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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - The Song Diaries

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by *Leon*, Oct 25, 2017.

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  1. Yeah my problem with the album tracks is that they aim to be this cool electro confections and to me they're just... cold. The general warmth of the singles and subsequent albums is missing for me. The exception is Lover, which I love/ succeed. Maybe Sparkle on a good day.
  2. That’s really nice! I’m happy for her.
  3. Nabbed front row tickets for Nottingham next year! Also, I did one of the Meet and Greet upgrades on her Pledge page. I've met her before on the Familia Tour and she was such a delight.

    I love that she is doing larger venues after a long time (Although one would presume that these were booked so that the orchestra could fit it!)
    I'm doing just the one at the moment. I'm going to see what the show is like on Wednesday, and then I'll consider another one, probably in Birmingham.

    Hopefully there is some nice merch on sale at the London show.
  4. Doesn’t she have like 65 teenage boys living in her home? The Weeknd is a staple for that age bracket so she probably loved the song this way. Doubt she even knows Daft Punk are behind this.
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  5. LPT


    Hooray going to the Birmingham show! Very excited - my husband lovers her...and adores strings - so this will be brilliant.
  6. You could be right... but she has been a fan of Daft Punk for ages now. So I'm guessing she already knows.
  7. 'Love Is You' I think is the first track by Sophie I felt bored listening to.
  8. MB


    Snap. And at like £55 for a decent ticket, I decided to sit this one out.
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  9. Ahhhh Sophie. Where did that little pop queen go?
  10. She's gone.
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  11. The orchestral version of Take Me Home is going to slay!
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  12. Sophie talks disco

    It was a lovely little interview. She got a bit defensive when the host asked her if she would retire after this. I’m so glad she doesn’t want to retire anytime. Keep releasing albums, Sophie. We love you!

    They played Groovejet and Love Is You. And during the interview, they had Come With Us (Freemasons Mix), Murder On The Dancefloor and Wild Forever playing in the background. Hopefully the listeners go and check out the rest of her catalogue as well.
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  13. Come With Us has a Freemasons Remix? :O
  14. The first three singles from Familia were remixed by the Freemasons.

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  15. Those are the only two Sophie albums I own, but I love them both. The only track between them that I don’t care for is Music Gets the Best of Me.

    I need to get around to listening to the other albums.
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  16. We might have opposite taste but my two faves are Trip and Shoot, so I'd always suggest to start from those. If you really like Familia I'd say Wanderlust is good too.
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  17. Familia and Wanderlust are both underrated here. They’re both really strong albums. Familia sort of summarises her entire career. Shoot From The Hip is another underrated gem among her fans outside PJ, but it’s a solid piece of work.

    Make A Scene would have to be the weakest of the lot. But it’s filled with some cracking dance pop tunes!

    theaudience and Quiet Storm get little to no recognition here but they’re both excellent albums in my opinion.
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  18. Do you know how much Familia sold by any chance? I have been dying to know!
  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The F9 remix of Wild Forever used to be on the Zara playlist ddd.
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