Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

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Looks nice! I would buy that, although I would change the blue shade into a slightly more gray-ish shade to fit the artwork from 'Make a Scene' better.
I like that cover... she should have made a DVD release out of that gig.

Haha...mistakes on the catalogue. Where have I seen that before :wink:
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I love that DVD cover, it looks amazing! It is a shame that gig hasn't been made into a DVD, it'd be such a nice exclusive product they could sell just from Sophie's website.
I just think no Olympics can be considered properly closed unless Murder on the Dancefloor's performed.
She needed to be there.
Yes indeed! We only need the occasional picture of Sophie's antics and we're on it again! (listens to 'Party in my head')

ps: new music-related news is also welcome, but let's be realistic, we'll have to go through a couple of Q&A's about some other random stuff first, before we get to album 5.
If you lot are really all that bored and need something to do with your time there is a @SofiElisBixtr twitter account to be made (in the Brintey/Necki style). Or I could sacrifice some farm animals and summon RebirthTime… ?
"A: Yes I’m back in the studio and feeling very positive and inspired. Hope to get new songs out there asap." Ah ah ah! So,we can wait for the new album asap (aka 2020 in Bextor-time). Also no more concerts for Ms Bextor in Russia, I guess, now that she showed her support for Pussy Riot... Oh dear...
She should collaborate with Peaches and do some heavy feminist songs full of filth.
I'd love that.
I saw a fashion article about Sophie yesterday. There wasn't anything particularly interesting in it, but I'm not sure about her light brown hair...
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