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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kaushik, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Sorry I've been away for for a while guys, but I'm back! And to a lovely Sophie surprise! I'm loving the live 'Bittersweet'!
  2. Nice to have you back Davidavies! here's Dial My Number from the same festival if you haven't already seen it.

    I probably keep track of all links and when the next one is uploaded I'll post links with the previous videos so we can keep track of the whole set and not have to go back every few pages to find the link, it might be useful if you're anything like myself that doesn't use their youtube account all the time.
  3. Fantastic performances for both 'Dial My Number' and 'Bittersweet', the music is amazing and her vocals are great. My only complaint though is that she tends to sound slightly out of breath even at the beginning and she also cuts her notes short which is evident in Bittersweet during the chorus where she sortof relies on the backing vocal. Is she normally short of breath or is she nervous? I've noticed this from numerous live shows.
  4. Ray


    "The Groovejet singer"

    I have to say pregnancy makes her look INCREDIBLY good. Shiny happy people.
  5. She looks really good, though I am not sure about the purse. (Interesting music opinion alert.)
    On a side note, I love how they put Holly Valance's name before Anna Wintour's when listing the stars attending Burnerry's show.
  6. The purse and the shoes don't fit the gown AT ALL. I'll put down this temporary lack of fashion judgement to the pregnancy... As I did for her total lack of music and decency sense when she said yes to Bob Sinclair... I hope this little baby pops out soon, because I really don't like what he/she's doing to our Sophie... (And noooo, I'm not wishing her to deliver early AGAIN, I simply wish these last months will pass fast!)
  7. She looks incredible...
  8. The picture of her with the red cape is stunning! Just everything about her image in that picture....
  9. Anyone else think this live version is very reminiscent of Blondie's Atomic???
  10. Yes! What's even more stunning is, having seen Blondie live about two years ago perform 'Atomic' the similarities are even more jarring.

    I honestly think if Sophie continued on this indie-punk-disco-pop route in the same vein as early 1980's Blondie/solo Debbie Harry, she could find herself a really stable, reliable fanbase and niche. Less European disco, more The Rapture disco.
  11. Oh Sophie! I really do adore you.

    New Q&A

    On 20th July 2012 at Sunrise Festival - the biggest trance music festival in Poland.

    My dreams are coming true. I am Sophie's fan since 2002 and finally I'll see her proper gig, not one-song-performance live.
  13. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Family Fortunes, Sophie? Really?
  14. "Name something that you didn't expect Sophie Ellis-Bextor to do".
  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Release an album in 2012.
  16. So, Take Me Home isn't up on YouTube yet...
  17. We are getting new music from Ms. Ellis-Bextor this year?
  18. Thats the plan. 5th album after baby.

    But if she doesn't release the album this year, there is still that Brian Cross song which will be on his album. And if Caldera is happy with their second collaboration, we might get to listen to that one as well.
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