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Sophia Somajo (aka Soso)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hybris, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. This is what I imagine The Knife would sound like if taken to their poppiest extreme.

    The video and song are honestly incredible. Peter's been going on about her for months but it's taken a video to really get me on board.
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  2. The music video is really excellent, isn't it?
    EDIT: The song is FIRE.
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  3. So so good! I like how she still does most of her things solo. As for the video , her solo shots are gorgeous, but I'm not entirely convinced by her interactions with the guy. Bring back the clown please!
  4. The video is so stylish. Great song too.
  5. BAWP!!!
  6. Mini-album coming March 31st!
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  7. Duet with Seinabo Sey included.
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  8. Fantastic article from Popjustice here.

  9. Great mini-album! Her production is much more layered and interesting to listen to nowadays, and her writing has improved as well.
  10. Yeah this is fantastic from start to finish, I didn't really like her earlier stuff at all for some reason so was originally going to bypass this but glad I didn't. Big improvement for me all round in sound, production, and songwriting.

    Sapphire probably my favourite but hard to choose from the first 5 tracks.
  11. Obsessed with this. A Million songs is probably my fave but the rest is basically on par.
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  12. She’s back! Totally different from Freudian Slip in terms of production.

  13. Oh this is GORGEOUS. So different.
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  14. Whew fantastic interview. And did we know she was behind ‘Criminal’, ‘3’ and ‘Your Body’? Talent.
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  15. Private Dancer is among my favourite songs ever - and this is great.
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  16. I’m very curious to find out what single she’s featured on that could elevate her profile in the near future? Also, I thought everyone knew Sophia Somajo = Tiffany Amber?

  17. This is brilliant.
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  18. I was shook to see that she’s featured on an Alan Walker single. I hope this smashes for her. She deserves it!
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  19. I really like the song. Do the "lalalalas" at the end remind anyone else of Nelly's "All Good Things Come To An End"?
  20. Sophia did a Q&A on Instagram yesterday so I asked her about her new music. Apparently the first single will be out really soon. Maybe next week? Judging from the pictures she chose to describe the music I’m sure we’ll get some melancholic pop masterpieces again. I can’t wait to hear the new songs!
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