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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Tribal Spaceman

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    I do hope this version has "The altogether!" as part of the recording.
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  2. I always love how the audience do it live and sometimes she shouts it too.
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  3. Along with the foot stomp.
  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I'll always love this Top of the Pops performance with all the dancers from the video.

    I'd love to see another visual spectacle like this from her in the future.
  5. What did she say about it?
  6. Out of all the people to record an orchestral album, I can’t think of anyone more perfect than Sophie. It’s the perfect bridge, bringing together her pop days and the Harcourt albums. The fact it feels like she’s been recording it and preparing to release it for an inordinate amount of time is what makes it feel disappointing. It does make me feel good to know that she is investing so much time curating this and re-recording vocals, but you can understand why people would kind of feel like... she could have recorded an album of original material in this time.
  7. Exactly. If she recorded it in a few months and got it out there and we had it now it would be fine. All this extra build-up and time delays feels too much for an album of songs we already know.
  8. Love Is Love is definitely the only new song on the album, it seemed quite clear from how she spoke about it in her PledgeMusic interview.
    And I agree, it's not really an *original* new single, but I guess it's new.
  9. I know it's not really a thing nowadays but, unlike a lot of artists, Sophie has some amazing B-sides/unreleased material and it would have been great to have had her go back and re-work some of those for a 'new' collection rather than the obvious songs.

    Re-working some of those tracks, with Ed, and continuing with the authentic sound they'd developed, could have been really fun.

    Something like;

    01. Pop Wow
    02. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
    03. Down with Love
    04. Sophia Loren
    05. Move to the Music
    06. Here's to You
    07. Take Me with You
    08. Duel
    09. Did I?
    10. The Earth Shook the Devil's Hand
    11. Never Let Me Down
    12. Live It Up
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  10. Just adding this... amazing cover version
  11. @The Bextorian tweeted a link to the whole one-hour show at 'A Fest' in Minsk (August 11, 2018).

    It's really nice that her Russian audience enjoys the songs from the last two albums as much as the first four. Also, its funny that they live for Can't Fight This Feeling, but good for her, I guess.

    01 - Wild Forever
    02 - Death Of Love
    03 - Young Blood
    04 - 13 Little Dolls
    05 - Love Is A Camera
    06 - Come With Us
    07 - Take Me Home
    08 - Lady/Groovejet/Sing It Back/Groovejet reprise
    09 - Get Over You (the tribal drumming version)
    10 - Can't Fight This Feeling
    11 - Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)
    12 - Murder On The Dancefloor
    13 - Not Giving Up On Love
  12. I don't get why she won't mix up the Familiar/Wanderlust tracks within the setlist as opposed to separating them so distinctly. Either way, that looks like a pretty epic setlist.
  13. At least it's nice she performed 'Can't Fight This Feeling', 'Not Giving Up On Love' and a revamped 'Get Over You'. It feels like she has been using the same setlist for so long now.
  14. Richard’s response to Sophie’s Instagram post about Ed Sheeran had me guffawing for a while. I love this couple! Their sense of humour, their love for each other, the way they work with each other - it’s all so genuine..and so iconic!
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  15. I had to leave for work before the end of Sophie's BBC Breakfast interview yesterday. Did she mention a release date? I'm guessing not?
  16. The way she always pays dust to her two best albums is really not the tea.
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  17. Some presenter man: "The album is called The Song Diaries and it's out in January."
    Sophie: "It is."
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  19. There is a video from BBC Breakfast also in Pledge Music update.
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