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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Is the digipak CD only available via her online store? Or will HMV etc be stocking it?

    Hoping to buy a copy today!
  2. It is the first time in history that fans dislike a Sophie album as much. Even Shoot has always received much more love than this.
    I am so saddned by this, but I have to echo the feelings of who compares it disfavourably to Kylie’s Abbey Road. That was a total, and always interesting, reinvention of all the songs.
    Also, it’s not that Sophie’s songs lack the depth in the lyrics. It’s not as if I Should Be So Lucky or Better The Devil You Know have profound lyrics, but stripped down and sung as ballads, they totally changed their meaning. The way Sophie sings these songs is EXACTLY the same as she sung the original, just slowed down.
    It is painful to say it, but it’s actually Sophie’s delivery that is totally wrong and uninteresting. She had already managed to make songs like Today’s The Sun’s On Us or What Have We Started or Not Giving Up On Love achingly melancholic in their original forms. Somehow these new versions manage to be LESS dramatic and her delivery is flat.
  3. I’ve seen no album reviews online. Have any of you guys?
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  5. I've listened to the album thrice today - I LOVE IT! I get that it isn't for everyone here and I also understand and agree that she didn't reinvent the songs in the same way that Kylie did with Abbey Road Sessions. Personally, I like both The Song Diaries and Abbey Road Sessions - the former is more live orchestral and the latter is more ochestra + band in a studio.

    Its sad to see so many negative comments about the album, but I think that was expected. I, for one, have a lot of good things to say about it. I'm going to do it one track at a time because each song has so much detail and listening to each one of them multiple times has made me love them so much more than I did on the first listen.

    By the way, Pledge and Sophie's store have shipped my albums.
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  6. I find it baffling that they have only shipped it today considering it's been finished for so long. Overall though on my first listen I'm actually really enjoying it.
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  7. I'm enjoying the album. It's nice hearing the songs in a slightly different form.
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  8. nn they took zero risks with this. I think I'll make a detailed post later but a series of baffling choices were made.
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    The second that bell rang, I had goosebumps. They were obviously going to use bells in the song - but I didn't expect that to be the one and only time the bell rang throughout the song. The cellos and violins that introduce the song really set the mood. When Sophie starts singing, her vocals sound a bit worn (possibly because they did multiple songs in one day) but it fits the lyric so well. I love that her vocals are all live and seem like they're one-take. She's singing her heart out and you can tell - there's so much emotion in this song. It was her (and my) favourite song from Read My Lips and I'm incredibly happy that she decided to give this one an orchestral twist.

    Through the song she modulates her vocals so well - parts of the song feel delicate, while other parts feel grand! Her vocals play around with the orchestration - she's whisper-singing in parts and in other parts her vocals are soaring over the instrumental. I love how the instrumentalists let her lead just before the chorus. That section where the music drops and her raw vocals take charge is simply amazing!

    The sound swells in my earphones after the first chorus - the instrumental builds and builds just to drop once again before the second chorus. Then that choir comes in and...WOW! I love what the guys have done here. There's also a female vocal on top of the choir which sounds a lot like Sophie's vocals overdubbed on the choir; but I could be wrong.

    That middle-8 with the strings and drums is epic! Her "oooh-a-ooh" bit takes the song higher and higher into the atmosphere just before the final thunderous chorus comes around again, crashing through the clouds, all guns blazing - the choir, the strings, the drums and Sophie all putting on their finest one last time.

    What an epic rendition of an already amazing song! 11/10.

    I'll post my thoughts about another song tomorrow.
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  10. The troubles with The Song Diaries for me are :-

    1. The songs haven’t been reinvented just stripped back and dulled.
    2. It feels pointless. A proper greatest hits should have happened years ago before Familia.
    3. The delays! The release doesn’t feel fresh, new or exciting.
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  11. Jam


    I only saw the jewel case in my local HMV earlier.
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  12. If you swap the orchestral versions for the original ones it's a really good compilation!

    (sorry, that joke was really low-hanging fruit... but unfortunately I also think that those versions add nothing to the originals. Well, nice to have, I guess, and it seems like she had fun recording it)
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  13. Good Lord, the reviewer must really be a fan! It’s almost cringeworthy for how biased this is.
    He’s basically saying the exact opposite of what many die-hard fans here (including me) think.
    Well, I guess I’m happy somebody is in fact enjoying this.
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  14. It really should've been released as a 2CD set with the original studio versions on CD1; The Song Diaries: Then & Now. The only other option would have been to add strings to studio re-recordings, not just rely on strings entirely. Some of the tracks are nice but it's almost like all the colour and fun has been sucked out of them and they've been over-intellectualised and are now a tense, dramatic listen. It doesn't hold up for an entire album.
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  15. Ahhhhh Sophie answered my question on the live Q&A regarding instrumental versions of the Orchestral tracks being released she said she would look into it and they maybe released as a free download to those who have purchased the album.
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  16. She was lovely on the live chat.

    I preordered the album in 1987 when it was first announced. Nice to finally have it, but I haven’t listened to it yet.

    Did anyone get a version that she doodles on? She posted some pics on Facebook previously.
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  17. No! I was hoping I'd get the fish one... but alas just another non-descript squiggle.
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  18. He’s had a lot of nice things to say about Shoot From The Hip in the past. I’ll say he has great taste!
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  19. I agree it should have been 2 disc release, or at least a deluxe edition with the second disc being the original versions like Texas did with 25.
    I know which disc I’d be listening to.
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  20. I’m disappointed to be honest. Will do my own Greatest Hits playlist. All I’d hope for now is Sophie returns to her dance pop sound for the next era (if there is one.....)
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