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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. I was hoping 'The Song Diaries' would've been her third album with Ed.

    This. You can just take the first 5 songs (Wild Forever, Death of Love Crystallise, Hush Little Voices and Here Comes The Rapture). These are pretty great songs, but they're brought down by what comes next. 'Don't Shy Away' is ok. Still, you want more from an artist who can give us 'Lips', 'Hip', 'Trip' and 'Scene'.

    'Birth Of An Empire', 'Until The Stars Collide', 'Young Blood', 'Wrong Side Of The Sun' and 'Love Is A Camera' are far more superior than anything on 'Familia'.
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  2. Wanderlust was her artistic vision. She wanted to make that album even before Scene. Slagging it off is a bit unnecessary, especially when Scene is her weakest (but in no way a bad) album. I get that it’s all down to individual tastes and perspective, but she was never and will never be a pop puppet. She will do what she chooses to do.

    It was never the big pop producers of the yesteryears (viz. GreggAlexander, Alex James etc) or the big names of today (Greg, Calvin etc) who made her who she is. Her distinct vocal, her penchant for wistful melodies, her indie sensibilities and her knowledge of pop from her childhood makes her who she is. Her songs have been great, whether they’re produced in someone’s bedroom or done with a full band and an orchestra.

    I think everyone should be thankful that she is one of the fewer people who continues to have a career (nearly 2 decades) and has released quality music throughout. People should also remind themselves that she has earned her right as a respectable musician in the industry and that poor sales or chart positions haven’t faltered her love for music or desire to perform.

    Fans who appreciate her who for who she is will choose to follow her regardless of the genre. The others can try to make their peace with a handful of songs that suit their taste. She may go back to disco, she may go back to indie rock, or she may suddenly decide to make jazz music for all we know. The only thing that truly matters is that no matter what she does, it will still have her distinct style written all over it.

    By the way, to those who are worried about the guitar pedal effect - she has already clarified that it won’t be on the upcoming album.
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  3. You are right but I want disco style, she is so good at it.
  4. Why is disco always associated with SEB and her music? She has like 2 disco influenced song.

    I want pure pop, big production, normal lyrics again, something big sounding (not necessary dance) and exciting. Yeah, exciting is the right word.
  5. Another album with Ed doesn't bother me as long as they switch it up stylistically, which seems likely. Judging by the last few pages, I expect to be in the minority but not only is Make A Scene my favorite album -the basic taste jumped out- but Wanderlust and Familia aren't far behind. The first three all have songs that I don't care about so I'm rarely in the mood to listen to them in their entireties.
  6. If Dua brings back disco to the charts, she needs to comeback with that sound. I want a dance disco revival for the next decade.
  7. I know it’s just two songs - but Come With Us and Love Is You are disco.
  8. Mixed Up World, Imagine It Was Us, Take me Home,etc all have elements of disco too.
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