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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by thoseanythings, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Groovejet will soon be available to stream on all platforms, according to Defected Records’ Instagram post.

  2. In regards to Groovejet, not particularly Sophie related (yet), but Defected Records and Spiller are posting the whole story about Groovejet. It goes into about the legal battles that he faced with the sample, and explains the absence of it on streaming and does make sense why Sophie wasn't allowed to release the original version on her album/greatest hits.
    It'll be nice to see the original version on the streaming/digital services too!
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  3. stream away folks!
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  4. Thanks for sharing!
    The ending is slightly different to the version I'm used to, was it like that on the original single? Maybe the one I know was only used in the video version.
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  5. This is the CD version.
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  6. The first version before Sophie re-wrote the verses:

    And we already know how the chorus went in the second version too:
    If this ain't love
    (So good tonight)
    (Deep inside)
    (I feel right)
    Why does it feel so good?
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  7. On DJ Spiller Instagram you can read the series of posts explaining the story behind Groovejet and music video with some behind-the-scenes photos.
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  8. A couple years back, I started writing a biography for her.. and Groovejet was one of the first chapters. In case anyone is interested in reading it..

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  9. That's interesting, I had no idea it was all about the sample. I had thought/assumed Spiller himself was blocking it for some reason. Maybe the door is still open for Sophie and Spiller to collaborate again one day.
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  10. [​IMG]

    We just need to make this happen @Nunya B ... the world post Covid could definitely use Spiller x Sophie part 2.
  11. I will probably be executed here for writing these but i never got the fascination about Groovejet; it’s boring and bland. It’s melodically uninteresting and goes nowhere. Even the production is shabby at places. there are songs from the same era that does what Groovejet tries to do and fails miserably, which makes this song even more unremarkable
    The only thing good about it is that it made Sophie re-think her prejudices about pop/dance music
  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I live for Sophie’s more snobby days and her pettiness during the Groovejet era.
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  13. At first sight, I thought she posted lyrics for a new song. You can also sing this as a new verse for 'Revolution'.

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  14. The no.1 banger that never was.
  15. Sophie has covered Laura Branigan's hit 'Self Control' and Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)' for a 'Classical 80s Dance' album by Alex Christensen with The Berlin Orchestra. The album is out on September 3rd. The first song from the compilation, a Ronan Keating version of Smalltown Boy is out now. I am pretty sure the next released single from the compilation will be one from the Sophie covers.
  16. Weird this is on Spotify but says it’s unavailable
  17. I love both those songs - really looking forward to this. Thank you! I still wonder what happened to bowiesongs 2.0. She’s worked with Clifford Slapper on a cover for that album.
  18. Okay but Satisfaction >>>>>> when it comes to Ms Brannigan.
    Either way I can't wait for these.
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