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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. That was a nice little performance! Also it’s nice that she got a slot to perform the song on BBC’s The One show. I hope she’s able to secure a few more good promo slots. She just needs to get the message across to all the album buyers that she’s got new music out in January. And hopefully being A-listed on BBC Radio 2 will work in her favour.

    She should have filmed a music video (even if it was just a performance video) as soon as she was done with the song. YouTube streams would have also helped the single, right?

    I’m glad that she’s learnt to balance her pregnancies and albums. This pregnancy isn’t slowing her down. Having said that, I do hope she’s taking good care of herself and the baby.
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  2. New tour leaked before the official announcement...
    See tickets list the tickets as being onsale this Friday (28th Sep).
    The tour runs from 02 June 2019 to 11 June 2019. Much bigger venues this time around.
    Symphony halls galore!
  3. Renting a decent camera would have cost more than the youtube streams.
  4. I came across this today: Sophie sings Nothing Compares To You
  5. Oh wow, you don't want to know how I reacted when I saw she was playing Nottingham Concert Hall! It's literally my favourite concert hall I go to. And Birmingham Symphony Hall is fab as well.

    Will be most definitely be going to this tour!!
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  6. She promoted the single on 26 regional radios. I know it will not catapult the single into the top 10, but I hope it helps sell the song a little more. I’m glad she’s promoting it.
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  7. The album is out on January 11, 2019.

  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Is It Any Wonder just clicked with me. What a gorgeous song.
  9. Your post made me revisit it as well and it's just a gorgeous song isn't it?
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  10. Island

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    Read My Lips really is such a cool album.
  11. Read My Lips is such a great album, and completely filler-free.
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  12. dddd I consider Read My Lips as the album with the most filler after Familia. The public didn't care to buy Shoot after her debut was basically nothing more than the killer singles.
  13. Island

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    Read My Lips took awhile to grow on me but Lover, Is It Any Wonder, Final Move, Sparkle, and Universe is You are all good songs. Yes, they're of their time but Sophie really wasn't your run of the mill generic pop artist. I can see how maybe she was trying to be something she wasn't, but overall, the album is pretty cool for a mainstream pop artist.
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  14. Yeah my problem with the album tracks is that they aim to be this cool electro confections and to me they're just... cold. The general warmth of the singles and subsequent albums is missing for me. The exception is Lover, which I love/ succeed. Maybe Sparkle on a good day.
  15. That’s really nice! I’m happy for her.
  16. Nabbed front row tickets for Nottingham next year! Also, I did one of the Meet and Greet upgrades on her Pledge page. I've met her before on the Familia Tour and she was such a delight.

    I love that she is doing larger venues after a long time (Although one would presume that these were booked so that the orchestra could fit it!)
    I'm doing just the one at the moment. I'm going to see what the show is like on Wednesday, and then I'll consider another one, probably in Birmingham.

    Hopefully there is some nice merch on sale at the London show.
  17. Doesn’t she have like 65 teenage boys living in her home? The Weeknd is a staple for that age bracket so she probably loved the song this way. Doubt she even knows Daft Punk are behind this.
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  18. LPT


    Hooray going to the Birmingham show! Very excited - my husband lovers her...and adores strings - so this will be brilliant.
  19. You could be right... but she has been a fan of Daft Punk for ages now. So I'm guessing she already knows.
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