#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate


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Is it your pick to miss the top 10?


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Do you know any other songs by them?

Of course! I was obsessed with Walk Like An Egyptian when I was a little boy, it was featured on one of my parents compilation albums from the 80s.

But Manic Monday is this standard nostalgic radio song they play over and over and over.

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And I loved the Wilson sisters as duo with their father:

Brian Wilson was such a genius in his active days (and probably a very ill man).


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I despair at this elimination.

Wilson Phillips give us hope, harmonies and vocal talent and they’re beaten by some seventies novelty act and a pair of shouty girls pretending to be lesbian as a publicity gimmick?


I suppose I should just be grateful that the remaining sixties songs are still here. Let’s hope they all make it to the top ten.
Can we please eliminate Salt n Pepa now? I honestly didn't think they would be Top 10 going into this, I'm surprised at how long they've lasted. Also The Emotions need to go before the Top 10.