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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kaushik, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. I'm laughing too. Two new albums means 2 more pregnancies for me.
    To be more seriously, I'm glad she is working again, but we shouldn't expect anything from her. She should release new album under name Sophie Ellis-Bextor-Delay
  2. God, let this be true and everyone would be happy! I like the word 'unprocessed'. Those pictures in the article are lovely too, especially the one with the white dress and white shoes. I like these kind of news bits.

    The Groovejet medley is really epic (to use a cliché).
  3. They SOOOO should. It would be the be the best thing ever.
  4. Ray


    Let's start helping Our Sophie pick titles for the albums. I have some ideas: "Sorry About The Delays" and "I Meant Two Singles, Actually".
  5. I was looking at her Twitter feed and predictably, instead of talking about work, she has been talking about face painting and sending kind messages to a Chilean transwoman who impersonates her for a living. A M A Z I N G
  6. brave2012

    brave2012 Guest

    I miss Sophie
  7. "Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Featured"
  8. Ray


    And then I watch this performance of Lady/Groovejet/Sing It Back, and I think "what an amazing woman she is".
    And then she starts talking about "Shopie" and I think... nevermind.
  9. I really would like a studio version of the Lady/Groovejet/Sing It Back medley.
  10. I wonder what an auto-tuned Sophie would sound like, a la Who's That Chick?
  11. "I'm Onto You"?
  12. I'm loving Beautiful. I'm craving for the full EP release. Why isn't it out in the UK yet? That five minute mix is brilliant, it could have had a better intro, but my god what a song it is.
  13. My titles for the albums:

    The dancey one: "Monkeying around" or "Shopie Shows Her Moves"
    The singer-songwrightery one: "Unprocessed Clips", "I Sing for My Supper" or "Spooky Sounds from the Haunted Castle"

    Her latest tweets are all amazing and I think those white shoes look nice on her.
  14. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    Oh my fucking god. Lady was one of my favourite songs from the early 00's!
  15. Ray


    That's Sexy Shopie Shows Her Moves, New Flame!
  16. Yeah, but that one should be the name for the re-release, which includes a bonus disc with a dozen featuring collaborations, including 'Fuck With You' and 'Beautiful' among others.
  17. If she's doing a double album, one that is singer-songwritery and another which is dancey, then I hope she works with the following people:

    Singer songwritery album
    1. Paul Epworth (2 songs)
    2. James Ford
    3. Eg White (2 songs)
    4. Greg Kurstin (duet with Chester Bennington)
    5. Ed Harcourt (duet with Ed)
    6. Damian LeGassick (2 songs)
    7. Bernard Butler (2 songs)
    8. Dan G Sells

    Dance album
    1. Fischerspooner (2 songs, one solo) (duet with Will Young)
    2. Daft Punk
    3. Deadmau5
    4. Mylo (duet with Roisin Murphy)
    5. Freemasons (2 songs)
    6. Richard X (2 songs)
    7. Calvin Harris
    + throw in the Bob Sinclar, Mathieu Bouthier and Brian Cross songs as bonus tracks

    Sophie, I hope you're reading....
  18. It's lovely to see her doing/attempting (kind of) the dance routine from the MOTDF video during the chorus.
  19. its nice that she always gets the crowd to sing along to this song and Get Over You.

    I LOVED THAT RANDOM KICK AT THE END! We must add it to that list of amazing things she does when she performs live.
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