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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. ssa



    I mean... Would we not?
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  2. All of their Sophie ones are great, particularly Shoot From The Hip.
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  3. Reason enough to post this rare image:

    upload_2020-5-22_10-0-47.jpeg upload_2020-5-22_10-0-47.jpeg
  4. That shade of pink on the vinyl would definitely have to change in order to match the lipstick's colour.
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  5. Shame that no one found this image in higher resolution.
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  6. I missed the first song. Anyone know what she did?
  7. Under Your Touch, then Off & On. 4.6k currently watching and counting
  8. Not Giving up On Love now
  9. Not Giving Up on Love!
  10. "There is no escape from my music"
  11. Do You Remember The First Time now
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  12. 5k watching right now and will grow due to the Groovejet and Murder
  13. ssa


    Nooooooo! I missed it again.
    What have I become?

    Ready for all the Make a Scene cuts to step on my neck!
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  14. She says next week will be the last.
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  15. Nooooo! Next week is the last one!! How can we cause another spike of Coronavirus!? (jokes of course!)
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  16. The Make A Scene gays won uh. If the next one is the last one pls Sophie do Today The Sun's On Us.
  17. I actually felt a bit emotional when she said that next week will be the last one.

    @QueenElizabeth Make her a Dame immediately.
  18. It was such an emotional moment when she the next week will be the last instalment of the Kitchen Disco series! Feels like the end of an era.. In 9 weeks, we saw Mickey go from crawling to walking, while Sophie performed songs from all her albums and more! And today, it was such a pleasure to see that there were 5200 people tuned in at one point! I really wish the next album does well for her, because goddamnit she truly deserves it, and there can be no other pop justice!

  19. She's done so many of my favourites, If You Go, Mixed Up World, Me and my Imagination, Catch You. I think only Starlight is left for next week...
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