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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. “Me and My Imagination”
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  2. The Get Over You video tho!
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  3. I love the version of "music gets the best of me" video when she's at the fair. So beautiful and funny. I think I would choose that video or today the sun's on us.
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  4. How would a Young Blood Orchestra Version sound like? Like Lana Del Rey on steroids???
  5. I love how ridiculously camp this is for the first 35 seconds and then she just stands looking bored for 2 minutes before walking back to the cake. Iconic.
  6. So Catch You and Heartbreak are on the GH. The violins sound fierce!
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  7. It's definitely an essential song and very 'Sophie'. I hope it'll be on the greatest hits.
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  8. There is a harp along along with that mighty crew of violins in Heartbreak! Ed, you fucking genius! You were born for this!

    I’m so ready for love the orchestral GH album!
  9. Apparently Sophie spoke about her "friendship" with Harry's fiancée on Lorraine or something... In case anybody is interested.

    I'm so curious to hear this orchestral GH, I think it will sound amazing.

    But she HAS to put some completely unpredictable choices on it, otherwise it wouldn't be our usual Sophie project. Fingers crossed.
  10. Day one - Murder, Heartbreak, Catch You, Groovejet. They’ve used strings, a French horn and a harp.

    I can not contain my excitement. The violins on Catch You sound fierce and Heartbreak sounds so much bigger now.
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  11. The Facebook previews are sounding lovely. I hope and pray Today The Sun's On Us, Starlight, and Music Gets The Best Of Me make the cut. She has a stellar collection of singles. I couldn't imagine having to pick and choose between them.
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  12. Love the 'Heartbreak' snippet. It sounds rather lush and dramatic, a bit like 'Birth Of An Empire'.

    I wonder if she actually likes 'Music Gets The Best Of Me'. She doesn't perform it that often.
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  13. That's a good question
  14. She will do a sarcastic spoken word version of it on the next tour.
  15. I don't think she does. It was her first release to miss the top 10 at the time but it remains spectacular nonetheless. I wish she would embrace it rather than treating it like an unwanted child.
    I'm being a little pessimistic though, hopefully she will see the error of her ways.
  16. I kind of want a troll song to be on it. The orchestral version of Supersonic would be hilarious. Especially with that spoken word bit.
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  17. See, I read this and was like "Harry Styles is getting married??"
    Get Over You for both.

    And I see we're ranking Sophie albums again (day that ends in Y), so:
    1. Make a Scene
    2. Read My Lips
    3. Trip the Light Fantastic
    4. Shoot From the Hip
    5. Wanderlust
    666. 'Familia'
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  18. Since she loves medleys, it should flow nicely into "I Won't Change You".

    "I've got you covered, covered like lotion

    (Ed Harcourt playing harp)

    I'll still change my underwear if that's O.K with you"
  19. Gimme an orchestral version of You'll Get Yours. It'll go off!
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