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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Read My Lips Australian TV advert. I wonder how UK looked like.
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  2. I don't have any excitement for this album since like half a year.
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  3. Sophie was lovely at Glasgow's Proms in the Park last night.
    So glad i was in the audience to witness it.
    She sang Groovejet and Murder (both of which are on the IPlayer - around the 70min mark)
    and the audience were treated to an extra track, being "Take Me Home".
    She seemed so giddy to be given the opportunity to perform with the Scottish Symphony Orchestra and she joked about the discoball that is growing inside her.
  4. She should let that disco ball grow and release a brand new disco album.
  5. I don't even care or like disco. I want just pop album, you can add influences from other genres all you want, just give me synthpop album. Not this Ed music.
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  6. I think Wanderlust is her best album dddd don't shoot me.
  7. Dear Lord, I'm flabbergasted that Love Is You is A-listed on Radio 2. Amazing.
  8. Has anyone got their tickets for the London show?
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  9. I do. I'm excited just because it's at the Royal Festival Hall. Such a marvellous venue.
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  10. That’s really good news! I hope the radio promo helps sell the single (even though it’s barely being used as a single)
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  11. I like the "I Feel It Coming" cover and would be delighted to see it replace the medley permanently.
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  12. There is really no point in single doing so well now on radio when it won't sell the album next year. Sophie really managed to ruin this era.
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  13. It seems strange that Sophie would cover The Weeknd’s song. Either she chose to do it because she’s a fan of Daft Punk or Radio 2 asked her to do it for one of their compilations. But this can’t replace Groovejet. The medley can go but Groovejet should always be on her set list. I’d like to see her to a Groovejet/Love Is You medley now onward.
  14. There’s a second single between Love Is You and the album (ie. Murder, with a Spanish twist, with castanets and all). It doesn’t have to help push the album but if the single sells, at least she’ll be earning more money - plus it’s actually a brilliant song.
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  15. Sorry, guys, but who's saying that the single is even remotely successful or selling at all? As far as I know nobody even knows that she's got a new song out.
    I think releasing singles is just perfunctory at the moment for Sophie, she just did it because she likes the song I guess... Nobody expects the single to sell anything. Plus this is a Greatest Hits, people will buy it for the hits, and mainly fans, I seriously doubt she will stray far from her loyal fanbase with this.
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  16. Love Is You is 88 on the iTunes chart, it’s not going to trouble the top 40 but I was surprised to see it on there at all.
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  17. But she's A-list at Radio 2...

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  18. Ah ah ah! Yes, I was way surprised to see that, but the audience who listens to Radio 2 is not renowned to buy singles... But they do buy albums much more than the younger generations. So I'm sure she will do well with The Song Diaries when released! Releasing in January in the lowest selling week of the year is also a good move to secure a higher chart placing, even though I've got the feeling this particular album would have been a perfect Christmas gift...
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  19. She had an interview and performance tonight on The ONE Show.

    Now the single has climbed to #67 on iTunes. Nice little boost.
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