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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kaushik, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Aamyko

    Aamyko Guest

    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I wonder why She is such a fickle artist. It's like one day yes and then the other no.... It's like make up your mind and just do something and quite pissing around! geesh!
  2. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I fear that maybe La Bexy has become one of those "leisure artists." She's found herself with a record label and a honest-to-goodness passion to sing, but there's no ticking timebomb above her head. Whereas, when she exited theaudience and went solo, it was her first outing into the pop realm. No hits, too many flops -- she was driven to prove herself.

    Flash forward now. A few hits; too many flops. But she has enough money where she can just slowly chug along as she pleases. If it turns up the occasional top twenty hit, fabulous. If not, meh, she has a baby and was always meant to be a mommy.

    She needs to nestle herself comfortably among Roisin and Bat for Lashes -- pruning herself as a true indie pop princess. She won't ever achieve the dizzying heights/iconoclasm of Madonna or Kylie. That's fine. She has to realize that what she's selling only appeals to fringe audiences...and then make a really good go at it.
  3. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    If Roisin is listening she's going to give you a good spanking!
    She hates being compared with Sophie
  4. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    Roisin can be a grumpy one, no? It's strange, as Sophie has always been quite complimentary to her, saying that she finds Roisin's style, etc. inspirational or what-have-you- and their sounds were really not ever that similar. Baffling.
  5. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    No..but Roisin just spoilt that song for me. I hate her vocals on that song. She's a good singer, but that song really requires pronunciation, and lets face it, Sophie does that the best!

    As much as i wanna retaliate against this, i have to agree. I've begun to feel the same. Either Sophie has taken her job waaay toooooooo lightly or she's just lost her brains. It can't be the second one, cos she's still doing some right things.

    She NEEDS to put sonny and richard aside for a while and think what she's doing to her career, cos she used to love to sing and thats what she's always said. She'd never give that up for anything. I hope realisation dawns on her soon.. Hoping to see some success on this album....really praying hard for it!
  6. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    Yes...I really love her work, but I must be honest TTLF dissapointed me a bit...I want something like her first two albums again...I don't know how to explain it but TTLF just seemed a bit of a mish mash.
    She should do something a bit avant-garde, non?
  7. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I hope with a sequin-lined cherrywood paddle, too. I'm bending over now, Rois.
  8. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I don't really get the comparisions to Roisin.

    Yes, Sophie was in a 'indie' band like a hundred pop years ago. Nobody cares anymore or think her music is cooler because of it. She doesn't have the same edge that Roisin has.
  9. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    No one said she does. I think people are using Roisin Murphy as a reference point for sales (read: "not very many"); given that Sophie's commercial clout is diminished- for whatever reason- it makes sense for people to begin thinking about other female solo artists whose careers do not change single-to-single. Roisin has been able to shrug off the chart placings of YKMB and keep on keeping on (as far as we know- plans for "Movie Star" are still lurking around), which is something Sophie wasn't able to do after her own third single failed, and consequently Roisin is one of the many artists whose careers Sophie should be looking at if she wants to continue to have one of her own. She just happens to make music that is superficially similar to Sophie's, hence the comparisons.
  10. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I think you all are 1) being too hard on her and 2) not acknowleding what is happening to the music industry and how that will affect her. 3) Making assumptions about why she did not solo tour (which I sense is one the problems everyone is talking about).

    What Sophie did on the last CD was work her ass off to get a near-perfect collection of pop songs. How many CDs have as many strong songs as hers did? Not many. I think she cares a f*c* of a lot about her music and getting it out there, but there is only so much SHE can do.

    Roisin and Sophie are two very different people - Sophie is a mother (and apparently one who does it herself) and that adds a whole element to her life that takes time and energy away from career. I don't think that means she cannot have a career, clearly, but it does affect touring, etc.
  11. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    are we being too hard on her by saying she needs to put more effort into her music career if she and her record compnay want the success they think the time and money deserve?

