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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. #22 in America! Stunning $ucce$$!
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  2. I spoke to her, she knows she has #22 classic album that week.
  3. Omg the Bittersweet Feemasons mix slaps the Bextor out me still!!!

    We need a Sophie-Freemason collab album to save Dance-Pop please!!!
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  4. Half Freemasons and half Richard X please. Maybe we can throw some @biff stannard in there as well. Four tracks from each producer would be heaven.
  5. I'd rather see her getting all new collaborators instead of getting re-heated leftovers. Surely Ed has to go though.
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  6. @aquaplex (aka @Pop_Activism) doing the Lord’s work yet again.
  7. you beat me to it!
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  8. Anyone love Shoot from the Hip as much as I do or am I a lonely soul...
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  9. Her second best after Trip.
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  10. That depends on how much you love it. It’s an excellent album, miles ahead of Trip, Lips and Scene. Up until she released Wanderlust and Familia, it was my favourite. Hello Hello, I Am Not.., Walls.., Party In My Head, You Get Yours are some of my all time favourites
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  11. I just posted episode 2 of my new Podcast, discussing the Shoot from the Hip album. Massive thank you to @kaushik for getting involved!

    Please give it a listen below and let myself and Kaushik know what you think! Thanks!

  12. I just know her hits from the 00's , can someone lead me to her best songs? A list of 15 would be fine.

    I listened to Murder on the Dancefloor, Take me Home and Get Over You through the years. They are classics to me.
  13. Move this Mountain
    Mixed Up World
    Is It Any Wonder
    Another Day
    Catch You
    Me and My Imagination
    If You Go
    Today The Sun’s On Us
    The Distance Between Us
    Birth of an Empire
    Come with Us
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  14. Murder
    Music Gets The Best Of Me
    Get Over You
    By Chance
    I Won‘t Change You
    Catch You
    New York City Lights
    If You Go
    Under Your Touch
    The Deer & The Woolf
    Wild Forever
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  15. I do!

    It's in her top 3 for me.
  16. I’m going to make 2 lists for you - one which is the best of her dance-pop and one which is the best of Her experimental/singer-songwriter/indie stuff

    List 1: you’ve already heard the Lips’ singles so I’m leaving them out of this list
    Mixed Up World
    Love It Is Love
    Me And My Imagination
    If You Go
    China Heart
    Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
    Make A Scene
    Come With Us
    Wild Forever
    Love Is You

    List 2:
    Move This Mountain
    Making Music
    Party In My Head
    You Get Yours
    The Walls Keep Saying Your Name
    I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want
    Hello Hello
    Today The Sun’s On Us
    The Distance Between Us
    What Have We Started
    Can’t Have It All
    Birth Of An Empire
    Until The Stars Collide
    Young Blood
    Wrong Side Of The Sun
    Love Is A Camera
    Cry To The Beat Of The Band
    Death Of Love
    Here Comes The Rapture
    Don’t Shy Away

    I think this is a good Essential SEB list. There’s plenty more good stuff to listen to if you like both these lists.
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  17. Thank you guys, this will do. Going to make a playlist with all of your recomendations.
  18. Awesome - check out the podcast I posted above!
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  19. I’ve created my singles playlist and removed ‘Me and My Imagination’ with ‘If You Go’. That’s how it should have been in the first place, but meh.
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