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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - The Song Diaries

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by *Leon*, Oct 25, 2017.

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  1. Ok this morning on my bike commute I listened to Trip (selection) and whew what an album.
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  2. Evening Standard gave her gig a 4/5 rating:

  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Special shoutout to the couple in front of me who decided to start singing fucking BABY SHARK over Murder On The Dancefloor... and do the dance moves as well.

  4. To tell you the truth, i'm not just over this Ed era, i'm over disco. Why is she bringing and talking about disco so much last few years? She barely has few songs influenced by disco. I want POP Sophie back.

    Wanderlust was such a fresh and exciting reinvention, but everything released after it is simply exhausting to me. Now I hate the fact that it ended up being her biggest album since her debut, it obviously pushed her to milking that sound.

    To think that it will be years since we actually get something new from her that won't be this Ed/Disco music... This orchestral era already feels one year long and it's still +3 months away. from actually being released.
  5. I’m sorry, but that complaint is unwarranted.

    A. 3 of her 7 top 10 hits were disco;
    B. Two of her recent singles in the last 2 years were disco;
    C. She’s always gravitated towards disco more than EDM
    D. Wanderlust is literally the only one of its kind in her catalogue. No other album sounds like it. She’s hardly “milking” that sound. If anyone has to really complain about her doing that, it will still be understandable if they said that she milked the whole “dance pop shtick” between 2001 and 2011.

    She’s trying out new stuff. And to be honest, all her albums are different and yet they’re distinctly all Sophie albums. I think we all need to put the dance-Sophie, pop-Sophie, indie-Sophie tags to rest and just enjoy the music for what it is. She’s worked hard on every album she’s released so far and we all know that.
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  6. A. And all of them are from the beginning of her career, aka her first 3 singles. Which is why I said she's bringing disco so much lately, when it was hardly a big part of her career after that (Shoot, Trip, Scene, Wanderlust). I feel like she's trying to appeal to GP that remembers her from her first few 'disco' singles.
    B. First part of A.
    C. I disagree. I don't hear disco influences outside few already mentioned songs. She was pure pop artist.
    D. I agree, Wanderlust was one of a kind, which is why it worked. But then she went and did Familia with him, and he already ran out of ideas, which is why it was such a poor album, and now Orchestral album that will still sound like ED 3.0 makes this whole reinvention that worked in 2014 simply exhausting for me. It's like she knows fans are not anymore here for Ed crap, so let her use some disco sounds to keep them happy. It's forced, I don't feel it anymore. That's why her music simply became boring and it doesn't matter if it has disco influences (Love is you, Come with us) or not. Lyrics are also becoming more and more worrying for me. I can;t relate anymore to her music or enjoy it. It's time to move on. And she doesn't even realizes that.

    Her cover of True Faith is the last song that i truly loved from her.
  7. Well, she kinda needs to remind the GP about her disco hits because that’s literally all they remember when they hear the words “Sophie Ellis-Bextor”. It’s not like anyone outside of her fan base knows any of her other songs. If I were her, I’d push the words orchestral disco in everyone’s faces too. “Remember I used to make disco music, well here’s something slightly different, it’s orchestral, but still disco”

    Also, Sophie has grown leaps and bounds as a songwriter, if you cannot appreciate her lyrics, then maybe it is time to move on. Or you could hold on to whatever bits of her music you like and wait for her to return to your favourite sound and choose to ignore the rest.
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  8. Sophie Ellis-Bextor is a great artist and presence. It was utterly lovely to meet her in 2014. You can't not like her. Ed should go though.
  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I honestly prefer Familia to Wanderlust tho ddd.
  10. I think we are all ready for Sophie to go back to a sound more akin to Trip The Light Fantastic, maybe with slightly darker lyrics and less corporate imprinting, a bit more left of field, but definitely that pure electro-pop sound which, in my opinion, nobody in the music world does better than our Sophie.
    She should go back to something more in the direction of Today The Sun's On Us, Catch You, If You Go, China Heart... But with an updated sound.
    It would be nice as the next release after the orchestral album.
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  11. It would be nice if I were wrong, but I really don't think that is ever going to happen and think it is only setting yourself up for disappointment to expect it to happen. She's on a vastly reduced budget and she doesn't have the same access to co-writers she once did. And more importantly, she doesn't appear to be affected by the same things that push other musicians in her age cohort toward electronic production.
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  12. I have this feeling that the third album she was thinking about doing with Ed simply morphed into The Song Diaries and she will change style again at the next step. Trip is an album that literally happens once in a lifetime so I made peace with that fact already. I wouldn't mind another album where she just goes wild like she did in Hip though.
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  13. This.
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  14. Same but Familia is like a 5/10, so it's not exactly a huge compliment.
  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I honestly think Familia is her best album even tho Trip is my fav ddd.

    *drinks bloody mary*
  16. Hello Ed Harcourt.
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  17. Oh I know. I was just saying that probably many fans were hoping for something along those lines and they would be ready for it. But yes, near to impossible for it to actually happen.
  18. Oh by the way, I had almost forgotten the funniest thing Sophie said during her concert:
    "It's been my lifetime dream to be able to sing with an orchestra, and the best part is when I realised that to make my dream come true I just had to pay for it!"
    Or something along those lines. Amazing! Stand-up comedy Sophie, I salute you!
  19. Sis.
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  20. Replace Trip with Hip and I agree.
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