#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate


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To all the t.A.T.u. haters.....

Hey when you've had your name called for since like the Top 50, finishing at #16 is a complete victory for B*Witched!

Also my 11 trekking its way towards the Top 10 now?

Don't curse it.

I apologise if this isn't my best work!



The Saturdays – If This Is Love
Average Score: 7.851
Highest Score: 11 x 1 (@DJHazey) 10 x 7 (@GhettoPrincess, @Conan, @tylerc904, @Remorque, @soratami, @unnameable, @MollieSwift21)
Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (@Filippa)

And here we have a song that survived for a very long time past our expectations of it, if you are to believe the 11 bestower @DJHazey who has been giving hints left right and centre that he was mighty impressed at The Saturdays’ resilience. I can tell you my dear Hazey that the girls never once flopped in this rate. They were convincingly beating the Spice Girls, The Ronettes and Girls Aloud during parts of the voting period, and had a very strong hold of the top 10 until ending up at this position.

What can I say about If This Is Love? It is admittedly a great song in my books and got a score over a 9 from me but I just don’t think it is quite as breathtaking or ground-breaking as the 10s I gave out in the rate. It is extremely pleasant with pretty much everyone putting in a great vocal performance on the great Yazoo sample that is used, and if I am to believe Saturdays expert @GhettoPrincess this is also underrated within their discography so I am very happy to provide it with some time in the sun.

If This Is Love was The Saturdays’ debut and charted at #8 in the UK Chart, leading them to a successful era with subsequent singles expanding their profile. The track also features backing vocals by Danish singer Nabiha. Despite putting them on the map, the girls have revealed If This Is Love is their least favourite from their discography. In a nod to their inception, the music video plays on their manufactured status in a tongue in cheek way (I must say, I am glad to have scored it without seeing the video first as it misses the mark of the song’s content).

The Saturdays were formed in 2007 after auditions were held to find members for the band with an instant record deal with Fascination Records. The final 5 girls to make it were Frankie Bridge, Una Healy, Rochelle Humes, Mollie King and Vanessa White. They improved on their #8 chart position in the UK with subsequent releases and eventually reached #1 with What About Us. The girls have sold over 7 million records in the UK and Ireland during the 7 years they were active which is mighty impressive! For more recommendations on all things Saturdays, try reaching out to superfan @DJHazey!

Popjustice had the following to say:

Zar-Unity (9) actually properly liked this one - Actually a pretty good song, beautiful vocals and cool production! Tech: 5 Taste: 4 = 9 points. Kermit_The_Frog (6) is conflicted - I legitimately quite like this song, even if my head says that I should be low-balling it to prevent an unjust win… ComeOnGloria (8.8) thinks it is a good one in the noughties list - Good bit of naughties pop

Saviodxl (8.4) is observant - I suppose this was a humble but effective introduction for the girls. It's not very high in my Satudays singles ranking. Fortunately, it's included in one amazing album! Yazoo sample worked well for them here. Nice to see how they're self-aware they are a product in the music video of this song. Filippa (0) is potentially making an enemy out of Hazey! - This song starts similar (or is it a sample) to the song “Situation” and it has a nice enough chorus. But that’s it. Situation has the powerful voice of Alison Moyet and such a wonderful melody. So, I switched to Situation. And although it’s not my favourite song of Yazoo or Alison Moyet I liked it so much better than this song!

GhettoPrincess (10) is on Hazey’s corner - I absolutely adore their debut, Vanessa's adlibs are divine and probably one of the best things she's done vocally. The chorus is amazing and I feel like the song isn't appreciated as much. The only thing I don't like too much is Rochelle's middle 8 although Mollie's whispering over it does make me giggle. Empty Shoebox (8) surprises with a high score - This is okay for a début single, but I think it relies too much on the Yazoo sample and just plays things safe. I could easily imagine Rachel Stevens singing it. For those reasons, I can't give it any more than an eight. UntouchableAce (9.7) has a high score for a comment that made me think we were looking at a 7 - Not quite there especially with the confusing lyrics. Solid track but thier career is filled with missteps.

LondonRain (9.5) is a Saturdays fan? Wasn’t expecting that! - Who knew a Yazoo sample could be so effective? One of my favourite songs by them. Baby Clyde (5) admits the band is a bit of a guilty pleasure – The audacity of sampling the almighty Yazoo and then making something anaemic. It will surprise many when I say that The Saturdays were pretty fantastic for their first 2 or 3 albums. But it all went rapidly downhill after that. Up would have got a 10 from me. DominoDancing (7.5) thinks this is good but not a winner - Good song written around a good sample. Not much to add here. Somehow the Saturdays always ended up with more/better bops than you think they would. Unnameable (10) appreciates the origins – who can fault sampling Vince Clarke synths?

Let’s end with Super Fan and 11 giver, our wonderful resident Tuxedo Mask, DJHazey (11) - Choosing my 11 was very easy because The Saturdays are my favorite girl group of all-time (by just the smallest of margins over Girls Aloud) but they are the first girl group I ever fell in love with completely. I love their spirit. I love their vocal style. I love the narrative of the songs. Just love. What makes the marriage of my favorite group and easy 11 so seamless is that this is the first song I ever heard by The Saturdays which led to me playing it like 40 times in two days and cementing where my affections would go forever. One of Frankie's best moments in the chorus and of course Una drives me crazy with that perfect transitional verse/prechorus (and she drives me crazy in general xoxo). There's a retro feel to the production and it's so dynamic driving the song with a slick beat that the girls rode into my heart from day one. If you want more details, I'd point to the second line of the chorus "then I don't wanna know what it is" because ugh I don't know it just does things to me I can't explain. I hope @GhettoPrincess also voted and that we are both waving our stan-cards proudly if we predictably stand alone as the only two 11s.​

With this cut, the 00s top 3 is:

Sugababes - Overload


Girls Aloud - Sound Of The Underground


t.A.T.u - All The Things She Said


This result is the second strongest decade top 3 after the 60s in my opinion.
One total killer, and two VERY CLOSE almosts!
Will these girls overrule all or is this decade due for more shaving off.......

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