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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popdorian, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. The full length version of Groovejet (with Sophie's vocals) is available on UK Spotify, just not the radio edit
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  2. Probably mentioned this a lot but Groovejet (and also I Turn To You and Never Be The Same Again) made me try dick for the first time. Sophie's right choice.
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  3. TMI


    I have trouble trying to purchase my stuff on her website : when I click on "complete my order", it doesn't go anywhere. Am I the only one ?
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  5. I love that cover in all its "graphic design is my passion" glory. It's so bad. But I love it.
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  6. Looks like they adjusted the prices for Glasgow to match the rest of the tour. Just managed to nab middle and centre of the stalls for £41! I will be there wearing my joggies with a takeaway pizza in my lap as that is how I watched every kitchen disco.

    Now to find a friend to drag along with me....
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  7. I am holding out for general sale, as the pre sale doesn't allow you to choose the seats and only the row.
  8. I was worried about that too but I've essentially ended up with my perfect seat so I'm happy!
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  9. I was too late off the mark in the pre sale, so my own doing as well! I mean the tickets are reasonably priced and the venue is ace.
  10. Thankfully Leeds Town Hall let you choose the individual seat. I'm a bit surprised that the prices have creeped up so much since the last tour which had a full orchestra on stage. Not that I'm really complaining, this will be so fun. Honestly, the orchestral show was one of the most fun gigs I've ever been too. Plus Sophie keeps using my photo from the gig on her Instagram which is immensely gratifying (she even apologised to me for not crediting me even though I told her I didn't mind).

    I've been a fan of Sophie's for 22 years now and considering that my faves generally disappear into oblivion once the hits have dried up (and that's usually after about 18 months) I'm constantly delighted that Sophie is so well liked by everyone. People who barely follow pop music seem to know and like her and that is the result of her being a very savvy person. She's just brilliant.
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  12. I think this is enough confirmation that Universal isn’t involved but it seems so ridiculous that Sophie can’t include the radio edit on her own album apart from a Greatest Hits. I do have the radio edit through various compilations I own so it’s not an issue but it would have been great to have every single in its original form in one place.
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  13. A new recording of Groovejet sounds interesting. If they can manage to stay mostly faithful to the original with a few tweaks here and there - that would be amazing. But I'm not sure if she'll be able to do that.
  14. Sophie's kitchen discos were such a fun form of escape during lockdown, looking forward to this tour! My first time seeing her.
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  15. That cover!!! I love the fact she’s never quit despite only having a handful of hits. I’ve seen her live loads and she always puts on a great show.
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  16. Out of interest which colour version of the vinyl did everyone opt for? I went for pink.
  17. I'm going for Pink and the setlist.
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  18. I think that quote means that it *will* be the original studio versions of all her hits *apart* from Groovejet which will be a new recording. So some sort of deal with Universal has been done, but it might just be a straight publishing deal. I don’t think Universal have control over where Groovejet (the original radio edit) appears.
  19. I wonder if it'll end up being the Lady (Hear Me Tonight) / Groovejet / Sing It Back medley instead of the full song re-recorded? At least that way they can play around with the track somewhat because it's a mash-up.
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  20. I’m thinking a studio version of that medley is looking highly likely because Groovejet is primarily based from a sample.

    My post was eluding to the radio edit of Groovejet I’m assuming she may have obtained the master rights from her previous label for the other singles released under them. But I still think it’s way more likely that this album will be released under her own label rather than through Universal. Positiva is a label under Universal after they bought EMI so it makes no sense to exclude it if they can possibly have an agreement regarding her other singles from another imprint. I know Spiller will have certain rights regarding the composition as well as Sophie herself as an lyricist that will be with their publishing companies but not the actual recording. I guess once more details are know it will be more clearer which label is responsible for this release.
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