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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    18 years tomorrow since the release of Murder on the Dancefloor. Such a moment.
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  3. I’m pregnant with my 6th child.
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  4. How can I deny The Feeling? etc.
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  5. Some fantastic news for all of Sophie‘s Australian fans, Sophie will be down under for her first ever Australian tour! She‘ll be performing at the So Pop Festival during April/May in Sidney and Brisbane before heading to New Zealand.

    Source, the lady herself :)
  6. "This was the year I said bye to Granny, but hello to Mickey.. then hello to The Song Diaries album and hello to loads of you on tour. I’ve adored singing for you all. Thanks for making this year really really special and letting me take on some new challenges. Ready for more of the same next year! Ps the new album is starting to take shape Pps it’s electro with no strings! From one extreme to the other.... Happy New Year!"

    This sounds promising, but I'm still cautious
  7. I'll take electro!
  8. Seconded!
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  9. Electro(clash) I hope! More Making Music please.. She’ll deliver a brilliant album, as always. There’s no doubting that.
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  10. Electro with strings is my aesthetic (hello album of the century Trip The Light Fantastic) but I understand if she doesn't want to alienate the fans with even more strings.

    Hopefully it won't be Ed's flaccid electro kind of affair.
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  11. Electro better mean other producers. Get her back in the studio with Richard X!

    I can’t stop hearing “you’re a cunt get out” when listening to Off & On.
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  12. Yeah, I guess it'll be electro with guitars. Perhaps a true sequel to Shoot from the Hip?
  13. No guitars either, please! She says PURE electro. I trust her. It will be pure genius.
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  14. Sounds like she heard the feedback from the Song Diaries and is adjusting accordingly. Exciting!
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  16. Okay, cool, but it's still written and produced with Ed?
  17. Miracles happen. This is one of those rare justified instances where the gays aren't wrong in wanting synths back.
  18. Seems like.. Ed did produce Cut Straight To The Heart and Wild Forever, so..
  19. When do we start the pregnancy jokes?
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