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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kaushik, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. From the Q&A:
    Take it quite easy? Couple of hours?! What an amazing attitude to have towards shooting your own music video.

    As for the album title change, I don't mind. Make A Scene was an alright title but didn't scream 'AMAZING DANCE POP ALBUM' to me at all.
  2. She should call it Baby On Board.

    Personally I love her work ethic. She doesn't really have anything to proove anymore. She's clearly happy being a pop artist rather than a pop star, and frankly so long as she keeps pumping out albums of the quality of TTLF every 3-4 years I'll be quite happy. It's not as if her fans don't adore her. I mean, look at us! She obviously puts her family first and if that's her choice I think it's commendable.

    If she's going to have another huge hit she's well known enough for it to happen if the song connects without doing masses of promo.
  3. I really wish she wasnt changing the album title. Make A Scene definitely didin't scream dance pop album, but it demanded attention. It's like saying "you better f***ing listen to me" (very much like Read My Lips).

    Hasn't her "dance" always been more of hand and hip movements?! It's not like she's going to dance like Beyonce in her video anyway. Anything nearly as classy as that hip thrust in Heartbreak is welcome! Looking forward to both videos
  4. On the subject of her work ethic, I rather like it, despite the moaning. There is just something wonderfully human about sort of just doing whatever they hell one likes, without regard to being something iconic and extraordinary. I love realism and pragmatism, and she seems to be rather content to be what she is, instead of something larger. I honestly don't think she'd even want to be a stadium artist, or to have any of that kind of major success, except for the payday, which of course would only afford her the cushion that would allow her to never really release a record again. Being a Top 64 success on the singles chart is probably what keeps her actually having to release records.

    Can you imagine if she did return to that heyday? Or became a hit outside of the Ukraine? What would she even do with a dance chart hit in the US? If the inroads made by the Rimmel adverts being aired in the States have taught us anything, it is that she is just not interested in any of that. And I love her for being able to be comfortable with that.
  5. can't believe this passed without comment, the above is rather good and rather clever. I chuckled.
  6. It REALLY does. Good grief. Still, nice change of image for Sophie there.
  7. Eeek! I always wondered how a Sophie song would sound without the RP accent, now that i've heard it, i never want to think about it.
  8. That was… very unpleasant.
  9. That made me really sad for some reason.
  10. Re: Sophie Ellis Bextor - Bittersweet (lead single from 4th album - feb 2010)


    Sophie just said she's changin the album title. She said its not good enough... I love it
  11. Re: Sophie Ellis Bextor - Bittersweet (lead single from 4th album - feb 2010)

    Give her a week and she'll start recording new songs for the album because the old ones are not good enough. Sigh.
  12. Re: Sophie Ellis Bextor - Bittersweet (lead single from 4th album - feb 2010)

  13. Re: Sophie Ellis Bextor - Bittersweet (lead single from 4th album - feb 2010)

    yeah baby! another hip-thrusting dance!!! i'm going to love the video.... *jumps around*
  14. I totally thought Sophie's mom was actually Sophie before reading.
  15. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    That's an awful picture for both of them.
  16. It's hardly an awful picture for Sophie - she looks just like any other baby!

    I'm so glad she's not going with Make A Scene. It's a pretty dreadful title really. Has anybody tweeted her requesting that the album title begins with a U yet?
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