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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Seconded!
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  2. Electro(clash) I hope! More Making Music please.. She’ll deliver a brilliant album, as always. There’s no doubting that.
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  3. Electro with strings is my aesthetic (hello album of the century Trip The Light Fantastic) but I understand if she doesn't want to alienate the fans with even more strings.

    Hopefully it won't be Ed's flaccid electro kind of affair.
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  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Electro better mean other producers. Get her back in the studio with Richard X!

    I can’t stop hearing “you’re a cunt get out” when listening to Off & On.
  5. Yeah, I guess it'll be electro with guitars. Perhaps a true sequel to Shoot from the Hip?
  6. No guitars either, please! She says PURE electro. I trust her. It will be pure genius.
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  7. Sounds like she heard the feedback from the Song Diaries and is adjusting accordingly. Exciting!
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  9. Okay, cool, but it's still written and produced with Ed?
  10. Miracles happen. This is one of those rare justified instances where the gays aren't wrong in wanting synths back.
  11. Seems like.. Ed did produce Cut Straight To The Heart and Wild Forever, so..
  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    When do we start the pregnancy jokes?
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  13. Nn the song I was thinking about
  14. God, this thread is really DEAD. Poor Sophie.

    Anyway, I discovered the gorgeous I Can’t Get Through To You by Nemi and I would soooooo want Sophie’s new album to sound like this. 80s nostalgic and wistful synth electro pop.
    Basically as if she filled an album with Duels and Can’t Have It Alls. Please, Sophie, take note.
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  15. There’s nothing to talk about so why wouldn’t it be dead?
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  16. Only a couple of weeks ago there was a discussion about the new album being electro with strings lol.
  17. I know very well. I was part of that conversation... Within the electro-realm there are a lot of possibilities... I was just saying that if she did something similar to I Can’t Get Through To You I would be very happy. It would suit her like a glove...
  18. I'm looking to buy Wanderlust on vinyl, any recommendations for where would be a good place to purchase it? I see it's available on Sophies website but I don't know whether it's a reliable place to get it in case it takes AGES to arrive. I don't want another Madame X official store debacle again...
  19. Sis about to release her 29th album produced by her son, of course it is dead.
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  20. So glad she's decided to do electro for the next album, and I know I've said this before but, if she went back to 'ice diva' in terms of Get Over You with an 80s synth electropop influence as mentioned by China_Heart, and maybe worked with Richard X again we'd all be over the moon.
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