Highest Score: 11 x 1 (@londonrain) 10 x 5 (@Baby Clyde, @kermit_the_frog, @Remorque, @soratami, @berserkboi)
Lowest Score: 4 x 2 (@Trouble in Paradise, @DominoDancing)
And here is where we lose a second 11 (and my third 10)! Although I gave Why a 10, I hadn’t expected it would receive an 11 from anybody here since Mis-Teeq are generally not ‘stanned’ in the usual corners of PopJustice I frequent. @londonrain made a great choice however, not just for the song but for the genre and the experimental nature it represents. This era and sound is where pop music started to get very interesting and started combining this grungy and edgy garage sound to it – giving more grit and depth while going against the grain of how clean cut pop was becoming (compare this to the more bland sounds of Poison from around the same era as an example).

If you’d look at some of the early pages of this very thread, Why was already a song we discussed in some measure. This was due to a change in the link being provided for the rate in fear that the original mix was not a good representation of the track at all. Well, guess what? Quite a few voters actually comment they preferred the original as opposed to the remix – talk about the unpredictable taste of PopJustice! Why’s fortunes in the rate was a little strange, it was never truly in the bottom 20 tracks but anytime it gained a bit of a lead, a low scorer or two would pull it back down so it would miss the top 20 just marginally (a bit of a reminder of my better performances in PJOPs).

Why is quite an interesting entry in Mis-Teeq’s discography. It is the only single to feature Zena McNally as she left the band shortly after its release to pursue a solo career, leading to the more recognisable trio from their multiple hits that followed. Why was a success in putting the girls on the map, reaching #8 on the UK Chart and being quite unique in its sound at the time of release. The latter I think mostly is what gave the girls a chance to keep at it with producing more music considering the likes of Girl Thing hardly even got a second chance, Mis-Teeq’s sound was certainly individual and showed promise!

Mis-Teeq started out with Alesha Dixon and Sabrina Washington. They were later joined by Tina Barrett (of S Club 7 fame) and were at the time named Face2Face. Tina left for her S Club destiny and with an audition call was replaced with Zena McNally and Su-Elise Nash. They debuted as such with the garage spin on Why, after signing with Telstar Records and changing their name to Mis-Teeq. Despite the setback of Zena quitting, they carried on and had a hit first album (getting to #3 on the UK album chart), as well as improving their chart peaks with subsequent single releases, All I Want and Scandalous both getting to #2 (unfortunately a #1 finish has alluded the girls during their active period).

The girls called it quits in 2005 when their label folded but there have been rumours of a reunion since 2011, so watch this space as something may happen before part 2 open in a year or so! To the voters we go:

DJHazey (5) is the first to prefer the original, and goes on a journey to find a more decent score - Thank goodness this was a remix because I wasn't sure at first. Even then, it's not a patch on "Scandalous" is It? Actually the speed of this mix is complete mess on second thought. I was going to give it a 2/10 but I decided to be fair I had better listen to the original in full and that definitely bumps it up a few points. Wow, what a journey, but we got there. Unnameable (7) has another word for experimental – the garage sound is a bit dated but still a good song. Ufint (5) calls back to an icon, but without Timbaland by their side how could they be (although if a return is staged, please god make that collaboration happen!) - You’re not Aaliyah, girls. Scandalous and One Night Stand were totally my jams back in the day, but this song never clicked with me.

DominoDancing (4) is also on #TeamDated - The Garage sound hasn't stood the test of time. I can barely listen to this. Londonrain (11) thinks this stands out for all the good reasons - This sticks out a mile as the only garage track here, but what a massive bop. Alesha’s sections are a particular highlight. Untouchable Ace (7.9) gives us self-reviewing commentary - How strange. Empty Shoebox (8) has no qualms with either version - I listened to both versions. Not sure why. Can't decide which I prefer. Either way, this is solid.

Trouble In Paradise (4) gives this one of his lower scores yet - This whole song feels rushed and dated. It’s so sped up that there’s no personality or tone in the vocals. Filippa (9) reconciles with LondonRain - Surprisingly I like the song really well. Good singers, good melody, I even don’t mind the rap-part very much. Saviodxl (6.1) gives me a reference I am unfamiliar with - I'm always going to associate them with Cat Woman.

ComeOnGloria (6.5) just doesn’t think it rises up to the challenge - So much better stuff on offer. Kermit_The_Frog (10) finds a lot to love and provides more recommendations so check them out! - One of their greatest songs AND one featuring Zena before she ran off. It makes me happy that Alesha’s continued visibility means that Mis-Teeq are being re-evaluated in recent years and recognised for their high rate of contributions to the “great bops” catalogue. Further Listening: Roll On (Rishi Rich Remix). I am starting to think a 7 from Zar is actually a 10 - Zar-Unity (7) - A real talented group of singers, and they carry the beat well. Tech: 4 Taste: 3 = 7 points

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