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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - The Song Diaries

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by *Leon*, Oct 25, 2017.

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  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I listened to Mr. Friday. It's nice and fits the Trip soundscape but it's a bit Melanie C-esque.

    Here's to You should have replaced Only One if she wanted something in that vein on the album. Move to the Music should have been on Trip. It would've been a good album opener.
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  2. I have no idea how the thread has suddenly morphed into a Sophie Ellis-Bextor album ranking... I personally love them all. They are all individually brilliant and Sophie is a genius anyway.

    BUT I thought we estabilished long ago that Trip The Light Fantastic is one of the best pop records of ALL TIMES, by ANY artist. There is really nothing to fault there except the stupid idea of relegating one of Sophie's masterpieces, Can't Have It All, to bonus track status.
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    We've probably had this conversation before but how many known rejects are out there from Trip?

    Mr. Friday
    Pop Wow
    Take Me With You
    the 3 b-sides
  4. Colour Me In
    Love Is The Law
    Dear Jimmy
    Romeo (Don't Believe The Hype) or The Hype
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  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Colour Me In fits perfectly in the album. Shame that didn't make the tracklisting. I can understand the B-Sides and Take Me With You not exactly fitting, though.
  6. Are we doing this?

    Yeah, Trip's easily the best. 'New Flame' (the song) is not the best, but underrated. That simple sequence of "You release me, you please me, hypnotize me, capsize me, fascinated, captivated, exaggerated, worth the waited, what a fire!" is such a moment.

    1. Trip
    2. Hip
    3. Lips
    4. Make A Scene
    5. Wanderlust (Great... except for 'Runaway Daydreamer', 'The Deer & The Wolf' and 'Cry...'.)
    6. Familia (I'll take the first 5 songs, 'Don't Shy Away' and run.)
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  7. It's hard to rank her albums because she doesn't have a bad one. I guess as fans we are extremely lucky and spoiled in that sense. The time periods before and after Make A Scene were rough. I have nightmares thinking about it. I'm just glad that Wanderlust reinvigorated her and she pushed forward.

    1. Trip The Light Fantastic
    2. Make A Scene
    3. Read My Lips
    4. Wanderlust
    5. Familia
    6. Shoot From The Hip
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  8. Make a Scene is not on my Spotify- is that the same for anyone else?
  9. Just how boring and uninspiring is Love Is You? It has no 'moments' whatsoever, just very bland. I get it, the whole let's cover what inspired Groovejet and all, but seriously what was she thinking???
  10. Switch no 1 and 2 and you have my list
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  11. I really don't understand all the love for Make a Scene, it's a mixed bag of songs with no cohesion or musical sense, save for the superior Starlight and Cut Straight to the Heart (bless Ed Harcourt).
  12. There are more stand out tracks on Make a Scene than her last two albums.
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  13. Make A Scene is let down by the sequencing and the inclusion of her two tackiest and overproduced tracks
    Under Your Touch + Dial My Number
    but the heights are terrific.
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  14. ssa


    How are you all sleeping on Synchronised?
  15. It's a fan favourite so I don't know what you're talking about?
  16. I don’t regard it as her best, but it certainly was her most cohesive work back then. We were told that we were getting a dance-centric album and that is what she delivered... while all albums before that one were mixed bag albums.

    I think the title track, Bittersweet, Heartbreak, Starlight, Magic, Synchronised and Cut Straight To The Heart are all fabulous.
  17. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member


    Under Your Touch is honestly one of my favourite Sophie songs. I hate using the E-word in non-Loreen contexts, but the chorus, post-chorus and middle-8 really are...that word.
  18. I'm screaming at the picture. We agree to disagree then.
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  19. ssa


    Talking about Make a Scene and good tracks and not mentioning it.
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  20. True. Synchronised is without any doubt one of Sophie's best tracks.

    And Make A Scene, let's all face it, is a BRILLIANT album. If any other artist had filled one single album with all of those absolutely amazing tracks and gazillions of bops, we would cry best release of the year. Other artists would have given their kidneys (both!) for some of the tracks on that album. Since it's Sophie, and we are all sooooo spoilt, we think, oh well, business as usual.
    Wrong. It is an outstanding electro-dance album.

    Off to see her live tonight, by the way. Not overly excited, mind you. I do hope she stays true to the one part of the tour name I crave: the DISCO part. I'm quite over the orchestral bit already...
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