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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kaushik, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Okay, this is how its been ever since "If I Can't Dance" was planned to be a single. That idea goes down the drain. Then a fourth album idea comes up. Then the fourth album gets scrapped out for a GH. Then the tour gets pushed. Then the tour gets cancelled. Then the GH gets pushed. Then another tour gets cancelled. And then the GH gets cancelled for a fourth album.

    Phew!!! I have no idea what made Sophie or her record label change her / their minds so many times, but w/e it is, i'm hoping it has a good outcome.

    Read thru...

    Hi Sophie, what are you doing right now?
    I'm out shopping near my house. I've got quite a lot of birthdays coming up that I've got to get presents for. April is birthday month for me. Sonny, Richard, me, Richard's parents, three out of my four cousins, my uncle, my best friend, and another two friends. It's daft!

    Sounds like a lot of people like to do their loving in July.
    Ha ha! Well, actually Sonny was supposed to be born in June, but he came early. He would've had that whole month to himself, but he ended up in April too.

    So, what have you been up to? It's been a little while since we caught up.
    There's lots of exciting things going on, but I'm afraid I cannot tell you too much about any of them.

    Why not?
    Well, one thing is quite an exciting thing to do with my record company and the other is quite an exciting thing to do with other stuff. But I don't want to jinx either until it's all signed and sealed.

    OK. In other news, Calvin Harris lost all his new work this week, after it was mislaid in a bag at Heathrow Terminal 5.

    Oh dear, I hadn't heard that!

    Is that bag likely to include any of the material you've been working on with him?
    Yeah, probably! But I have got it on a CD, so we should be all right.

    Have you finished the new tracks for the Greatest Hits?
    Well, because I've got so much material together that we're really happy with, I'm actually going to push on and make a fourth studio album, rather than a Greatest hits.

    Wow, that's quite big news.
    I'm really happy about it, to be honest. The Greatest Hits will come after the studio album now. I feel like after I've done the Greatest Hits, I'd quite like to try a bit of a new direction. But I'm enjoying doing the dance-y pop stuff too much to leave it behind just yet!

    How much of the new album is finished?
    I would say somewhere between a third and a half.

    So four or five songs?
    Something like that. I've probably got more than that, but I'm not sure which ones I'll end up using.

    Who have you been working with?
    I've been going back to a lot of people that I've enjoyed working with before. So I've done more stuff with Dimitri Tikovoi and Liam from the Sneaker Pimps. I might be working with Greg Alexander again too, which would be really cool.

    Do you have any gig plans in the diary?
    No, not at the moment. It's all just about getting this album done.

    When are you thinking that will be out?
    Well, ideally September sort of time, but that's still very much up in the air. But I definitely want to push on with it.

    Have you got an idea what the first single will be?
    I think it might be 'Off And On', which I did with Calvin Harris and Cathy Dennis. But I also really like the track I did with the Freemasons. But, of course, it could be one of the songs we haven't done yet.

    Are you spending most days of your week recording?
    I do like being able to see Richard and Sonny as well, so I'm trying to get the balance right between family life and recording. But this album certainly won't take as long as the last one did.

    Weren't you in the Alps with Richard and The Feeling last week?
    Yes, which was fantastic. They did a free outdoor gig on the piste and it was one of the best shows I've seen them do. They played for about two hours and threw in loads of covers. There's footage on YouTube of them doing '(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)' by the Beastie Boys.

    Oh that was really funny. Did you see Richard singing in that? I want him to do more of that.
    But he told me off, because after the gig I came up to him and said, 'That was brilliant! I love it when you do your singing thing! You should do more of that!' He was like, 'Oh, you girlfriends, you always come backstage and say, 'I want my one to do more'.' That's how not to take a compliment!

    Careful, you'll be the Yoko Ono of The Feeling.
    Oh, I proclaimed myself their Yoko a long time ago. I make all the decisions behind the scenes. Ha ha!

    Did you ski while you were out there?
    I did have a go, yeah. Actually, I heard Richard saying to someone that I picked it up slightly quicker than he did when he started, which was not was I was expecting! I thought I was going to be awful.

    You've never skied or snowboarded before?
    No. I did one day of snowboarding in Milton Keynes Snowdome, but I didn't do very well, so that wasn't much fun. But I skied this time, which I think is a lot easier. Saying that, at one point I was a bit of a runaway train, because I hadn't learned how to stop. So I just went straight forward and sped up really fast. Everyone thought I was going to hurt myself, so they were shouting, 'Fall over! Fall over!' But I was fine, although I must've looked quite ridiculous.

