#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

I decided to exclude her due to her only being in a band for a year or so? Was that the wrong thing to do?

EDIT - Added some information about her! Any other feedback for me, @Baby Clyde? :)

She's still in the band. There was another random woman who was their DJ at the very beginning and on the cover of their debut album.


But she disappeared almost immediately never to be heard from again. Spinderella then joined. Salt-N-Pepa were always a trio.


Funny this should come up now as I literally only discovered the other DJ last week when I was putting together my amazing 'Before The Bikinis - First Ladies of Rap' Spotify playlist and thought 'That's not Spinderella'!!!



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Not a single mention of Spinderella!!!

One of my shadiest moments was refer to someone as the Spinderella of the group.

During one of their reality shows Spinderella was talking about how her feeling had been hurt because she felt at times she wasn't apart of the group. Only for Pepa to bluntly say something along the lines of its because you weren't in the group.


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Yes Sir I Can Boogie is a bop and a half how can y'all not see that????
Based on the placement it sounds like there are only a few people who don’t see it.

I just can’t with the terrible accents, the weird lyrics and the utterly bored singing style.

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he utterly bored singing style.
But that's what it's all about? This sir wants more (talking, walking and what ever the 70ies thought you can't name) and she just very politely tells him off.

You really can't blame them for their accent, they are Spanish?