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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Starlight is her big iconic single that got away.
  2. oh, ok. i know those (probably listened them more times than i did the originals) just didn't know f9 were freemasons...
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  3. Oh are we ranking the albums?

    1. Trip The Light Fantastic: for me it's the quintessential pop album. Today The Sun's On Us is in my all time top10 songs and the only one I sometimes skip is New Flame.
    2. Shoot From The Hip (UK Version)
    3. Make A Scene: it includes some of her best (Bittersweet) and some of her -limited- worst.
    4. Read My Lips: iconic singles, not much more to be found.
    5. Wanderlust
    6. Familia: the only album of hers where I skip half of the songs. Starts promising and then falls apart.

    "OMG same"
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  4. I once heard I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want in a grocery store.

    My SEB ranking is the same as @Verandi’s (twin taste!), except that I would place theaudience #1. It’s been in my all time album top 10 for ages.

    Wild Forever F9 Remix is the only thing I use from the Familia era.
  5. I think Familia is very underappreciated. The middle stretch goes on a bit, but the good songs (the singles and "Don't Shy Away") are some of her best work.

    My personal ranking:
    1 Trip
    2 Hip
    3 Familia
    4 Scene
    5 Lips
    6 Wanderlust
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  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I prefer Familia to Wanderlust.
  7. Team Taste!
  8. 1 Trip The Light Fantastic
    2 Shoot From The Hip
    3 Make A Scene
    4 Read My Lips
    5 Wanderlust
    6 Familia
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  9. I love all albums in their own right. The only one that sticks out for me, in a bad way, is Make a Scene. While it has some of her best songs (Starlight, Magic, Bittersweet and one or two others), I find it is completely let down by the Liam Howe and Greg Kurstin tracks and definitely Can’t Fight This Feeling too. It is her only album where I have to keep myself from pressing skip. It had the potential to be her crowning glory, but the whole era became so messy.
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  10. Her first two and her last two albums are artistic works.

    People slagging off Lips as filler (except the singles) should probably read interviews between theaudience and her album. She set out to do something guitar-based. Groovejet reminded her of her love for disco music and she sort of fused that with her indie roots and her fascination for trip-hop (she was a fan of Sneaker Pimps even before she worked with Liam) and created beautiful moody electronica. Get Over You and Music Gets The Best Of Me were label choices - which was obvious considering the success of the first two singles. She made disco, not dance pop. But Polydor pushed her down that route. (It’s one of the main reasons why every time someone calls Sophie a dance-pop artist, it always bothers me.)

    It was only natural for her to rebel and ban disco on her second album. Hip is the work of an artist. She knew what she wanted to make and she made it. Everything she loved, everything she’d been exposed to as a teenager - it’s all in there. Her exposure to krautrock and new wave (Can, Neu, Blondie etc); her love for Goldfrapp, Sneaker Pimps; her passion for 90’s Britpop - you can see it all there. If it was a calculated album, she’d have happily taken the Pet Shop Boys demo and had another top 5 with it - she was a big deal back then after all.

    Trip is a beautiful collection of modern pop songs that was aimed at the radio. Sure, she may have had her way with the deep cuts on the album, but it definitely wasn’t the album she set out to make. She wanted a B-52’s inspired record - campy lyrics, jangle pop - the only ones that came close to that description are Here’s To You and Mr. Friday, both of which didn’t make the album. She was also listening to Franz Ferdinand at the time and she was inspired by their music. But anyone can easily tell that the final product was nothing like her vision for the album. It’s still a well crafted piece of commercial pop and she made it her very own. (Fun fact: Kerin worked with her during the Trip sessions. His song obviously didn’t make the final cut, but he was looking forward to the B-52’s inspired songs too).

    She wanted to do something different after Trip. Then there was the GH drama and we all know how Scene came about. It’s a nice album with some brilliant tunes, but it definitely is the weakest in her catalogue. And once again, it was not what she set out to do, but she embraced her constraints and did whatever best she could.

    Wanderlust and Familia are products of Sophie’s creative vision. She had full control over everything and there were no labels pushing her to make something they wanted. The same goes with the upcoming orchestral album. Familia, much like Hip, has everything she’s ever done, everything she likes - it sort of envelops her entire catalogue - there’s a bit of all 6 previous albums in there (yes, all 6... including theaudience).

    So I get why decided to release a GH album now. She’d basically come full circle by album 6. So whatever she sets out to do next is definitely going to be a new chapter in her career. Or even if it goes back to the sounds of any of her previous albums, it’s alright. She has nothing to prove to anyone. She makes music because she likes making music; and not because she’s obligated to do it. But she has been talking about making one more album with Ed and that it might be heavier on the electronic side - will we get a Sneaker Pimps meets Goldfrapp record - eclectic tunes, moody melodies, ambient production? We’ll just have to wait and see..
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  11. The people who say "OMG I hate Familia or Wanderlust she needs to go back to her dance-pop sound!11!1!" need to accept that she wanted to try something different after doing the similar sound for 10+ years.
  12. Familia has such a strong opening with three of her best ever songs but never really goes anywhere afterwards, that being said, I think it's still a good album.
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  13. Crystallise is the secret weapon of Familia. I love it more with each listen.
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  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I listened to Mr. Friday. It's nice and fits the Trip soundscape but it's a bit Melanie C-esque.

    Here's to You should have replaced Only One if she wanted something in that vein on the album. Move to the Music should have been on Trip. It would've been a good album opener.
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  15. I have no idea how the thread has suddenly morphed into a Sophie Ellis-Bextor album ranking... I personally love them all. They are all individually brilliant and Sophie is a genius anyway.

    BUT I thought we estabilished long ago that Trip The Light Fantastic is one of the best pop records of ALL TIMES, by ANY artist. There is really nothing to fault there except the stupid idea of relegating one of Sophie's masterpieces, Can't Have It All, to bonus track status.
  16. Island

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    We've probably had this conversation before but how many known rejects are out there from Trip?

    Mr. Friday
    Pop Wow
    Take Me With You
    the 3 b-sides
  17. Colour Me In
    Love Is The Law
    Dear Jimmy
    Romeo (Don't Believe The Hype) or The Hype
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  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Colour Me In fits perfectly in the album. Shame that didn't make the tracklisting. I can understand the B-Sides and Take Me With You not exactly fitting, though.
  19. Are we doing this?

    Yeah, Trip's easily the best. 'New Flame' (the song) is not the best, but underrated. That simple sequence of "You release me, you please me, hypnotize me, capsize me, fascinated, captivated, exaggerated, worth the waited, what a fire!" is such a moment.

    1. Trip
    2. Hip
    3. Lips
    4. Make A Scene
    5. Wanderlust (Great... except for 'Runaway Daydreamer', 'The Deer & The Wolf' and 'Cry...'.)
    6. Familia (I'll take the first 5 songs, 'Don't Shy Away' and run.)
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  20. It's hard to rank her albums because she doesn't have a bad one. I guess as fans we are extremely lucky and spoiled in that sense. The time periods before and after Make A Scene were rough. I have nightmares thinking about it. I'm just glad that Wanderlust reinvigorated her and she pushed forward.

    1. Trip The Light Fantastic
    2. Make A Scene
    3. Read My Lips
    4. Wanderlust
    5. Familia
    6. Shoot From The Hip
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