#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

Okay, I have some extra time at work today for this so will give you a proper hint for the next elimination!

We are getting down to another top 3!!

Which one of these 8 acts is getting axed?

Can Wilson Philips Hold On for One More Day???


Ouch at that gif quality!

Are the Spice Girls going to be the Wannabe and not make top 15??


Do All Saints REALLY know where it's at or did PopJustice move digs and forget to tell 'em?


Are @soratami and @Baby Clyde getting their wish and kicking out B*Witched while screaming: C'est La Vie?


Has PopJustice Overloaded on the Sugababes and are wanting them out prematurely?
(I see you there, @Mina with the shady exclusion of (most of) Siobhan!!)


Is The Sound Of The Underground gonna make Girls Aloud fall underground to a lower than top 15 finish?


Are All The Things She Said gonna push t.A.T.u over the edge??


Are The Saturdays about to discover it wasn't love after all?


Find Out

You guessed it!!!

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So! Which era is down to a final 3???


B*Witched – C’est La Vie

Average Score: 7.787
Highest Score: 10 x 7 (@Zar-Unity, @ufint, @Sprockrooster, @Remorque, @Empty Shoebox, @DJHazey, @iheartpoptarts)
Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (@kermit_the_frog)
I guess a few people around here will be saying FINALLY!!!! Not 7 of you though, awarding C’est La Vie full marks! This is the same number of 10s as The Veronicas, but without (the 11 or) the many low scores which sank the Australian ladies a bit further! C’est La Vie actually finishes at one of the lower positions it had gotten to when I closed voting, initially another fixture of the top 10, it wasn’t until the last week of voting that they ended up outside the top 15!

What to say about C’est La Vie which isn’t evident from the first listen? It is the very embodiment of a bop! A kicking instrumental with loads of personality within vocals that hit you from the first ‘oh oh’s and doesn’t let you go til the end? (TICK!) The wonderful ‘riverdance’ style breakdown towards the end, a nod to their Irish heritage? (TICK!) The charming thick accent describing their unique ways with the family call outs? (TICK!) It is arguably the most unadulterated fun number of the list!

This song (much like @londonrain’s experience) is tied to my early adolescence so I absolutely adore it for nostalgic reasons. It takes me back to fun times with my cousins, pretending we were B*Witched and doing that dance while having no idea what we were saying to each other (mixture of Irish accents and native French speakers should give you some idea of how we must have sounded). Many share a similar affinity with the song from the looks of the comments some of you left!

C’est La Vie was released in 1998 as B*Witched’s debut single and was an instant hit for them! A UK #1 on the first week of release, it did the unusual thing of (actually) cracking the US top 10 too and reaching #6 in Australia. B*Witched also became the youngest girl group ever to top the UK charts! The song was written by the sisters and a few others, and although initially seen as a nonsensical pop song with double entendre galore, it was revealed in 2013 that the song was (surprise surprise!) about sex! Billboard thinks this is the 97th Greatest Girl Group Song Of All Time too!

B*Witched is made up of members Sinead O’Carroll, Lindsay Armaou and twins Edele and Keavy Lynch, all from musical families, and were accomplished musicians from a young age. The twins are younger sisters of Boyzone’s Shane Lynch. They were originally called Butterfly Farm and experimented with the name ‘D’Zire and Sister’ before settling on B*Witched. They cultivated a tomboy image to set them apart from their contemporaries and appeal to a younger audience. Shane set them up with a manager and the rest is history!

The girls had a few more hits with the singles released from their first album, their second album saw them have hits too (Jesse Hold On reached the UK #4) but it was a less successful era than the previous one. By the time of the third album, B*Witched were dropped by their label (this was after they had selected and started working on the video of the first single they were to release for it, yikes!) and with O’Carroll leaving the band and difficulty finding another label, they officially split in 2002. They came back together for The Big Reunion and continue to tour to this day (they were the headline act of that concert I went to with Atomic Kitten also performing, as I discussed earlier).

Let’s hear from PopJustice!

Zar-Unity (10) finally hands out full marks! Wowed!! - It's so pure pop and so charming! I can see why it was a big hit. Tech: 5 Taste: 5 = 10 points. Kermit_The_Frog (2) was probably part of that record label that pulled the plug… - Not for me. I don’t think that I ever liked a B*Witched song and against this competition it never stood a chance. An extra point for “I fight like me dad as well” because I’m feeling generous. ComeOnGloria (9.5) is three for three as my double! - Cute boy in a tree - dungarees and denim... what's not to love.

Saviodxl (6.8) sees both Soratami and myself after we hear the track - This can make a depressive person go happy. Or very angry. Filippa (8) somehow missed their biggest hit here? -I only know “Blame It On the Weatherman”. It was one of the songs I looked for on samplers because I really liked it. This is cute, too. Trouble In Paradise (6) likes but leaves it on Saturday morning like a Friday night mistake! - This is pure bubblegum. It’s fun and sweet but totally disposable and I’m kind of done with it after three spins.

Empty Shoebox (10) was charmed by the accent -Oi Foight Loik Me Dad as well. I should be marking this down for the 'na na na hey' bits, but no song in here is perfect so it gets away with it. Just. This isn't even their best song, so imagine what would have happened if you'd included that. UntouchableAce (9.8) loves to love! - Embarrassing Irish jig aside, this is quite enjoyable. Sprockrooster (10) is also #TeamBubbleGum! - Such an instant sugar rush. I barely cope. I love how this is placed after a ballad in the playlist, only making this effect stronger.

Londonrain (8.5) reminds us of his fond memories - This is still so much fun all these years later even though it’s utterly ridiculous. I remember my friends and me lying in a garden trying to re-enact the bit in the video where all five members are lying in a star formation. Someone took a photo but sadly I never saw it and it’s probably long since been lost to the mists of time. DominoDancing (4) reminds me of an Uncle Scrooge comic when Donald Duck loved something and he was just next to our duck thinking something shady! - Diet Spice Girls. Iheartpoptarts (10) surprises many that this isn’t her 11! - If this doesn’t make you ridiculously happy, then I don’t know what to say.

Ufint (10) cannot let go of those memories (that’s three of us reaching into our ohnostalgia by now, that skank ;-) )- Still one of my favorite songs to come out of 1998. Bloody brilliant, everything just works. God, they really were hungry little hoes, weren’t they? I mean the sexual innuendo is EVERYWHERE. Unnameable (9) loves also – pure cheese but very enjoyable. DJHazey (10) and PopTarts are not getting a divorce! - The little intro to this is iconic on another and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise, in fact any time they speak on any of their songs I melt into puddle. Those Irish accents **** me. Their Irish jig sections, yaaas. They are carrying the flag for modern bubbblegum pop so I'm going to be a bit over the top in my defense of this one, hater beware.​

90s Top 3 is thus….

Wilson Philips – Hold On


Spice Girls – Wannabe


All Saints – I Know Where It’s At


Meh! I only really love one of these three but good work getting here, PopJustice!

Who will fall and where?? Who will be our top 90s cut??

Find out


With All Saints’ following around here? That is PJ at work.
For me it was the song's performance that surprised me. I expected it out before top 20 as I don't usually hear many speak fondly of I Know Where it's At... And considering what happened to DC, All Saints are doing surprisingly great!