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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popdorian, Mar 25, 2020.

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    Ed would be good on the songwriting front again but she needs to work with someone new on the production end of things and I think dance pop from her would be great at this time considering how’s she evolved with the past two albums.
  2. We know the following things about Sophie's 7th album:
    1. She has recently described it as prog-pop.
    2. Earlier, she said it was electro.
    3. Ed will be involved in songwriting and production this time around - part of the original trilogy (Wanderlust-Familia-7th album)
    4. There might be some Japanese influences on the album - inspired by her trip with Sonny.
    5. Ed had posted some heavy electronic sounds on his Instagram Live late last year/early this year - all of which will form part of Sophie's album
    6. On her social media, she mentioned that the album will be out next year.
    7. She was halfway through with the album when the UK went on lockdown. So she might work on the album only in Q1 next year? Although, that isn't confirmed.

    Also, given that she likes to challenge herself, and she has gone from dance/trance to folk/baroque pop to new wave to orchestral to disco (on her latest single), she'll probably end up doing something slightly different. It wouldn't be wise to expect a dance-pop/disco album right now. That being said, a dance-pop/disco album would probably make more sense for her now.

    Generally, her albums have a myriad of sounds So, who knows - we might just end up with an electro-dancey prog-pop single (if that's even a thing) with a heavy Japanese influence and a music video with Sophie looking stunning in a Kimono (obviously filmed by Sophie Muller in some part of Japan).
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  3. I deeply fear we are on course to get this:

  4. *guffaws*

    Well, it's still better than this:
    In my head, all I can think of is Roisin's Sunshine (which isn't her best, to be honest), but with Kate Bush-esque towering melodies.
  5. I'm assuming by "prog-pop" she means tracks that are fairly long and unconventionally structured. I don't think we're going to see her jam band it up, yeah?
  6. What a treat seeing this hit the Top 10. An entirely unexpected PopJustice for 2020.
  7. Seeing Sophie Ellis-Bextor scoring Top10 album in 2020 feels bizzare but it's very satisfying.
  8. I absolutely would have bought a physical of this album if it weren't for the artwork. Happy for her though!
  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Glad she was able to nab a Top 10!
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  10. Down to 58 in the midweeks - ouch! Makes the Top 10 last week seem even more impressive.
  11. I wasn’t a fan, but it actually works surprisingly well in vinyl form!
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  12. That’s a shame. I was hoping top 30 at least before dropping much lower in week 3. Oh, well. A top 10 album is still a top 10 album I suppose.
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  13. Ddd right. I'm sure she'd have placed even higher if they hadn't gone out of their way to make it absolutely atrocious.
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  14. Reading that she worked with Ed again is particularly disappointing news. I've spun my copy of the Kitchen Disco Collection twice and the absolute cliff in quality from Make a Scene into Young Blood is jarring to say the least. I do like Come With Us but Wanderlust/Familia really are not my cup of tea. Young Blood may be my least favorite Sophie song, it's so incredibly dreary.

    Crying at the Discoteque saves the entire latter portion of the Greatest Hits from being a snooze really.
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  15. Young Blood is utterly gorgeous.
  16. I wish I could see it. I love Slowphie moments like I Am Not Good at Not Getting What I Want, Cut Straight To The Heart (which I realize is Ed), Synchronized, and especially Nowhere Without You. I just find Young Blood so snoozy and stale.

    To her credit, the two Familia songs on the Kitchen Disco album are really good. But the album is overall a bore to me.
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  17. If more of the Ed stuff sounded like “Cut Straight to the Heart,” I would be over the moon about her working with him.
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  18. "Cut straight to the heart" is only co-written with Ed, and produced by Dimitri Tikovoi.
    I still think, as albums, Wanderlust and Familia are her best efforts.
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  19. Young Blood is absolutely beautiful. It really means alot to me and seeing her perform it live in a little venue in Inverness while with my mum was a real "dream come true" moment.
  20. Yeah, 'Young Blood' is one of the better Wanderlust/Familia tracks. Back then it really was a fresh turning point for Sophie.

    Much better than 'Runaway Daydreamer' or 'The Deer & The Wolf'. Those 2 songs were not good picks for singles. Too fluffy. The drama of 'Birth of an Empire' and the melancholy of 'The Wrong Side of the Sun' would've been better.

    'Come With Us' is easily her weakest lead single. And one of her weakest songs in general.
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