Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

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Not much, but it's something! Nice to hear she feels 'inspired'! I hope we'll get a more in-depth interview of the process she's going through for album 5 soon.

She should (re-)release 'Revolution' as a proper single with an epic 9-minute video and she needs to wear the Tesco bag as a forage cap.
If she's really going for an unprocessed sound with maybe less collaborations, she could pull it off. She probably already has written a few songs, I guess. But, on the other hand, things mustn't be rushed! :p
I just realized she missed a chance to do another -ip-ish title with her last album.
She could have had some amazing 'Lips, Hips & Trips' kind of boxset/collection if she'd continued with titles like the first 3.

really late in responding to this, but that's what her b-sides collection is called in my iTunes!
Actually, her Greatest Hits needs to be called "Lips, Hips, Trips and Dips".
God, I want her disco cover of Dip it Low.

It was the first song I REALLY loved. It's filthy, though.

Seriously. The greatest hits. What do we think? Will it come soon? Will it come at all? Will it be as cheap as we all think it'll be?
My Best of SEB playlist has 21 tracks, all singles, Duel, Yes Sir I Can Boogie and Getting Away With It included. She can just send me a PM, I'll mail the tracklist over, knock a dipsy-lipsy-tripsy cover together and hey presto.
I would be delighted if she had the fans design her greatest hits compilation art. I say this as someone who painstakingly remade the Make a Scene booklet in a cracked copy of InDesign for his own personal enjoyment, but even if I weren't insane, I would welcome the chance to make fun of the inevitable graphic design atrocities (does anyone remember the fan-made Janet Jackson 20YO covers?).

NB. My fanmade cover would be the photo in which SEXY SOPHIE SHOWS HER GROOVEJET.
Why this talk about a GH album suddenly? I want album #5, and I want it to be a double album - one part dance-y, the other...Shoot From The Hip Part II
I would be delighted if she had the fans design her greatest hits compilation art.

DEAL. We can all meet, a couple of rooms will be enough and spend our nights copying lyrics from Metrolyrics.
Then have a couple of catfights to decide the best picture. Title's already been chosen.

Talking about the greatest hits 'cause it's been too long since we last imagined it.
And because I'm genuinely intrigued by the possibilities/problems of a greatest hits, and what would be on it.
Question: Could I resist?
Answer: No of course not what are you daft or something.





My Sophie Greatest Hits title in my itunes is Read, Shoot, Make and Trip The Light Fantastic Hip Scene, yes it is long and convoluted and doesn't make any sense but it makes for an amazing title for an album but I will not except any other title than this.(Apart from Hips, Lips, Trips and Dips)

But 5th album first please.
(I have to admit I missed a crucial detail -- the name should be spelled SHOPIE for the full SEB effect.)

No worries. I feel like the booklet will rectify your accuracy with, perhaps,

1. (Heartbreak) Make Me a Dancer
2. My & Me Imagination
3. Music Gets the Breast of Me
4. Revolution (If This AIn't Love)

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