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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

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  2. I couldn’t afford that import price. Not for Ms. Ellis-Bextor, no ma’am.
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  3. How much was it? In Greece it was three times the amount but so worth it. Genuinely think ages 13-17 it was what the highlight of my fortnight.
  4. I think 12-15 bucks an issue - even then, Virgin often missed issues. But considering I was already blowing my allowance on imported singles for $10 a pop, and imported albums for $20 each (plus my existing subscriptions to US teen mags Teen People, Teen Vogue, Teen, Seventeen, YM, and J-14), it wasn’t in my budget...unless there was a Girls Aloud cover story.
  5. BRUTAL!

    Also, can one of her Russian hacker stans leak all the songs from the Trip and Make A Scene sessions please and thank you.
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  7. I mean I'm definitely half-right.

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  8. Her Facebook posts about Kit were so cute. I’d love to have her as my mother.
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  9. I'm still subbed to Ray and Kit's Minecraft channel sksks
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  10. That's iconic.
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  11. I loved the songs she did with Freemasons.

    Come with us is a bop, but the music video is terrible.
  12. We need to deal with Kit Valentine.
  13. Imagine Sophie doing a little setlist of MIXED UP WORLD and 2 new songs called ICON and EXTRAVAGANZA.
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  14. And then we find out Ed produced them...
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  15. Someone should tell Sophie to cover Don't Start Now.
  16. Does anyone recognise those song titles (ASCAP)?

    Become One - Ellis-Bextor/Tikovoi/Richard Jones
    Do Your Worst - Ellis-Bextor/Rob Davis/StephenGingell/Barry Stone
    Don't Let Me Go (working title for Straight to the Heart?)- Ellis-Bextor/Harcourt/Tikovoi
    Give Into Love - Ellis-Bextor/Prime/Robinson
    I'm Trying - Ellis-Bextor/Lloyd Daunt/Richard Jones
    Love Me If You Dare (working title for By Chance?) - Ellis-Bextor/Rob Davis/StephenGingell/Barry Stone
  17. I think Become One is the song that became Only Child by Dedrekoning.
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  18. Uno


    Bittersweet is still THAT bop. Should've been a return to chart success for her.
  19. Agreed. Loved it and bought it at the time. It just didn't get the promotional push it needed. Something like #21 wasn't it? I think a lot of people had written her off at this point.

    I also remember feeling "Heartbreak..." should have been a bigger hit at the time. But looking back, #13 and over 100,000 sales can't be sniffed at.
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