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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popdorian, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Was just about to post this here myself, nice little 70's disco vibe in this one.
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    Apart from its release on the PJ compilation do we know which era Dear Jimmy was recorded in/for?
  3. I think you could say it belongs to the Trip era.
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    I assume it wasn't solely recorded for Popjustice?
  5. That I don't know. Maybe it's a left-over from one of the Trip recording sessions and she gave it to Popjustice? At least sonically it fits Trip The Light Fantastic.

    I remember the amount of titles/unreleased songs floating around during the Trip and Scene era's. She could release 3 albums with those. Some of them leaked: Pop Wow, Mr. Friday, Take Me With You, Colour Me In. Love Is The Law was a little gift from Sophie herself. I can also vaguely remember a song called Romeo(?), but I can't find it anymore, so maybe I'm wrong.

    But I guess we'll never hear the likes of Immune To Love (in full), In My Taxi (Supersexy), Whispers on the Street, Still Mixed Up, Carnival, Music Took My Man, Defenceless, In The Name of Lust,... .
  6. It's been on YouTube for ages, however, I couldn't find it either. It samples Kraftwerk's The Model, but there was no permission from the band or something and the song remained unreleased (?) Is Love Heist from the same sessions?

    There were rumours of Dontcha Want Get Crazy as the lead single from TTLF as well (??)
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  7. We don't know which era some of the YouTube songs are from. One could only venture guesses.

    But, we do know that Dear Jimmy is from the Trip sessions. It wasn't meant to be a lead single. And it wasn't recorded for the PopJustice album. It was given away because she had a second stalker song that she would go on to release as the lead single.

    Dontcha Wanna Get Crazy is from the Trip sessions. Fred Ball and Richard Barone worked with Sophie on it (they also worked on a song called Turn It Up). It was supposed to be the lead single. I cannot understand how a song that was once deemed lead-single worthy was left off the album entirely. Then again, she hadn't worked with Cathy and Greg initially. Catch You was one of the last bits that was recorded for the album.

    Paul Statham worked on Pop Wow and Mr Friday. He confirmed that both were for Trip. Mr Friday was even being considered for the album back then. Given that Sophie had mentioned initially that Trip would be more B-52's sounding, I'm guessing Love Heist is from that era. Many of the jangly/guitar pop songs that leaked are probably from the same sessions.

    David Kreuger and Per Magnusson worked on Colour Me In. Back then, "insiders" said that it was a label leak to test the waters for Sophie's comeback. I don't know how much of that is true. But it seems that this was common back then.

    Defenceless was a Jewel & Stone production from the Trip sessions.
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  8. While You’re Still Young added to B list on Radio 2.
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  9. Sophie said on Instagram today she won’t be supporting Steps in Belfast. I’m not happy she was the main reason I got the tickets
  10. I just saw an Instagram story from Spiller that Sophie will be joining him at a London dance festival next weekend?

    Sounds amazing. I don’t even know when the last time they performed together was. Tempted to book the Monday off work and go.
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  11. I've been following her setlists just to get an idea of what the tour next year will possibly look like. I'm surprised that she isn't really doing Me and My Imagination and Music Gets The Best Of Me. Furthermore, she hasn't done Move This Mountain since 2003.
  12. They should really work on a song again. To celebrate 20+ anniversary of Groovejet.

    Didn't she perform them during The Song Diaries tour?

    In other news, Sophie's is now modelling for Renault.
  13. We'll have to deal with the Lady-Groovejet-Sing It Back medley until the end of time, but we'll always have the Kitchen Disco performances of 'If You Go', 'I Won't Change You' and 'Fuck With You'.

    She has given us a lot throughout the pandemic. I'm ready for new music though. Something less domestic.
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  14. She's on Graham Norton next week.
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  15. Super excited to get my Shoot and Trip vinyls tomorrow from @Dark Ballet !
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  17. Wow, you weren't kidding. It must be cathartic to tell your truth and take back the narrative. I'm definitely looking forward to this release.
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  18. Somehow it makes sense that she decided to call the book "Spinning Plates". I think her podcast has been good for her in a lot of ways. Speaking to many women about all their lives, their struggle, their lows must have given her some courage to speak out about the abuse she faced.

    Some lyrics from the Hip era have new meaning, having read all that:
    "I used to think I had to change the way I am. To feel better, to get a man"
    "I know that I'm not perfect baby. It's no reason to go crazy"
  19. I'm having my first full play through of Trip in years due to the (excellent) Plastic Pop Records vinyl pressing and it's holding up a lot better than I remembered, there are some absolutey beautiful highlights and some fun experiments, which don't quite always land but are still very charming. The artwork is also absolutely stunning. I'm excited to dive into Shoot next!
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