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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kaushik, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. I won't call it desperate. Junior Caldera was hardly known before she worked with him. And this Mathieu guy is also a very small DJ. If she was to work with David Guetta, that would be desperate. I look at these features as experiments - using her falsetto, don't find these on her albums (not that I'd want her to swear on her songs, just saying). And lets not forget, even the most generic song will sound beautiful when she performs it acoustic - i'm actually looking forward to that more than anything.

    Sophie does have a lot to offer to us as a musician, and she always delivers on her albums. I'm certain the fifth album is going to outdo Make A Scene. Until then, I'm eagerly waiting for these two collaborations to be released.

    I won't fuss if she releases a solid 13-track album and tags these collaborations as iTunes bonus tracks, and maybe as European bonus tracks on the EU version of the album.

    How is Fuck With You doing on the charts anyway? It doesn't seem to be as big as Can't Fight This Feeling. I hope Beautiful and that Brian Cross song do well in Europe. Beautiful is very good. I've been playing that clip over and over again.
  2. In other news, Roger Sanchez confirmed on twitter that Work It Out was the song he did with Sophie. Damn, I wish it'd had a proper release back then.
  3. "We Got A Chance" was always more interesting based on its pedigree (Matt Rowe, Nervo, actual writing credit for Sophie) so hopefully they do something with that. "Work It Out" bores me, I am sorry to say.
  4. I don't think those three tracks will ever leak. I've given up hope on them. Bring on the two new collaborations and the fifth record.
  5. I want my top-quality Sophie back. These collaborations are just getting worse and worse.
  6. Don't get me wrong, 'cause all of Sophie's albums have been great, but I also want a full-on Sophie album. 'Make a Scene' was great thanks to the second half of it, which included Starlight, Dial My Number, Synchronised (though she didn't write that one) and Cut Straight to the Heart. I won't deny the awesomeness of Bittersweet, Heartbreak and Revolution, but I miss the eccentricity of 'Shoot from the Hip', her own vision and input. These collaborations simply can't reach this level of pop perfection. She needs to seek out her own way (like she does with Ed Harcourt), instead of these 'featuring' jobs with French dj's.
  7. I have to agree with New Flame and D_ni, Sophie musically is so much better than this however I don't think she does it to stay relevant I don't think she's bothered about that. If that were the case she would have been collaborating with Guetta long before than these unknown DJ's.

    I'm certain she will deliver with the 5th album and these dance songs are just a bonus in the meantime as generic sounding as some of them are I'd rather she continue doing it this way than keeping herself out of the public every 3 years.
  8. Shoot From The Hip will be her best album ever. I know I keep saying Make A Scene is the best thing she's ever done, but there's still something magical about Shoot - what an album that was! Her fifth album should be some sort of a hybrid of Shoot and Scene - with songs like Cut Straight To The Heart, Make A Scene, Hello Hello and You Get Yours etc.,
  9. I get why everyone likes 'Shoot from the Hip', but for me 'Trip the Light Fantastic' will always be her masterpiece, it's the only album of hers where I can listen to it right the way through without being tempted to skip a track. On 'Read My Lips' I leave the second half of the album normally, after 'Get Over You'... With 'Shoot...' I only really listen to about 5, maybe 6 songs from it, and 'Make a Scene', as great as an album as it is, I have a select handful of songs I listen to... 'Trip...' is just flawless for me!

    And about these collabs. she's doing, I like her dance-y collaborations, I just don't want another album half-made by them! And as for the leaks circulating people, I WANT THEM!
  10. I also think that "Trip The Light Fantastic" is her best album, just flawless, as you said :D

    Maybe, when she releases her Greatest Hits in a double-disc format she could put her own singles in disc 1 and all the collaborations in disc 2
  11. So, I did this some days ago, hope you all like it :)

  12. I'd prefer a super-deluxe-singles-collection-mega-CD with what you said, Ruben, but also a third and a fourth CD with loads of unreleased stuff, no Demo's of already released stuff, just unreleased stuff and raritites, e.g. Dear Jimmy, Work It Out, In My Taxi, etc. But it'll never happen.... I'm gonna go cry in a corner, clutching hold of my 'Trip...' album...
  13. That is BEAUTIFUL.

    Would love to plonk that on my blog - who would you like it credited as by?
  14. I really like the production of the song, there are some 'Titanium' elements present and those 'claps' during those slight pauses are a nice touch. I imagine the song carries on with that 'thick' melody after the part where it cuts off, keeping the momentum and energy going throughout the song. I can't wait to hear it in full. Excellent dance/club track.
  15. ah I want more than 45 seconds of that song. I'm dying to listen to the whole thing. I hope its released sometime this month. I hope she promotes it. I can already imagine that chorus over an acoustic guitar.. And if she promotes Fuck With You as well, then she'll have two new singles on the charts. Oh I wish this year goes well for Sophie. Also, I hope she sticks to her plan of releasing an album this year, or at most next year..Sophie HQ have completely forgotten about the Jakarta performances, haven't they?
  16. Don't give up!
  17. You can say "made by @el_tinto"
  18. I was listening to my mp3 player today, and 'What Have We Started' came on randomly, and it made me realise how much I'd adore an album of slower songs (ballads, if you will) from Sophie... Her slow numbers are amazing; 'What Have We Started', 'Today the Sun's On Us', 'Synchronised', 'Cut Straight to the Heart', 'Hello, Hello', 'Move This Mountain'... All phenomenal songs!
  19. You're absolutely right DD. If she releases an album full of slowies, that will just sound like heaven. They're all brilliant. She needs to come up with ballads that sound like Starlight and What Have We Started.... What Have We Started in particular is a gem. Everytime I listen to that song, I wonder why it wasn't released as the third single. Sure Today was a lovely song, and will forever be one of those iconic songs...but What Have We Started is the kind of song that EVERYONE can relate to. It's phenomenal!
  20. It is only appropriate that my first post be in the thread of the artist who brought me to Popjustice in the first place.

    First discovered SEB on a trip to Australia when "Murder on the Dancefloor" was blowing up the radio and have been following her music ever since.

    Now I've moved to Australia and got to experience the sheer joy of a live performance by Sophie when she was in Sydney last year. I actually think another poster here was the person directly in front of me at the show. I knew the PJ diehards would be there in force. I wasn't able to register on the old forum but now I can so yay, I'm here!

    Fave album: Trip the Light Fantastic (it's one of those albums I would have with me on a desert island)
    Fave song: constantly changing, but I toss up between The Distance Between Us and What Have We Started - even though my most played songs are her dance tracks (Bittersweet being #1)
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