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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by thoseanythings, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. You are the dearest, most wonderful thing for this. I cherished your previous edit, and somewhere in 2007 is a mixtape that I could have lived less stressfully with having made had this existed.
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  2. I guess Sophie will be featured on the new The Feeling album. Richard posted something about all of them being at Abbey Road Studios.
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  3. Looks like this is what she was working on with The Feeling also featuring Jamie Cullum and the cast of Everybody's Talking About Jamie. It's a cover of Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop - out tomorrow in support of Thank You Day which is happening July 4 in the UK.
  4. It’s a good return to form for The Feeling. Hopefully this will be included on their album. It sounds refreshingly joyous. Sophie sounds good on this. I like Dan and Sophie’s voice together. This song, Leave Me Out Of It and Only One all prove my point.

    She should definitely work with Dan more often. Love Is Here and Only One are both fantastic songs.
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  5. A bunch of random "instrumentals" surfaced, in fact, they have vocals almost muted.
  6. I'm really obsessed with her Arcade Fire cover.
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  7. It is stunning. She has never disappointed with her covers. I would really love a studio version of Like A Prayer.
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  8. An outtake from the upcoming Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Sep 10)

  9. I stand by what I said. You can definitely tell that these are Dan's melodies on While You're Still Young. What a nice little sparkly surprise this is!

    Release Radar:
    • 3rd September - Sophie's covers on Alex Christensen's Classical 80s Dance album (Self Control, Sweet Dreams)
    • 10th September - Sophie's songs on Everybody's Talking About Jamie soundtrack (Work Of Art, While You're Still Young. Not sure if Don't Stop will be part of that album)
    • Hopefully in 2021 - Sophie's cover on Clifford Slapper's Bowiesongs 2.0
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  10. I want a new Sophie album please.
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  11. She's still working on it. My guess is that we won't be getting before Q1 2022. I'm happy to be proved wrong though.
  12. A brand-new single around the release date of her autobiography would be perfect. I don't think it might happen either.
    I miss the Q&As from 2006-2007 when we've had more regular updates on what's going on in Sophie's universe.
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  14. There’s a Purple Disco Machine remix of Groovejet that’s in the works. Probably commissioned by Defected Records. And it sounds MASSIVE!

    do we know anyone who can confirm the release date?
  15. The remix is on Defected Radio. This is the first remix on this video.

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  16. Decided to put on the Watch My Lips DVD for the first time in years.

    A special show as it was the first live show I ever saw (in Bristol), front row, centre.

    Can't believe it was nearly 20 years ago. I still drink out of the tour mug when I visit my parents.
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  17. She had better be selling the vinyls (Hip and Trip, anyway) on the tour.
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