#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate


Sugababes - Overload

Average Score: 6.66
My Score: -1000

Finally, at #20 we say goodbye to the vastly overrated dirge from the Sugababes debut album that, as Steps say, is Better Best Forgotten. Thank you and goodnight!


The Veronicas - 4Ever

Average Score: 7.682
High Score: 11x1 - @tylerc904 ♡♡♡
Team Taste: 10x7 - @GhettoPrincess, @Untouchable Ace, @Conan, @Remorque, @soratami, @unnameable, @DJHazey
Get Taste: @kermit_the_frog (3), @Aester (3), @londonrain (4), @Riiiiiiiii (4.2), @Baby Clyde (5)​
And today's overachiever (in my eyes) is!!



Atomic Kitten – Right Now
Average Score: 7.696
Highest Score: 10 x 5 (@DJHazey, @Remorque, @unnameable, @tylerc904, @ComeOnGloria)
Lowest Score: 1 x 1 (@kermit_the_frog)

Now here’s a track I was ready to write off and give a low score to as soon as I accepted I would have to include it for the rate. I assumed Right Now would for sure be my lowest score without giving it a second thought as I grew up really disliking it in my teenage years and before listening it to it a few times for the rate, I thought it was the worst song I knew by Atomic Kitten by a long shot. Instead – after giving it a chance, I realised I was probably a very harsh teenager who couldn’t appreciate a song that bops for the sake of bopping (unless it was by the Spice Girls) and have come around to appreciate it a lot more (hence my 7.7 instead of the initial 3 points it would have gotten).

The fortunes of Right Now were incredibly similar to 4ever’s. They were both struggling to lift themselves from the bottom 10 tracks for the first two weeks of the voting period, in Atomic Kitten’s case that was due to @kermit_the_frog ’s early 1 point, a tough ladder to climb up from. Luckily for the girls, the late voters were more into pure pop bangers and sent it soaring up the charts, even beating The Veronicas who had an earlier rise than them when both acts’ luck turned.

Right Now and its pure pop goodness was the debut for Atomic Kitten as the ‘original’ trio of Natasha Hamilton, Kerry Katona and Liz McClarnon (I say original in inverted commas as soon-to-be Sugababe Heidi Range was also a member at one point before their commercial debut). Atomic Kitten were first conceived by Andy McCluskey and Stuart Kershaw (of OMD – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) and would serve as principal songwriters on the band’s studio recordings. Heidi Range left the band due to creative differences early on and was replaced by Natasha Hamilton.

Right Now performed well enough for the girls, making it to #10 on the UK Charts and securing them a chance to release more music. Each subsequent release performed similarly or a little worse than the last, with the very real fear of being dropped by their label hanging over them until they decided to release the godly Whole Again, giving them a #1 smash in the UK and an undisputed hit in multiple countries. Around this time Kerry also left the band due to her pregnancy and was replaced by Jenny Frost, who many associate more with the band than the former (afterall, their commercial peak was during the era of the latter three so it is excusable). Nowadays the girls still tour as part of some “nostalgia” concerts and I even saw them live recently in Melbourne with one of the girls from Liberty X covering for Liz (?) who had a fear of flying.

What did PopJustice think?

Zar-Unity (7) is all for the energy of the track - Well known pop group, high production. That chorous is a highlight. Tech: 4 Taste: 3 = 7 points. Kermit_The_Frog (1) is not here for any of it (this reminds me – please vote in @HollyDunnSomething ’s rate, she’d love your input!) - My single least-favourite pop act, possibly of all time. Someone needs to get a “1” and alongside these (largely) glorious groups they’re the low-point. ComeOnGloria (10) may have been me after a few more listens - Such a guilty pleasure!

Spillett (8.5) tried to resist but had to give it Right Now! - (pop-tastic disco. was a guilty pleasure of mine until I just caved and got the album and fell in love with every track.) Filippa (6) has interesting things to say here - I like Atomic Kitten. This is not their best song but I still like it. What I didn’t like was their constant change of girls – I like it when the band at least tries to pretend they in that project for their love to music …

Trouble In Paradise (6.5) likes his rush in smaller doses - This song is fun and energetic but a little too much. Empty Shoebox (9) likes but sees the errors of their way - I think it's their best song, but that's probably just me. Regardless, let's take a minute to remember this:
Yeah, someone thought that was a good idea. And they wonder why MG Rover died.

Untouchable Ace (8.5) is doing the opposite of Zar-Unity giving a high score for a harsher commentary (or maybe he means that other song?) - They never quite got anything right did they. It's Ok. Sprockrooster (9) tells me this is a discovery - Kind of shook to find this gem. Obviously I heard of them before and I quite love 'Be With You', but most of their other output never clicked with me. However this one is new for me and I am in instant love with it. Actually holding up very neatly after some plays.

Londonrain (8) gives this a surprising high score considering what he did to [REDACTED] - Worst name for a girl band ever, but what a chorus. DominoDancing (5.5) is not too impressed - Pffft. Fine at best. Surprisingly un-catchy. Iheartpoptarts (8) gives the score I was expecting - I do love me some pre-midtempo Atomic Kitten. Unnameable (10) was a stan from the beginning – I saw them trouble the lower reaches of the charts and was hoping they wouldn’t flop. Luckily Whole Again saved them. DJHazey (10) scores a version that may have led to a higher score… - There are certain little elements to the M*A*S*H mix from their Essential Collection that make it tower over the video version, so that's where the 10 is coming from. It's hard to explain you'd have to listen to it and decide for yourself.

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