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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kaushik, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. I still love Make A Scene. Anything close to that in terms of quality I would be happy with.
  2. That is good promo! I'm glad she's getting some exposure. I wish he'd played the original though - its miles better than the Mischa Daniels remix of the song. She could probably have some mainstream overseas success if she ever works with Tiësto and Deadmau5 - hopefully she gets such opportunities and takes them up as well.

    Also, I don't think these random DJ collaborations will affect her solo music in any way - if she is actually working on two albums, then i suspect the first one to sound more like Shoot and the second to sound like a mix of Trip and Scene.

    Really happy for her. I hope 2012/2013 brings her the success she truly deserves.
  3. Yeah, if she's really working on 2 albums, I'm sure she will deliver on an introspective level, because we know she has it in her as an artist to write something special and profoundly (a la 'Shoot from the Hip'). It could be something very personal, without being overshadowed by too many collaborations. The other album can be a total blast of more amazing dance and pop gems (a la 'Make a Scene').
  4. Well, I have no doubt she will deliver... The tricky part is how many of us will still be alive when she does!
  5. The transition from Get Over You and Lady was really nice.... Loved the performance on the whole.

    Sophie should cover a Roisin song for her live set - maybe Momma's Place.
  6. So I'm guessing Here's To You has never had a CD release? Shame, since the vinyl rip I have sounds so out of place next to the other B-sides from TTLF. Shame, again, since the B-sides from the album are all fantastic. How was Move To The Music not a single?!
  7. How "Down With Love", "Dear Jimmy", "Duel" and "Move To The Music" were not singles is just beyond me. That era was simply fantastic.
  8. Yeah. TTLF was the icing on the cake of an amazing year for pop. I bought the album on the day I went to live in Ohio and spent those hot June and July days on the Midwestern farm playing it to death.

    The Americans totally didn't get her appeal.
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  9. Each era, in its own right, was epic. I remember Shoot From The Hip being the perfect album of its time. Some of her best songs till date are a part of that album. Read My Lips offered something different compared to what was on the charts, so it was a nice change!

    Make A Scene is a good album too. It only suffered from the constant push-backs and the DJ Collaborations. Leave out the Armin and Caldera tracks and you have a great electro-pop album that Kylie would kill for.

    I'm really looking forward to the next album (hopefully a double-album)
  10. Couldn't said it better! I totally agree. Even though I think 'Make a Scene' is her least amazing album, it's still, well... amazing! I'm sure she'll step it up for her next album(s).
  11. I don't get what was so 'profound' and 'introspective' about "Shoot From the Hip"?

    I mean from a lyrical point of view her last two efforts seem to connect much more with the real Sophie. The wife and mum with a cheeky glint who's also a bit of a soppy romantic and has a penchant for the smaller things in life.

    I've said it before but I think Trip was when she finally cut the strings from being the 35 year old indie man sex doll she'd originally been crafted to be.
  12. Well, Shoot from the Hip is all about being dumped, and how you get through that (go crazy, fuck around, find new love, take solace in same-sex friendship) which is basically where she was at that time too, no?
  13. Shoot.. is just a good Comptempary Pop album it's not a true singer songwriter album (well not in my definition of one) per say she got with Richard during the promo at that point. But the majority of album was done when she was still with Andy at least towards the end of their relationship she was most likely writing about her experiences and her feelings towards the end of their relationship but every songwriter dwells on their experiences anyway so I wouldn't say it's introspective at all.

    I think with each album she's found who is she as an artist I think with the Dance music she understands that's what's given her career a slight boost again especially outside of the UK it would be silly to stop doing it full stop seeing as she's funding her career herself. But I think she doesn't want to be bogged down to one genre her first 3 albums were a mixed bag of genres but within Pop as a whole. I guess it's about finding a balance if it's true about a double album I think that's the best way to approach it. From the way she described how she wanted the fifth album to be in interviews last year "organic but still dancey" I guess Shoot.. is the best fit with tracks like Love It Is Love and Party In My Head. I would expect that kind of sound for that half of the album if it's true of course.
  14. True, everything she writes is always based on some experience, but to me songs like 'Nowhere Without You', 'You Get Yours', 'The Walls Keep Saying Your Name' and 'Hello, Hello' are lyrically a lot 'richer' than 'Heartbreak', 'Revolution', 'Bittersweet' and 'Make A Scene'. Those songs are also amazing, but more in an up beat way, while 'Shoot From The Hip' has always been a totally different listening experience to me (aside from maybe 'Party In My Head'). Its style and lyrics are more demanding to stop the time and listen to it as a whole. For me, 'Lips' is kinda her Autumn album, 'Shoot' her Winter album, 'Trip' her Spring album and 'Scene' her Summer album, so I wouldn't mind if she starts a new cycle. =)
  15. I guess lyrically Dance music is more difficult to connect to emotionally as they serve a different purpose to make you dance. I find it different with Sophie's dance songs Beautiful and Not Giving Up are very emotive lyrically.

    I guess on a whole I find on a emotional level I connect more with Read,Trip and Make A Scene I guess that's where our own personal experiences come in to it. I don't have that emotional connection with Shoot as I've never been through the experience of a break up but that doesn't take away the quality of the writing by any means.
  16. Well, sadly, I can more relate to 'Shoot'. =)

    But other songs as well, like 'Love Is Here' which is possibly her unapologetically most optimistic song ever (sound and lyrics), 'Leave The Others Alone' and 'Dial My Number'.
  17. I really love all her albums but I hope she won't continue witch house music, because her albums are always different

    Trip is my favorite, I can't even explain how much i love it, and that electro-rock sound suits her amazing

    anyone have IICD artwork in hq?
  18. If I Can't Dance was never actually released in the UK. I think Spain got a digital release. Its just the picture of Sophie in the Can't Fight This Feeling cover, with the Century Gothic font. You can make it yourself.
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