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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. I really enjoyed the show. The orchestral arrangements sounded lovely but I appreciated the split between the quieter first half and the dancier second half.

    And A Pessimist... sounded gorgeous.
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  2. Jam


    Was also at the show. Loved it. But then I always loves me an orchestra. Might post a bit more later.
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  3. That Freemasons remix of Bittersweet was amazing. I still can't believe those remix synths weren't included on the original. They are massive.
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  4. I've been a fan of Sophie since the beginning of her career, so it's been really a long time. And as everybody knows here, I've always supported her and always will. I wasn't bitching, just giving my personal opinion.
    I loved the show, she was great, as she always is. It's the orchestral arrangements of her hits that I didn't enjoy, and not all of them, only some. As I said, the disco section was really great!
    You can't always like everything an artist does, even if you love them, and it's fair to be critical, in my opinion. And I'm usually one of those who actually love everything that Sophie does, I adored both Wanderlust and Familia.
    I simply think the songs that lend themselves better to get the orchestral treatment are the ones that are already ballads and the Ed Harcourt ones. The dance songs and pop masterpieces become really dull with an orchestral soundscape. Not the verses, it's specifically the choruses that suddenly lack any life or energy. Wild Forever is a clear example. Amazing song, it simply doesn't work as an orchestral number.
    Just my opinion.

    And just to be clear, I don't only like the dance/disco songs Sophie recorded, I might actually prefer the ballads. But again, I think she should have recorded songs like Can't Have It All, Hello Hello, Is It Any Wonder, I'm Not Good At Not Getting What I Want, By Chance, What Have We Started, Synchronised, Magic, Starlight etc. Not the hits.
    I seriously think she missed a trick there, it would have been immensely more interesting and the songs would have suited the new sound so much better.
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  5. Under Your Touch is kind of her ultimate basic bop tho.
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  6. *hears uuuuuuuuh sound from the workroom of RPDR*
  7. Having watched some recordings on Instagram, I'm even more excited for this album. So many songs sound really good. Me And My Imagination sounds lovely, I was worried about this one. Today The Sun's On Us sounds grand - I'm expecting it to sound fuller and bigger on the record. Youngblood sounds magnificent - its an improvement over the understated album version. Not Giving Up On Love is also an improvement over the album version. Also, she might be repeating the same trick plenty of times now, but I love that she does one song at the end of the show without a microphone. It just shows how much her vocals have improved over the last 21 years.

    And @China_Heart wasn't kidding about the entire hall coming alive for the disco section. She's such an incredible performer and the fact that she isn't letting her pregnancy slow her down is just...I have so much respect for this woman! Its good to know that the hall was packed. I really hope this does well for her. If it does shift a good number of copies, maybe she'll consider doing orchestral versions of the deep cuts of her albums at some point of time.
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  8. I've attended 3 Sophie concerts during her carrier and I have to say that, as much as I enjoy her disco songs, it was beautiful to have the chance to hear the old songs in this new dress! She was lovely and radiant and I had the feeling she was in her place even during the pure orchestra section!
    Don't know if anyone mentioned this but she told a small and funny story about the arrangements for Me and my imagination (rabbits jumping) and Love is a camera (she imagined the final part with characters kill one after the other like in an Agatha Christie book)! I love her so much!

    P.S.: even if I lost my s*** with Heartbreak make me a dancer I would have liked to hear the full proper orchestral version, can't wait for the album now!
    Oh and I bought a beautiful limited edition poster drawn by the artist who did the album cover!
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  9. Little things like this make me wish she’d filmed the concert.
  10. I'm interested in attending this tour, but is it seated only?
  11. No Come With Us in the disco section? :’( why oh why
  12. It’s not on the album. One could argue that the covers are not on the album as well, but she generally includes a cover on her tour sets, which subsequently get recorded and released. Hopefully the two new covers get released at some point. (@ BBC and their random compilations...)
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  13. Last night was seated only but everyone stood up for the whole disco section.

    I don't think there are any more dates until her proper tour in June, though.
  14. Ok this morning on my bike commute I listened to Trip (selection) and whew what an album.
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  15. Evening Standard gave her gig a 4/5 rating:

  16. Special shoutout to the couple in front of me who decided to start singing fucking BABY SHARK over Murder On The Dancefloor... and do the dance moves as well.

  17. To tell you the truth, i'm not just over this Ed era, i'm over disco. Why is she bringing and talking about disco so much last few years? She barely has few songs influenced by disco. I want POP Sophie back.

    Wanderlust was such a fresh and exciting reinvention, but everything released after it is simply exhausting to me. Now I hate the fact that it ended up being her biggest album since her debut, it obviously pushed her to milking that sound.

    To think that it will be years since we actually get something new from her that won't be this Ed/Disco music... This orchestral era already feels one year long and it's still +3 months away. from actually being released.
  18. I’m sorry, but that complaint is unwarranted.

    A. 3 of her 7 top 10 hits were disco;
    B. Two of her recent singles in the last 2 years were disco;
    C. She’s always gravitated towards disco more than EDM
    D. Wanderlust is literally the only one of its kind in her catalogue. No other album sounds like it. She’s hardly “milking” that sound. If anyone has to really complain about her doing that, it will still be understandable if they said that she milked the whole “dance pop shtick” between 2001 and 2011.

    She’s trying out new stuff. And to be honest, all her albums are different and yet they’re distinctly all Sophie albums. I think we all need to put the dance-Sophie, pop-Sophie, indie-Sophie tags to rest and just enjoy the music for what it is. She’s worked hard on every album she’s released so far and we all know that.
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  19. A. And all of them are from the beginning of her career, aka her first 3 singles. Which is why I said she's bringing disco so much lately, when it was hardly a big part of her career after that (Shoot, Trip, Scene, Wanderlust). I feel like she's trying to appeal to GP that remembers her from her first few 'disco' singles.
    B. First part of A.
    C. I disagree. I don't hear disco influences outside few already mentioned songs. She was pure pop artist.
    D. I agree, Wanderlust was one of a kind, which is why it worked. But then she went and did Familia with him, and he already ran out of ideas, which is why it was such a poor album, and now Orchestral album that will still sound like ED 3.0 makes this whole reinvention that worked in 2014 simply exhausting for me. It's like she knows fans are not anymore here for Ed crap, so let her use some disco sounds to keep them happy. It's forced, I don't feel it anymore. That's why her music simply became boring and it doesn't matter if it has disco influences (Love is you, Come with us) or not. Lyrics are also becoming more and more worrying for me. I can;t relate anymore to her music or enjoy it. It's time to move on. And she doesn't even realizes that.

    Her cover of True Faith is the last song that i truly loved from her.
  20. Well, she kinda needs to remind the GP about her disco hits because that’s literally all they remember when they hear the words “Sophie Ellis-Bextor”. It’s not like anyone outside of her fan base knows any of her other songs. If I were her, I’d push the words orchestral disco in everyone’s faces too. “Remember I used to make disco music, well here’s something slightly different, it’s orchestral, but still disco”

    Also, Sophie has grown leaps and bounds as a songwriter, if you cannot appreciate her lyrics, then maybe it is time to move on. Or you could hold on to whatever bits of her music you like and wait for her to return to your favourite sound and choose to ignore the rest.
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