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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Trip would definitely have been a painful process for her.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again - it wasn’t the album she started out to make. If she were left to her own devices, we’d have got a proper B-52’s inspired songs, loads of quirky songs with guitars instead of computerised music. We’d have probably got some Blondie-like songs as well because she was listening to a lot of Franz Ferdinand back then.

    Scene would have been very stressful too
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  2. Still, with Trip, we ended up having her best album AND one of the best pop albums ever made. I think we (and she) can be satisfied with the result... Personally I wouldn't have changed one thing about Trip apart from making Can't Have It All a proper album track.
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  3. I quite possibily would never forgive a person not releasing IF YOU GO as a single. But I cant ever hate on Sophie so I found peace with it

    Still tho I am pissed she never properly sung it live (accoustic doesnt count)
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  4. Immune To Love never leaked right? I would kill to hear that track. Her and Richard X are a dream team.
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  5. Nope it’s never leaked.
    Richard X has played it as part of a DJ set though. It must have been back in 2012/2013, he played a DJ set at an event. He played Immune To Love then followed it with his Nicola Roberts collaboration, Crash. I didn’t realise it was Sophie to start with until my ex at the time pointed it out. I recorded part of it on my old phone. I don’t have it now but I am sure if I hunted around hard enough I could find the recording I made.
    For me personally Immune To Love is hands down the best track from the Make A Scene sessions, very edgy electro dance pop in keeping with Richard X’s style. It should have been finished and used. It is super catchy and amazing. The only lyric I can remember comes from the chorus

    “If you’re Immune To Love (I want to be to)”

    Btw the Nicola Roberts track Crash, was really forgettable and bland, I can see why it wasn’t used.
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  6. Well well well... Apparently, Kylie's
    video for her brand new single (Dancing) is directed by none others than... Sophie Muller.
    Now, how do we all feel about this???
  7. Sophie Muller can be great but also very predictable. Often she's all about the astethics than telling any kind of story.

    I love the appreciation of Trip and 'If You Go'. I remember buying an album sampler from eBay back in the day and that song was on there and just flawed me. I was sure it was going to be a single and potential number one.
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  8. While 'Trip...' is her best album and a triumph of a pop album, wasn't it kind of promoted as a comeback album? It wasn't a disaster, but maybe they thought/hoped it would do better in the charts and sales? There's also the 'Me And My Imagination' thing that happened. She really should've released 'If You Go' as the third single in the summer. Not sure if it would've had any impact, but at least more people would've heared this song.

    I can imagine that, logistically, 'Trip' and 'Scene' were more difficult to make than 'Wanderlust' and 'Familia', but I think she's still happy with those albums. Obviously the only album she seems to love less is 'Shoot'.

    It's a shame we were robbed of a true Tour The Light Fantastic.
  9. You know, I dream of a time when Sophie will indeed give us a concert in which she will sing the whole of Trip (including bonus tracks AND b-sides), a bit like Carol King did with Tapestry.
    Yes, it is THAT iconic.
  10. We feel good Sophie has work.
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  11. Well, I never realised that she did Try by Nelly Furtado... But when I found out, it made perfect sense. One of my favourite videos of all time. And it's got Muller's stamp all over it.
    I always think of Sophie Muller as Sophie's director. I feel a bit cheated on when she works with others! I know it's ridiculous...

    P.S. If You Go is a masterpiece and it so should have been a single.
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  12. I don't remember Trip ever being considered a comeback album.

    I think it was the first album of hers that critics actually liked though.

    It's a shame Hip never gets more praise or light shone on it as it's also a favourite of mine.

    I do hope that after this Greatest Hits (which I'm not that fussed on to be honest) she does something more pop again. I do like Familia but I got bored of Wanderlust quickly and Familia is going the same way now. I need more bops. It's what she does best.
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  13. If You Go needed to be the lead single. She'd have had a huge era.
  14. I remember she considered 'If I Can't Dance' and 'Love Is Here' as a 4th and 5th single.

    I also love her hair on the cover. The Russian obi also promoted 'Neon Bible' and 'Volta'. Not bad company.

  15. The stuff Sophie Muller did with Siobhan Fahey/Shakespears Sister is also amazing.
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  16. I remembered now that Sophie DID sing IF YOU GO live on the first dates off the trip tour (before it was cancelled and rescheduled if I remember right). Pitty back in the day we didnt have the devices to record it

    I dont know why but Sophie always gets a pass from me on any song she chooses to release. I remember the IF I CANT DANCE being a single debacle and she event went on tv to perform it - and I liked it and was sold on it as a single. But didnt TRIP end up selling something like 50k in total? So it explains Universal not wanting to go further than single 3
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  17. This may have been answered but I'm being lazy and I don't wanna have to go through hundreds of pages: has there been a tracklist announced for this greatest hits project yet?
  18. No, though 'Groovejet', 'Murder' and 'Heartbreak' are confirmed I think. She also practically confirmed 'A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed' on Twitter. She mentioned all albums are supposed to be represented on the album.
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  19. I do hope she does something interesting with the songs from the two tourism albums. Having an orchestral version arranged by the same person who arranged the original album versions seems unlikely to result in anything unusual.
  20. I would love to travel around the world with Sophie Muller just so she can film me serving face in a few deserted rooms in a few unidentified buildings.
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