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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popdorian, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Received my pink vinyl today in the US, but it doesn’t look like there is a signed set list. Can anyone tell me what it’s supposed to look like? Is it part of the packaging?
  2. Eyeshadow queen!
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  3. I’m thinking not to be honest! Probably a limited amount produced. They’ve removed them from her online store completely.
  4. It's a piece of A4 card with felt tip pen of a setlist and her signature. It's cute but you're not missing much.

  5. I wonder if the setlist is the same for everyone or if some people got Kitchen Discos #2-10?

    The package is nice. The unfortunate thing is that it is a bit of an unpleasant reminder that nothing has changed since the Kitchen Discos ended and in many ways things are worse now than before; all the plucky spirit of that period of time is long gone. But I'm sincerely glad she's making some money, and I hope this charts well and keeps her pockets lined and profile visible.
  6. I bought the boyfriend the blue vinyl a couple of days ago as a Christmas present only for him to tell me yesterday he bought it ages ago and can't wait to have it. I hope returning is easy...
  7. I have to say that I'm very much enjoying having all of the singles in one place. 20 years, my God.
  8. ABAE916A-1AE0-476D-9250-A2C60A77472B.jpeg
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  9. More explanation on Won't Change You...
  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Okay but IF this is true are the other songs on the albums rerecordings as well?
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  11. And no photo for the I Won't Change You video (which she "explains" as following the tracklisting of Songs from the Kitchen Disco)! Bless.
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    Mvnl Staff Member

    The top right one is Mixed Up World.. right?
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  13. Oh no! I wonder if the Shoot From The Hip masters were lost in the Universal studio fires? There goes the vinyl for that album then.
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  14. "won't change you"

    Getting the title wrong and not using capital letters says it all.
  15. 2014

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    HOW did I never relate the Catch You video to Don't Look Now?? My mind is blown.

    Also the video for Murder On The Dancefloor remains utterly iconic and so watchable - it deserves to be much more lauded that it is.
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  16. Yes, I meant (as Sophie would put it) "won't change you."

    I also know this is probably overthinking it but it's kind of funny/sinister how she always uses the passive voice when talking about what happened to the masters to Shoot from the Hip. "They were lost", well, who lost them, hmmmm
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  17. she knows.
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  18. Didn't she sing 'Mixed Up World' though? What's her excuse for that?
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  19. Loving these write ups of all the music videos. Wish more people would do that sort of thing!

    I think they've done an amazing job with "Groovejet 2020". I'm so glad she has a version that she can finally use and that it's been produced so well (I'd have preferred a slightly different ending though, like the video version).
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  20. They're not there for me! Meh.
    I have all the tracks somewhere but CBA creating a playlist.
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