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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popdorian, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. When I met her in the Union Chapel after the Wanderlust Tour, she signed my 'Me And My Imagination' single and I think she also drew some fishes and bubbles.
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  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Do those compilations really chart because people play them as a whole or just because they feature songs that are heavily playlisted (cause they're the hits)?
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  3. I got a lovely signing from Sophie on my Wanderlust vinyl after her concert.
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  4. Oh no, sorry to hear that. You're not having much success with Townsend. Hope it all gets sorted for you.
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  5. TMI


    Is there any difference in the packaging between the blue and the pink vinyle editions apart from the color ? The pink bundle is sold out in the official store.
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  6. Neither am I. I bought the pink bundle x1 ...I've been charged twice and they've sent 2 bundles. Confused. I wonder if I'll get a refund and get to keep the extra. Fingers crossed haha.
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  7. Weird, it's on US Spotify and Apple Music.
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  8. Think it’s either a US licence that’s still valid or the US licence holder has forgotten to take it down now their licence is up!
  9. 'If You Go is terrible, thanks bye xx'
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  10. Love this. During the Familia album signing at HMV she added Mickey Mouse ears onto herself for my CD.
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  11. Loving this... Groovejet is a really faithful rework of the original, and wow, what a stellar back catalogue of hits she has.

    Apparently she’s on course for a top 10 which would be true pop justice.
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  12. TMI


    She deserves a top 5. Is it likely to happen ?
  13. Tim’s been really delivering on these lately for me. He’s had Kylie, Wendy James and now Sophie on amongst others.
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  14. This is great. I’m sad that she’s still paying dust to I Won’t Change You, though.
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  15. Didn't she mention on Instagram that they weren't able to get the rights to include it? (Very weird)
  16. Ah okay! I did think it was odd that she would have snubbed it.
  17. nn not really. She said she didn't include it in the collection because she couldn't perform it on her Kitchen Disco. And allegedly she couldn't perform it because the masters of Shoot got lost.

    Which begs the question: where did the masters of Mixed Up World come from darling?


    Am I still bitter about it?

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  18. Probably from TV permanence CDs or compilations.
    Was I Won't Change You performed on TV back then?
  19. The ultimate scream is that someone uploaded the instrumental to I Won't Change You to YouTube… today.

    If I'm allowed to leave the US to see her live next year, I think I'll try to get her to sign my I Won't Change You CD single. I won't actually because that would make me feel too much like a Charli fan but it's what she deserves.
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