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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kaushik, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. You mean 'Come on' by Kish Mauve....surely you knew that already, right?

    I know exactly how you feel...
  4. I think Modern Love, Faranheit and Come On would suit Sophie's voice....She really HAS TO work with Kish Mauve; that partially indie partially electronica sound will go great with her voice
  5. 'Losing Myself' is also very Sophie in that melancholic sound she often does in her ballads, even those wavy synths in the background are reminiscent of 'Bittersweet'.
  6. There are some videos in YouTube... It seems Sophie sang her last setlist.. the one who included MAMI, MOTDf, Groovejet (with Lady and Sing it Back).
  7. When I am feeling grouchy I click to a random page of this thread and see how many posts it takes for me to get to any one of the following phrases:

    "Sexy Sophie shows her Groovejet"

    It is very entertaining. I recommend it in case any of you are in low spirits.
  8. The intro bums me out but the rest of the song is good
  9. I just bought the file from Itunes. It's OK. But the cover must be Sophie's worst picture ever. Unbelievable.
  10. Regarding Sophie covering some Will Young songs, I believe I suggested ages ago that the two duet, at least once, during their careers... It would be a phenomenal moment in the world of pop!
  11. Rob


    Revolution is on the McDonald's playlist, how bizarre but wonderful!
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  13. [plays .mp3 of Sophie singing "Lies! Lies!" from her "Rebellion" cover]

    Double the albums means double the delay. I'll have lost my mind to Alzheimer's by the time we see either of those two albums.

    I'm laughing really hard right now and I don't know why.
  14. I can't imagine our Sophie being good at multi-tasking, so a double album sounds a little too good to be true.
  15. I'm sure the reporter misheard her and she said "babies," not "albums." I can see her intentionally trying to raise two different kinds of children.
  16. As usual, I'm jumping with excitement! A double album would be perfect for her now. It's a nice treat to all her old fans. The non Bex-o-holics can cherry pick their favourites and make a collection for themselves.

    A couple of funny tweets:
    They are playing Murder on the Dancefloor at the funfair where I am with the kids. I'm trying to embarrass them by singing along.
    They look disinterested. Which I think is worse.
  17. I'm in tears! Amazing.

    I say this with no trace of irony, Popstars need to seriously look at how Sophie Ellis-Bextor conducts herself on twitter and emulate that--self-deprecating, witty, and just geniunely funny without being a complete cunt.
  18. what a brilliant performance that was...

    I'd love to hear a studio cover of Bring It Back. It really suits her voice
  19. Uno


    Roisin and Sophie are both absolutely brilliant and I love hearing her sing Sing It Back. It suited her so well.

    Has Roisin ever sang a Sophie song (excluding Off&On)? I wish they'd duet together. I'd die before giving it a full listen.
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