    TTLF was only a'flop' in terms of the expectations of sophie and her record company. many acts woudl love to have sold the number that TTLF did. but then these artists would not pay top writers/producers and a hefty advance to get the job done. sophie was given all the cash and opportunity kylie was ... but shoudl have checked her ego at the door and said to herself and the record company 'does this make sense financially or career-wise? if it fails i have had the best opportunities i could and it failed ... where do i go from here?'

    this is not sophie bashing ... i like her music ... i just hope to god that the expectations and money spent are alot lower than last time ... for both sophie, the record company and her fans.

    rushing an album out with TTLF rejects and a few new rushed tracks is not a good idea ... she should take abreak for a good few years ... get a writing partner/producer and come back with somethign fresh and with a new lyric base.

    it didnt work 9 months ago so why is it gonna work now?
  12. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    To be fair, the woman had a break for like 5 years before TTLF and that didn't really make a difference sales-wise, did it?
  13. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    In a fickle and ageist business, that wouldn't be the best idea.
  14. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    u have to put the 'take a break' statement in teh context it was written ... i didn't say take a break and come back pedalling chart friendly pop tunes ... she needs to take abreak ... find somethign to write about, decide if she has a future in the business and come back with something unique to her .. not just a bunch of factory penned stuff!

    she has a good voice, a good look .. she needs substance to back it up ... she'll not find that by the end of the year will she?
  15. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I think she got her sound right on the last album though. Sophie is at her best when she's in full on disco chic mode. There's just not a huge market for it. To be honest, her best chance at success is probably an album full of guilty pleasures style covers!
  16. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    yep ... i agree ... and rope in some other current and or/obscure talent to spice it up a bit ... like that tom jones reload album ... the cardigans even made him acceptable for 4 mins!
  17. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    Her record company wants to invest in her. She's a singer with potential. In your own words:
    Sophie is indeed one of the more intelligent popstar around. However, the recent fickle mindedness has created some noise, which i think is good. At least she's finally getting some attention. She tried to do it the hard way by giving us a potential album and potential tracks, but noone accepted it. So she's just doing what most popstars do these days. Fuss around, make a big scene, create an issue...

    I am XO, can you believe it?? It is a little pissing off you know. Its like a never ending wait. At least with TTLF we knew she was coming out with an album and only that it was getting pushed. This time, we don't know whats coming out, and to worsen stuff, it keeps changing.

    I don't agree. 90% of TTLF was amazing. Except for 2-3 songs, everything on that album was amazing!! It was deffo an improvement on RML and SFTH. Although, i do miss some moments from those two albums. I think she's still not found something that will click for her.

    Her albums have been going from multi platinum to gold to silver. I'm afraid if the fourth album will even sell... She's got to belt out hits and let her fans decide which songs she should release as singles. She did that with MOTD. MOTD was a fans choice single, and till date it remains her biggest hit. If she released IYG, it would become her 2nd biggest hit or w/e. Hopefully she'll upload some demos onto her myspace and we can approve them or something.... Lily's doing it. Why can't Sophie??
  18. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I gather that in the past, some artists used to send out a bunch of songs to the radio and let fans decide which among them they wanted as a single and that would be the one. Sophie needs good management to promote her.

    Just tours and appearing naked on pictures is not going to help. Someone said that she should try smaller venues first,. Definitely, that will help her get a strong fan base. Even if its small, its loyal. Sophie may not be the popstar with the biggest fanbase right now, but all her fans are truly devoted to her, and thats a good thing for her.

    She needs to come online and interact with her fans directly. She needs to use her MySpace account, not her record company. Her MySpace is a copy of her official website.

    Oh and yes, she's a mother and she's got a family and all that. But she's in a career where youth is very important. If she stops singing and promoting herself now, she's never going to make a comeback. She's not achieved success as Debbie Harry did to make a comeback when she's 60 or something and still score hits.

    Sophie is still in the prime of her youth and if she really wants to utilize this well she can. Britney's doing it. Hell, that b!*@% can barely sing, but she pulls off a hit pole dancing and shaking her buns on a song which is sooooo overproduced! And a singer like Sophie with better looks and an even better voice cant do that??? Don't tell me.... Sophie's just playing safe. If she really wants success, she's got to play rough. And unless she does something that she's never done before, there's NOOOOOOO f**king way she's going back to top 10!!
  19. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    Kaushik! Britney is clearly NOT doing it - the woman totally melted down! Besides, SEB is far more intelligent than that.

    Most artists don't consider it overly safe to interact with fans. Sophie did a great job of weekly updates/interviews and keeping her site fresh. I think there were some mistakes with the single choices and the later videos, but who knows? I just get the sense that there is a lot we don't know going on behind the scenes with her business dealings.

    Side note: Am sorry to see The Feeling lose some of their capital on mistakes with videos. I hope they will release Join With Us as their next single with a GREAT video. The album is a letdown, but nothing can be done about that now.
  20. Re: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 4th album (this September) NOT GH ALBUM!!

    I'm incredibly excited at the prospect of Sophie recording with my future ex-husband, Gregg Alexander. Maybe I can sly my way into the studio and sing some back up for Sophie.
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