    Did you go glam with your skiwear?
    Not really. I had some funky blue Ray-Bans on, but everything else was just black. I think it's very difficult to be fashionable with skiwear on. Although Dan from The Feeling was wearing a Prada coat.

    There was something in the paper this week about you having a phobia of closing doors. Is this true?
    I think phobia is probably over-stating it, but I saw a girl getting her fingers crushed when I was little. Ever since then, I have been a bit freaked out by hinges.

    Do you have doors in your house?
    Of course! I really wouldn't call it a phobia. It's not like I scream every time I go through a door!

    Have you done anything else exciting recently?
    I went to London Zoo with Sonny and his little friend yesterday. That was fun.

    What were Sonny's favourite animals?
    We're both quite similar actually; we liked the meerkats and the otters. And there was quite a lot of good stuff in the nocturnal bit. There's a thing called a slender loris, which is a little slow-moving night creature, with very big eyes. That was incredibly sweet.

    And what's the latest on your burgeoning DJ career with Richard, as Mr & Mrs Jones?
    We did a bit of DJing in the Alps, actually, at the after-show. It probably wasn't our finest hour, though, because we were both a bit tipsy. But I'm hoping to get the club night sorted soon. Watch this space on that one.

    It sounds like we've got to watch this space on a few things.

    Yes, sorry about that. But as soon as I can tell anyone about any of them, the website will be the first to know!
  2. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    Luckiily the Dumper doesn't have doors!
  3. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    must be embarrassing when u have visitors ... no?

    and before i get a telling off for just adding rubbish to the thread ... sophie needs a high profile duet to help her career ... kylie's effort with robbie worked wonders ... its sad that she needs to piggy-back someone elses career to get somewhere but it is deffo. the best way forward.
  4. debord

    debord Guest

    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    Well Kylie had already had a number 1 followed by a number 2 single by the time the Robbie duet came out. Sure, it probably helped its performance, but I don't think it resurrected her career.
  5. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    i used 'kids' as an example of how working with an artist at their peak helps bring you into mass public conciousness.

    i know kylie had had a successful comeback with spinning around but was just illustrating how an artist can tap into another following to help gain acknowledgment and exposure ... kylie's comeback in 2000 was impressive but deffo. aimed at a certain market and something like kids added to her broader appeal.
  6. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    Well, Sophie has had good chart positions (except 3) in the past. And i think she just needs to belt out a song that will ooze catchy verses and boast of a glamorous video. Not necessarily a duet.

    Sad part is, what Sophie does, is not what is appreciated the most. Disco pop was in fasion in the 80's. The word disco is laughed at these days. Pop has a more electro sound and maybe she should just adopt that and go with the flow than try to break the trend. But i do appreciate her sincerity in work. What she does, she does perfectly. I can't imagine ANY OTHER ARTIST making another "Trip The Light Fantastic". Not even Kylie.

    Sophie's got the voice, the attitude, the style, the words, the melodies. Now all she needs is the tune. That will get her back up. And thats definitely not "OFF AND ON". Maybe "HEARTBREAK" since that's a freemasons track....

    Although, i'd love to see a duet with Dan (from The Feeling) on the new album. I'm quite sure she won't do that though. Or maybe one with Gwen Stefani. Sophie has always wanted to duet with a lady. And she likes Gwen. She can do a duet with her....
  7. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I really like Sophie and she's seems like one of our more intelligent popstars. BUT.... she's only managed to score one hit album out of three and I'm surprised her record company are prepared to throw more money at her.

    I wish her all the best, but I'm not optimistic about making a major impact on the charts any time soon.
  8. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I'm really looking forward to her version of "Off And On".
    I already love Roisin's (ironically her only track I really like) but I think vocals that aren't as laid back and sound a bit more invested will take it to an even higher level of amazingness. And I can imagine Sophie doing a great job.
  9. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I agree. As much as a i love Sophie, i don't see her going #1 with this album. I just hope she does not forget to include some of the good material from the TTLF sessions. I hope she brings out a dark album. That could be a good change for her. She's always singing love songs or break up songs. She could do something dark this time. Something more than just a breakup song. Something where she shows more emotions - anger, frustration etc., (thats what i liked about TTLF. She showed emotion in all her songs. Desire, Crave, Happiness, Flirtish, Strength, Dejection and hell, even Madness) She's already got "Off & On" which is on this track, along with "Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer" (judging by the title). "Calling It Love" seems more like a happy song.

