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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kaushik, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Honestly, I would love to see something like "Love Is The Law" reswizzled with Calvin Harris and peppered in with some vocodered Posh Spice bits. With a high fashion video directed by Jake Nava (please not the Muller), it could be quite brilliant.

    The fact that after a thousand-odd listens to Catch You, I haven't tired of it is kind of my relationship to the entire TTLF project. One of the best albums to come out recently. I'm glad she kept the disco stompers to a minimum -- but the MAMI release was probably what did her in -- she should've gone for something more summery.
  2. The odd thing of it is that "MAMI" fits so beautifully into the album that when I listen to Trip the Light Fantastic straight through it makes sense as the next single. TTLF is a great album but listening to it I find myself despairing at the singles choices (no "If You Go"? Though knowing that the record label were the ones who said no is comforting) but at the same time wondering about the commercial appeal of all the songs.

    LadyLloyd, did you get in a question about the Freemasons track? I worry about the viability of "Off & On" unless it sounds ENTIRELY different from the Róisín version.
  3. The song is pretty much the same from the descriptions we had on Only difference that the reviewer put up was that the end isn't just instrumental, it's got Sophie's vocals cut and looped...

    See the end, that's missing in Roisin's version. And its bound to be different with Sophie's vocals on it, cos you can clearly understand every single syllable that she pronounces. Roisin didn't do that on her track though.

    Heartbreak Make Me Dance (or Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer) whichever is the correct title, i think that should come out first. Off & On is quite old already, everyone's heard it. She could probably bring that out as her last single from the album if its that good.

    Which brings a strange thought to my head...if she's releasing a reject as a lead single, it must be like the best song on her album, does that mean the rest of her songs on this album aren't good???? :(
  4. Is she holding a riding crop? That is what we call "badass."
  5. Okay...whoever said Sophie barely moves on the stage has got to check out these videos of Sophie!!

    I can't help but think our once teapot on the stage actually jumps around and brings the whole stage down and still doesn't miss a single note. She interacts with her fans, she gets them to sing along with her, she dances for them, she makes them dance along...and most of all, she pumps energy into them by hopping like a kangaroo all over the stage......o man, i would so kill to have her perform here!!!!!!!!!!!

    Her new look is fabulous. She has put on a little bit of weight, but then she'll run to the gym and loses twice of what she gained and come all skiny and perfect shaped again to sex up the screen...... man is brilliant or what!?!?!?!?!

    She's just doing her old songs. I can't imagine how wonderful her newer songs will be. I do remember watching clips of "New York City Lights", "Love Is Here", "China Heart", "If I Can't Dance", "Today The Sun's On Us" and "Love It Is Love" on youtube. She still has tons of songs to perform live....i wonder if all this is being filmed for a DVD......right from her support tour for George Michael to Take That to her TTLF Tour Warm Up Shows to the Guilty Pleasures Performance and the very latest....Hamilton gig..... that would be the most dreamy DVD of all...... She could also dump in some of her performances from the SFTH era and if there is still some place, include some from the WML DVD and some more random performancs...

    She's just fucking fantastic....
  6. I'm still wary. Very excited about all this! But concerning 'Off and On' I really still feel it was a weird choice to scrap Roisy's and give it to SEB. Roisin's version was so incredibly moving and her vocals on the song were amazing. Everything matched very well together. The pop-angsty tone Roi set coupled with the brilliant lyrics and the blaring bassline. I guess I have a lot of love for the song cuz I relate to it well, it is still my fav song by her. Im eager and nervous for SEB's version as I still feel it really belongs to Roi as she really did a great job with it.
  7. There was only so much that can be done once Roisin decided it was unsuitable for Overpowered and Calvin Harris called her a cunt (or was it a twat?). I'm worried about it too, though, because it will suffer from comparison to the Roisin version no matter how good it is. Kylie's "2 Hearts" was markedly better than the Kish Mauve version of same and everyone just called it a by-the-numbers karaoke cover; I hope Fascination/Sophie took note of that and made sure to reswizzle it in some way to make it properly hers (rewritten lyrics? different sound effects? different key/tempo?).
  8. Wow! I had no idea that happened! Did Calvin call her that because she didn't think the song was worthy of Overpowered, or was it something else silly like creative differences?

    And completely agree about the reswizzle factor. I hope it comes back fiercer then ever!
  9. Okay... NEWS NEWS NEWS ... or rumours

    The Richard X song is called "I STILL BELIEVE IN MAGIC"... when Sophie started working on the GH, she worked with Richard X, Freemasons, Groove Armada & Calvin Harris. Then she decided to work on a new album and she's also working with Dimitri, Liam and Greg Alexander. This we already know....

    Anyway "I STILL BELIEVE IN MAGIC" does have Sophie written all over it.... i'm guessing MAMI part two?? Crossing my fingers and hoping that we have another confirmed title
    (Off & On, Heartbreak Make Me Dance, Calling It Love...)

    EDIT: - i hope its more like NYCL than MAMI, NYCL sounded more modern, radio friendly and was just fucking fantastic!!!
  10. Just by curiosity, where did you hear that? (not saying it is false - it actually is true)
  11. She's working with Dmitri Tikovoï again? He did "If I Can't Dance" and "Love is the Law" right?

    And yes, where is all this news coming from?
  12. Those youtube clips are amazing, I love it when she goes "Oh... no I don't play Murder On The Dancefloor anymore"

    I miss Sophie!
  13. Thanks! And craziness! God I want to hear those songs more then anything!
  14. I read it on the buzzjack Sophie forum....wait how do you know its true?

    Yes, If I Can't Dance, Love Is The Law, New Flame...all his...

    EDIT - its on wikipedia now...did someone take it off this forum, or was it there before i posted here? Cos if it was, then maybe we have one more confirmed title. I tried to look up BMI and ASCAP. None of her titles are registered yet... :(
  15. Well, I talked to her on the phone about a month ago and specifically asked her about it, but I didn't know if I had permission go around spreading the news (along with the new album news, thankfully those were out less than a week after the phone call). But since it's already out, I can confirm it is true.
  16. I take it she'll never work with Xenomania again?

    Shame, If You Go was possibly her finest moment.
  17. Who knows now that they are saying she actually did want to release "If You Go", but all the same I rather doubt that she wants to work with them again no matter what the party line is.
  18. Well, thank you anyway... i do hope more rumours pop up which you can confirm. :P

    I hope she does...
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