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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. I feel so guilty. After banging on about how boring this realease is, I woke up with the postman delivering my Pledge order on the dot. I mean, amazing!
    And the whole package is a thing of beauty! I love those watercolours and the new photos! The vinyls are wonderful too! And so many goodies.
    Now, if only the music were as exciting as the merchandise...

    But yes, there are some gems, mainly the songs that were ballads in the first place, like Love Is A Camera, Young Blood, A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed... But they are also the ones for which an orchestral reworking feels pointless. All of the uptempo numbers are now devoid of any life.
    For me, this project is quite a failure. It pains me to admit it.
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  2. If it had been released 6 months after it was first announced, fine but the fact it's dragged on for so long and it really doesn't feel like it was worth it is majorly disappointing.
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  3. ssa


    I had no expectations whatsoever listening to this. Forgot I had ordered it (Iaam looking forward to the tote bag though) and I didn't get notifications from the thread in a while.

    I do agree it doesn't feel necessary in her discography and the delay killed any anticipation around it but I'm enjoying it this far.

    The songs we had heard before the release are the blandest to my ears. Catch you doesn't really capture the essence of the original but it's nice. I never liked Me and My Imagination but I'm really enjoying the orchestral.
    Today the Sun's on Us has always been stunning and this new version is a lovely addition.
    Love is a Camera works wonderfully, the outro is finally there and it's majestic.
    I just skipped Bittersweet because that could go real wrong and I'm not ready.

    Pray for me. I'm pressing play now.
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  4. The album currently sits at #5 on the iTunes album chart(#7 at release). I know it doesn’t mean anything nowadays... Still it’s nice to see it climb.
    I’m always surprised about how loyal Sophie’s fans are. This *might* go top 10. It would mean 3 albums in a row hitting the top10. Not too shabby.
  5. Familia only peaked at Number 12. In the UK anyway.
  6. Ops, I thought #10. Well 3 top #15. Not too bad either.
  7. Some of the orchestration is really lovely, my problem with this album is her vocal delivery which feels a bit too... direct? It almost sounds like a one-take / live album, which may or may not have been intentional. To make an obvious comparison, I feel Kylie's Abbey Road album is a much more resolved project.
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  8. The problem is all these songs are trying so hard to have hidden depths and be overly dramatic and most of them just aren't that. At all. I'm bored by this and just want to listen to the originals.
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  9. The album is a very pleasant listen but the songs all bleed into one. The inspiration and direction Sophie and Ed took with this album is so one note.

    It's such a frustrating listen in parts - I really thought Murder would explode during where the dancebreak in the original version was, as it really felt like it was building up to something, but instead it's stripped back even further... Mountain is almost there but could really do with some booming percussion like original version.

    I can't help but also compare the album to Kylie's Abbey Road like many have (and I hate comparing the two artists because it does such a disservice to where Sophie has taken her career with her past few albums). Whether you liked what Kylie and Steve Anderson delivered or not, at least they took on various inspirations while still keeping within the acoustic/orchestral box. Compare what Sophie and Ed have delivered with this album against interpretations like the big band version of On A Night Like This, the gothic broodiness of Confide In Me, the sleazy jazz club twist of Slow... It just magnifies my disappointment with this album.
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  10. Jam


    Loving this - as an alternative listen. It was never really going to be something that would replace the originals. Need a bit more time to pick out tracks etc.
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  11. It does feel like a live album (and it probably would have been better billed as a live album, like a memento of a specific tour). It's pleasant but inessential, but I don't think that's a surprise.

    I really don't expect her to release new material for quite some time after this, which is the real disappointment. It's not something to close out a career with. If she were constantly selling any old trash to the fan base to keep the lights on, like Saint Etienne, I would just shrug and wait for the next thing to come around. But she usually has higher QC standards (and seemingly has upheld those for the packaging and design side of things too).
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  12. The booklet is lovely, however it would have been a nice addition if Sophie commented on each of the tracks with a special memory of its original recording or something along those lines.
  13. Underrated album.
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  14. Uno


    Like you guys said, her delivery is way too direct and obvious. Would've been really nice to see some songs completely reimagined instead of the very straightforward sing-it-as-you-did-before approach. Bittersweet and Not Giving Up have beautiful lyrics that could've easily been set to a more romantic, serious tone but she's still singing them as if it's a dance record.

    It's not unpleasant, but really just makes you want to listen to the originals instead.
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  15. I love how she snubs Get Over You and pretends Move This Mountain was the hit, when in reality, it was Get Over You that got all the radio play and was on heavy rotation on MTV, with Move This Mountain no where to be heard, like a b-side.
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  16. She's not pretending it was a hit. She said more than once that they couldn't make Get Over You work, while Move This Mountain was her personal concession outside of the singles (cause she doesn't even count it as one).
  17. I got an e-mail that it's been shipped. I'm actually more looking forward to the tote bag than the album.

    It all sounds nice, but it all blends into one. I still love her voice though. 'Mixed Up World', 'Love Is A Camera' and the 2 bonus disco versions are probably the best ones. I hope we're done with Ed Harcourt.

    I'm wondering for which audience this album was made exactly. Elderly people who watch Strictly?
  18. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    As a casual, with no expectations, I’m loving this.
  19. I'm not liking this unfortunately maybe it will grow on me, but that would require me to want to go back and listen to it, which right now it's only made me want to go back and listen to the originals. More of the songs should have been in the vein of the orchestral disco versions because they sound much fuller, so many of the songs sound sparse? I wish I could like this.
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  20. Don’t even get me started on that single! Am still wondering what happened to the non acoustic version of Live It Up?
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