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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popdorian, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Ah okay. There's hope yet then.
  2. Luc


    Mixed Up World still resonate so much in those psychologically challenging times.

    Still a bop too!
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  3. #JusticeForShootFromTheHip
  4. Groovejet 2020 is fine for the GP but I find the vocals just different enough from the original to be slightly unsettling.

    She sounds really wonderful on My Favourite Things.
  5. Why isn’t this showing as a “latest release” on Spotify? I had to scroll down to the bottom of her page to find it.
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  6. “My Favourite Things” is excellent.
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  7. Bless her though for including the album versions and not the single edits. I never cared for the single edits of Today The Sun's On Us and Music Gets The Best Of Me.

    I am a little surprised with the faithful rerecord of Groovejet. I was expecting something a little more campy and Freemansony.
  8. Maybe due to the fact this is a compilation album?
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  9. Take Me Home through to Today The Suns On Us has been blocked out on Apple Music. It says song not available in your country.
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  10. Groovejet 2020 is... not what I was hoping for from Freemasons and Sophie. But I guess it's fine for those who have been waiting to stream the song for the last 20 years. I don't mind the new vocal take (it almost sounds like a one-take recording). I actually think its quite nice - but I don't like the "why does it feel now (nuh)" bit. The original was "why does it feel good (guh)." For some stupid reason, it bothers me. Another bit that bothers me is the backing singers. But I guess I'm just nitpicking because I was hoping for a new version and we ended up with a faithful cover of the original. I'll come back with how I feel about the song after a few listens.

    Sophie sounds LOVELY on My Favourite Things - she must have been thrilled doing this with an orchestra. I wonder why she didn't do this on The Song Diaries. Her vocals have matured so well over the years. I can't imagine her doing this 20 years back (even though she sounded absolutely fantastic on There Are Worse Things I Could Do back in '98). In one of the other threads, someone once mentioned that her voice has aged like fine wine, and I couldn't agree more. She sounds absolutely fantastic on all 3 newly recorded songs.

    I'm also happy we have a version of the Pulp cover - I had ripped it from YouTube back then. I remember that cover receiving SO MANY positive comments. I wish she'd re-recorded it, but I'm happy with what we got. For years, I had no idea that the New Order cover was a live version - and I've loved it since then. I can only imagine how much better it will sound if she had done this in the studio (possibly with Hannah doing the backing vocals, where needed).

    Crying At The Discotheque still remains fantastic. We've had many disco / funk-influenced albums out this year. I'm glad Sophie's also been part of that scene (both with the Kitchen Discos and this song).

    Overall, I think its a pretty solid GH package - and I hope it does well for her.
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  11. Are all of the songs new vocal takes/remastered in any way? I haven’t kept up with the process on this GH.
  12. No just Groovejet. Spiller must be an ass.
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  13. Aw, well to be fair we did get a whole orchestral album so I can’t complain.
  14. Some of you were setting yourselves up for failure if you were expecting anything other than a faithful re-rendition of the original Groovejet. The whole point of re-recording it was to have a version of the song that's been missing from streaming for god knows how many years. And yes, Spiller is a bit of an ass.
  15. I do wish that it was the single version of Music Gets the Best of Me but other than that it's such a wonderful project.

    My Favourite Things is the perfect way to end the album as well and captures the After Party really well. Her vocal is absolutely stunning and just shows what fun she can have still at this point in her career. I wish it was at the top of her Spotify page though.
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  16. Apple Music has songs 2-9 unavailable (I imagine due to her old record company owning the streaming rights?). I opened it up and thought I must have got the release date wrong. Hope they can get it sorted.
  17. Can't even find the release on Spotify France. I know it's not her biggest market, but come on!
  18. mpl


    Same on Amazon Music. I think you must be right.
  19. Now the album is the “Artist Pick” on Sophie’s Spotify profile, so you don’t have to scroll through the all discography.
  20. It's on Deezer though...
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