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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Make A Scene feels more like a Sophie playlist rather than an album which is the problem. Most of the tracks are good or very good but as a whole set of songs feel quite exhausting by the end. However it does contain one of my absolute fave songs of her’s, Synchronised.

    Trip The Light Fantastic is my favourite album of hers followed by Familia.
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  2. I guess it’s a matter of different strokes for different folks ultimately. I remember replaying the entirety of Make A Scene for much of 2011 whereas Wanderlust was a chore and I haven’t even listened to it since.
  3. Oh my god! I forgot how good Synchronised is and also... Cut straight to the heart, brilliant brilliant brilliant!
  4. Synchronised is pure bliss.
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  6. Disco from Sophie's ginormous kitchen part 2 tonight

    She has to do Heartbreak...and a new cover?
  7. Ok but imagine a polished/professional version of this picture as an album cover. Do it for the gayz Sophie.
  8. The same though.
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  9. ssa


    She's doing it right now.


    And a ridiculous cover of Kids in America. Loving it.
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  10. I need a studio version of Kids In America.
  11. Can someone please take the kids outside out of the way nn
  12. No way! It’s all part of it and fitting for the situation.

    I saw someone complaining about too many pixels, why can’t everyone just appreciate the gesture.

    Agreed Kids in America really suited her.
  13. I wish I knew how instagram live worked so I could have watched.
  14. I watched a bit.....was all a little....frantic with the kids roaming all around her.
  15. Kids in America so works for her voice, and really glad she did Heartbreak. It's a lovely gesture on her part. Bittersweet next week please!
  16. If like last week the live should be saved to her instagram profile it’s how I watched as I don’t have an account. The first one was one of my highlights of last week. It certainly helped my current mental state as there is nothing quite like a little disco therapy.

    I really do hope at some point Sophie does a full on disco album because she really excels at the genre.
  17. I loved her cover of Kids In America! Is that instrumental freely available? Sounds amazing.
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  18. So many covers that need to be recorded in a studio! Kids In America sounded fantastic!
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  19. I liked her cover of 'Kids In America' so much I made a little video for it. Enjoy.
  20. You just watch it.
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