    She could probably make the album like a journey of finding love after a heartbreak. Theme based, if you know what i mean... Oh, maybe she'd include "Dontcha Wanna Get Crazy" and "Fake Love To Me". *fingers crossed*
  10. debord

    debord Guest

    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I don't really agree with the 'Sophie is disco and pop is electro' thing. Sophie's done electro-influenced pop songs since her debut. In fact I'd say the out and out disco ones are the untypical ones.
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    1. Rename Calling It Love to Call It Love

    2. Have it be a Deuce cover

    3. Record it as a duet with Mika or Sam Sparro or someone 'so hot right now' (NOT Kylie, Nicole or Sugababes then)

    4. Have a Freemasons/Wideboys/Soulseekerz remix package for the gayers

    5. Add a Soulwax remix for the indie gayers

    5. End up broke


    5. Have a hit.
  12. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    'The Five Steps to Pop Success' by Vasilios.
  13. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I'm quite intrigued by the Sneaker Pimps related stuff. I think Sophie is better when she a bit more electro rather than disco, as I think her out-and-out disco tracks can sometimes be a little weak. That's not always the case but she definitely needs something with a little more of an edge to it I think, just to move things forward.
  14. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    MAMI was out-and-out disco and so was MOTD. I don't really think that her disco material is weak, cos one of them did well, while the other flopped out. So i think it only timing matters. If she brings out something fresh and unheard and that will do well. Like a whole new genre. In 2000 Sophie revived disco. Which is why it became a hit. But she kept doing the same thing for 7 years. Thats why she's flopping out. If adds a bit of spice into her music then she'll score a hit easily. She just needs a good collaboration. Hopefully her new-found-amusement (Calvin Harris) will fetch her some success...
  15. debord

    debord Guest

    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    She didn't 'revive disco' at all! In 2000 alone before Groovejet came along you had 'Spinning Around' by Kylie, 'Bag It Up' by Geri Halliwell and Steps doing various disco 'homages'.
  16. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    True. But it was considered that way. I still remember REAL said "a new hot dancefloor diva reviving disco"... Thats where i picked it up from.

    I wonder if she'd go in for a mixed bag album. I think she should. Not that i don't want any more disco from Sophie or anything. Just that Sugababes' album did well and it was mixed bag. So i guess she should try it. Afterall, her own debut was kinda mixed bag..

    I hope Fascination invest well on this album. She's already got a track with Freemasons, and two with Calvin Harris. She had recorded one with Groove Armada and one with Richard X. She should now record one with Dimitri and one with Greg Alexander. She should also use her Fred Schneider leftover and Hannah Robinson left over. She should also record one with Alex James and oh definitely one with Pet Shop Boys. And finish the album with a cover of Crying At The Discotheque produced by Jewel & Stone. Don't know what the masses would think of the album, to me it would definitely be pop masterpiece!!
  17. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    Fantastic news. I really hope this isnt a pipe dream and come the end of the year we have another SEB album on our hands. I truely believe this is a far more appropriate direction to take following a bit of a flop album; to release a greatest hits when nobody gives a damn is just incredibly stupid and naive. Take Jamelia for example, it was a complete waste of time and energy (Tho im sure you can argue that minimal time and energy was spent on that "project".). Sophie still has some momentum from her last appearance for the TTLF campaign, she just needs that killer hook and a strong electro album to really take care of the pop world this time. I think if this is going to work, we are going to have to pray for a "Robyn - Heartbeat" moment; offer up some electro gold to ward off those horrid little "Soul sistas" that are flooding the charts with their made up Brit awards. Please, dont try the cliche disco, that has to wait for a few years for its next resurrgence.... its time to offer up something a little more "classy". A female "Black and Gold" would suffice............................

  18. moorje

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    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    To be perfectly honest, I would never buy a Sophie Ellis-Bextor album. There's just something about her I don't 'get'. Her transition from indie chick in theaudience to pop singer didn't smack of authenticity at the time and she always was an arrogant bitch when she was in theaudience. However, she does seem to have mellowed and she had some great singles. I was definitely going to buy the Greatest Hits as I liked Groovejet and the singles from the first two albums. Whilst I am disappointed that it's been put back, a 4th album (although hardly anticipated it seems) is probably a good idea as she can hardly fill a compilation on singles alone. She could do with a bit of momentum again as she already had a greatest hits, her first album.
  19. debord

    debord Guest

    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    Well she didn't write the songs with theaudience...'Read My Lips' actually isn't a very 'pop' album, it's mostly early-Human League type electro. Then 'Murder On The Dancefloor' was a massive hit and they re-released it with extra tracks that took her down the pop route.
  20. moorje

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    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    Well that's not exactly true is it. There was the Cher cover 'Take Me Home', Sparkle, and Move This Mountain on the original version of the album and they are nothing at all like The Human League or theaudience.
    Did I read somewhere that Sarah Cracknell was originally offered Groovejet?
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